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KG by Kurt Geiger Eveline

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Brand: Kurt Geiger / Type: Heels

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    2 Reviews
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      19.09.2011 08:28
      Very helpful



      Beautiful yet expensive shoes with a flower corsage from KG.

      Before I became a mum I was a real shoe addict. Shamefully I didn't need an excuse to buy shoes and would find myself buying at least two pairs of high heeled shoes each month. Kurt Geiger (KG) shoes were a major weakness of mine and I would find myself browsing the website weekly. As these shoes cost in the region of £150, even in the time when I lived with no budget I did think this was excessive however when KG shoes went on sale I had every excuse to buy them. This is how I came about purchasing the KG Eveline shoes.

      ***KG Eveline***
      The description of the Eveline shoes on the KG website is "a platform style featuring oversized flower corsage that can be detached or repositioned to create a number of different looks in one. Sure to attract attention!"

      I would definitely agree that these are a pair of shoes which make a statement and are a very pretty pair of shoes. The actual shoes is a very classically designed shoe and very similar to the design of most KG court shoes. These are an almond toed shaped court shoe (a rounded point). The shoes have a 3cm platform and a 13.5cm heel therefore would be considered a high heel. The shoe is made from a stain material and this covers the platform and heel of the shoe. The shoe also has a large flower corsage that is attached to the shoe by Velcro. This is removable and can be positioned to your liking on the shoe. The flower is positioned to the side and front of the shoe originally.

      The KG Eveline shoes come in a number of colours which include black, red, ivory, bright blue with a purple flower and pink with a red corsage. I have the plain red version therefore my review will be of the RED KG EVELINE SHOES.

      The shoes are available in UK sizes 3-8. The shoes do not come in half sizes.

      KG Eveline shoes are available from a number of retailers, the majority of retailers stock the red, black and ivory versions of these shoes but only a number of retailers stock the multi-coloured versions of these shoes. KG stores and the KG website www.kurtgeiger.com sell the full Eveline range. House of Fraser also stock the full Eveline range. ASOS, Javari, John Lewis and Selfridges also sell these shoes.

      The RRP for KG Eveline is £160.00 so these are not a cheap pair of shoes by any means. Prices vary depending on what colour you want to purchase these shoes in. The multi coloured versions of these shoes sell for full price but the ivory, red and black versions are often on sale. ASOS are currently selling the black Eveline shoes for £98.00 (September 2011) which is a decent saving off the RRP of £160. I was extremely lucky and purchased the red Eveline shoes from the House Of Fraser website during a mid-season sale and paid £88.00 plus free delivery for these shoes.

      ***Wearing them***
      I did mention that these were one of my "random" shoe purchases but I did put some planning into my previous shoe shopping and would always have an idea the occasions I though these shoes were suitable for. I had been asked by a friend to be godmother at her sons christening. Obviously for a christening I did not want an outfit that was too much of a statement so I had planned to wear something quite plain but with smart accessories and shoes and the KG Eveline shoes seemed perfect.

      When it came to shopping for an outfit I found myself trying to match my outfit to the shoes which was more difficult than anticipated. I found that by purchasing these shoes in red I actually had limited myself in what I wore these with as I found it very difficult to find outfits with red in them which was similar to these shoes and I found that most clothes in the shop were either a much darker red colour or a brighter red. Therefore I was limited to wearing black. In hindsight purchasing the Eveline shoes in black may have been a better choice in order to coordinate them with more outfits!

      Because I purchased these shoes online I had not tried them on in store first so obviously the fit was a concern. I tend to be a UK size 4 or 5 depending on the brand but I purchased these in a size 4 as I find KG shoes tend to fit me better in a size 4. I was pleased to find the size 4 fit me perfectly however when I first tried these shoes on I did find the width fitting of them was quite tight and around the sides of the shoes they did not have much give to them. I have narrow feet therefore for those with wider feet the width of the Eveline shoes may be an issue. In order for the shoes to be comfortable on the christening day I wore these shoes around the house first to break them in. Unlike many of my leather shoes from KG I found the satin material was much more rigid and took a lot longer to adapt to the shape of my feet. The shoes were not uncomfortable but I'm glad that I wore these around the house first as I did feel the digging in around my ankles and side of feet was uncomfortable and I would not have liked to experience this when wearing for a special occasion.

