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KG by Kurt Geiger Hiholla

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Brand: Kurt Geiger / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      19.06.2012 13:29
      Very helpful



      A lovely pair of black long leather boots

      It wouldn't be long before I published yet another shoe related review! Well this review is for a pair of boots so slightly different but still footwear and still by a brand that I adore. Last year during Autumn on my annual clearing my closet of summery items and bringing in the winter warmers I noticed a beloved pair of boots were looking very much worse for wear and needed not just re-heeling but needed re-soling too but despite these cosmetic repairs the leather was looking incredibly worn. This particular pair of boots were my 'work' boots, I faithfully wore them to work in the colder months for quite a few years but now it seemed that they needed replacing. However much I like or love buying shoes, trying to find a pair of boots suitable for wearing to an office is quite a task as they can't be too high, too tarty looking so they must be reasonably plain and sensible.

      So my hunt began to find a suitable pair of boots for office wear. Now, I work in a law firm although quite a modern up to date firm we still have a dress code so the boots had to be suitable. I did find it hard to find a nice looking pair of boots but came up trumps when I was browsing the sale section of the Kurt Geiger website and came across a pair called Hiholla. They are made by KG by Kurt Geiger - a branch of the company but they still obviously using the Kurt Geiger name. KG by Kurt Geiger although still come with a high enough price tag they are not the main, more expensive collection. Hiholla were and still are in the sale and come in either black or tan but I opted for the black pair knowing I would wear them a lot more than the tan.

      My winter work clothes mainly cost of skirts and woollen type dresses, girly and chic with a professional edge (unless I'm in meetings and then it's a suit). So a nice pair of boots tends to go well and of course with tights and an added pair of socks my feet stay toasty warm! Hiholla are a knee length boot which only comes in one calf width which for me is fine and isn't tight as I still have a little gap between my leg and the boot itself. Therefore, if you do have problems with long boots then it may be best to try them on in a store but then if ordering online you could always return them, just an added hassle. As most KG branded shoes/boots they are also quite a narrow fit so again if you have wider feet then even getting these on may be a struggle, obviously the leather would give but would probably be uncomfortable for quite a while.

      Hiholla are made from leather and you would expect this from KG by Kurt Geiger as they don't skimp on their materials and generally all of their shoes and boots are very well made and these are certainly no different. The leather is soft and supple to start with but still have a little rigidity to them which ensures that they keep their shape. The one downside to these boots and for me it is a very small downside is that they don't have a zip, they are pull on. Now I don't find them problematic to get on but by pulling and stretching the leather to get on and off it can and probably will start to change the shape of the boots not to mention that they will look more worn than anything else which is a shame so I am careful as to how I get them on and off. For me, a small discreet inner side zip would have made these far better but this wasn't something I thought about at the time of buying them.

      The inside of the boots has a black synthetic fabric lining which is bog standard and certainly nothing special and there is slight padding as an insole which keeps your feet comfortable especially if you are on your feet all day. One of the reasons why I purchased these boots was the heel height as it is just around the 3 inches mark which make them ideal to wear in the office as they are not too high but for me they give a little height as I do love my high heels and because of the decent medium heel height they are comfortable to wear. The do have a synthetic sole so they won't wear as quickly as a leather sole which is good especially if they are worn frequently but then obviously the heel tip will need replacing but this is hardly a big thing and my pair which I've owned since the beginning of October and worn till around April have coped well and are more than fine for next winter.

      I have now had my pair for around 7 months and have been worn to work on more times than I can remember. They are perfectly suitable for office wear and although they are not the smartest looking boot you can find they are still plain enough to wear to work and for them to make an outfit look a bit more modern and trendy as most office wear does have a dullness to it however hard you try to make it a bit more fashionable! I am fortunate enough to work in an office where it is ever so slightly casual but still with that smart edge and these boots still keep my outfits looking professional enough for work yet they are still casual enough to wear outside of the office making them a versatile staple to any wardrobe. I did have a small teething problem and this was I found them quite narrow to begin with. I don't have wide feet I'd just class them as normal but these did take a bit of wearing in for them to feel really comfortable. However, it didn't take long for the leather to give a little, they didn't rub or pinch they did just feel very snug to the point where I couldn't wear a pair of socks as my feet wouldn't fit!

      Despite the initial problem the leather gave just enough for a comfortable yet secure fit so I can't complain too much. I was fortunate enough to pay the sale price of £79.00 which I really don't think is a bad price at all to pay for a designer pair of long leather boots and the fact that these are probably going to last a few years (with proper care) then I think I've had a bargain. Yes, they are quite plain looking with the girly round toe but they are practical and versatile and for me an item that does and will get used on a regular basis. I would definitely recommend them especially if you like wearing