      These really are a gorgeous pair of shoes and when they arrived I could not believe how much nicer they looked than in the pictures; the website photos genuinely do not do the shoes justice. I explained to my mum about the shoes before they came and she did comment that red satin shoes could look tacky but the satin material is a very matte satin so the shoes do not have a cheap super shiny look to them. I also feel matched with a plain black outfit these shoes really add an interesting touch as they are a focal point with the large flower corsage. I have worn the corsage in the original place on the side of the shoe so this is quite striking but the Velcro attachment makes it very secure. Personally because these are such a statement pair of shoes (especially in the red colour) I feel that these are for more special occasions and dressed up events, and these are not a pair of shoes I would wear for casual daytime events or with denim jeans (although I have worn with black skinny jeans before).

      I did receive a lot of comments about my shoes all of which positive when I attended the christening I purchased these shoes for. In total I was wearing these shoes for over 7 hours and my feet did not hurt during the day or after but I feel this was due to wearing the shoes around the house first. What I particularly like about the Eveline platform courts (and other KG platform courts) is that the platform/ footbed is very cushioned and in compared to other platform shoes from cheaper brands they are definitely more comfortable to wear for long periods especially if you are standing.

      I did also find that although these are a high pair of heels they are reasonably easy to walk in. I am experienced in walking in high heels but the Eveline shoes are very sturdy. The large platform makes these easier to walk in as the heel does not seem as high. Secondly the front of the shoes is quite flat and the sole of the shoe has a lot of grip. When walking on shiny floors I felt less likely to slip over than I do in many other pairs of heels I own.

      The main disadvantage of the Eveline shoes is definitely the material they are made from as the satin material is very easy to stain or be ruined by liquids, especially if you purchase these in lighter colours. The red colour does show up marks easily therefore I found myself being very careful when wearing these shoes , and panicking slightly when my godson came running over to me with a beaker of blackcurrant juice! I did spray these shoes with a KG shoe protector I purchased with these shoes (for £3.99) and this also includes a pad/ cloth to rub dirt off shoes. However the nature of satin material means that dark coloured liquids will ruin these shoes if they are spilt onto them therefore I feel this limits me wearing these shoes and I would never wear these heels for a night on the town because of this.

      After 3 wears my Eveline shoes are still in excellent condition however I have mainly worn these indoors. There are a few tiny spots of dirt on the platform of the shoe but these are only noticeable if you look closely at the shoes. I am pleased that despite the heels and platforms being made from the satin material they have not scuffed and showed up too many marks from where the shoes have been caught as I have walked downstairs whereas with some leather shoes this has chipped away the leather covering from the heel.

      The design of the KG Eveline are gorgeous and are very striking and unique with the flower corsage, which I feel is perfect for evening and special events. The shoes are very unique but are expensive with an RRP of £160. The design of the shoes is very elegant, a classic rounded toe court shoe with a stiletto heel to elongate legs. The Eveline shoes also come in a wide range of colours from plain black to bright blue with a yellow platform and purple flower.

      Looking back I do feel that I would have been better suited purchasing these shoes in black rather than the vibrant red colour as I firstly feel it would have allowed me to match these shoes with more outfits and secondly I feel a darker colour would have been easier to take care of.

      These are a gorgeous pair of shoes but the main downside is that they are made from a satin material that you do need to take care of as it will stain easily. Obviously a shoe protector will help to keep these in good conditioner but this does not completely protect the delicate material from damage . Even though these were a bargain at £88.00 (almost half price) this is A LOT of money to waste by not taking care of these shoes or having a drink spilt on them, therefore you could be limited as to where you decide to wear them!


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        10.02.2011 17:22
        Very helpful
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        A gorgeous pair of shoes

        In my Topshop Marla Flower T-Bar pumps I mentioned that I was given the wonderful job of being maid of honour at my best friends wedding. I had opted for the flat shoes for the evening to save my feet but for the main event I had to wear heels. Because I was maid of honour I had a different dress to the bridesmaids but in the same shade of mauve and with this I could have different shoes. I was given a budget and if I wanted a more expensive pair I could pay the difference - but the only condition was that my best friend/ bride to be had to approve the shoes! Fortunately for me, we have swapped pairs of shoes for years so her approval wouldn't be hard to have!

        The shoes had to be cream or off white which went well with the colour of the dress and as soon as I knew I could pick my own pair of shoes I set about finding the perfect pair immediately. I wanted something which apart from being the correct colour but gorgeous and with a little class (also something I may be able to wear at a later date).

        On a shopping trip with the bride to be in Nottingham we were determined to find the perfect pair of shoes, for her the wedding shoes and for me the maid of honour shoes. After being incredibly tempted in Dune and Carvela we ended up in our usual haunt, Kurt Geiger. I can't help but buy shoes in Kurt Geiger and I didn't come away empty handed! I had found them....the perfect pair which I cooed over! They are called Eveline and are by KG by Kurt Geiger.

        What KG say:

        "KG by Kurt Geiger Eveline is a satin platform style featuring oversized flower corsage that can be detached or repositioned to create a number of different looks in one. Sure to attract attention!"

        Eveline is available in black, pink, salmon or white and I opted for the white as it was near enough the shade I had to have to go with the dress. Eveline is classed as an evening shoe which fits it perfectly as these would be a little too over the top should you be walking around town during the day doing a bit of shopping! However, they are perfect for a certain event such as a wedding, christening etc no matter what colour you choose.

        Eveline are a round toed platform court shoe which is a lovely classic shape and it isn't too daring especially for a wedding. The detail on this shoe comes from the detachable flower corsage which is large in size! I haven't removed mine and have left it in the same position as when I bought them as I preferred this. My corsage sits just over the front of the toe just like the picture as I think it is too large to have anywhere else. It fits securely on the shoes and doesn't move once in place although I did worry in case it fell off and I didn't realise but the velcro type material used which is attached to the corsage manages to keep it in place well.

        The shoes are made from a satin type fabric which although soft to the touch it is incredibly rigid so the shoes don't lose it's shape and doesn't gape at the sides with wear. I did find that I had to wear heel protectors as the top of the heel of the shoe did dig in slightly which I noticed after wearing them on the day of the wedding. The fabric does give a little but not as much as leather so it is important that you try them in store to make sure you buy the correct size as sometimes with leather you can squeeze your foot in and the leather will stretch but with these the fabric stays firmly in place and stays pretty rigid. The inside of the shoe is a light tan colour which contrasts nicely against the off white colour of the shoes. Inside the synthetic lining does have a little padding for your heels and the ball of your foot, I find this provides a little bit of extra comfort especially if you are wearing them for long periods of time.

        The shoes have a 12cm heel which is quite a nice height and this slim stiletto heel is teamed with quite a substantial platform which does take a bit of the height away so when you do wear them you don't feel as if they are so high and you feet are not too arched so they won't ache unless of course you are not used to wearing heels! Because the heels are slim the heel tip will get worn out quicker than say a wedge heel so they may have to be re-heeled more often but as these are evening shoes you won't be wearing them that frequently. The heel is covered in the same soft, satin fabric so do be careful and don't scuff the heels as this will ruin the shoes especially if you opt for a lighter colour. The platform is also covered in the same fabric so again you have to be careful, for me I put them on right at the last minute so I didn't get any marks on them!

        I ended up wearing my pair for around 9 hours and although my feet ached slightly I did expect this as I hadn't worn them in before the wedding. I needed to use a heel protector as I did find they dug in slightly into the top of my heels but there was no rubbing as such and it wasn't painful just slightly uncomfortable but this stopped after a while. The shoes looked great with the dress and they were overall comfortable to wear. The round toe provides enough room for your toes and they are not too narrow in width so are not particularly tight around your feet.

        Eveline can be purchased either online or in store at Kurt Geiger or concessions (John Lewis, House of Fraser etc). They are currently priced at £160.00 and come in sizes 3 to 8. My budget was £100.00 for shoes so I paid the extra £60.00 and I get to keep the shoes as they were my maid of honour gift too. Definitely an expensive pair of shoes just for one day and I will be wearing them this year as a few of my friends are getting married.


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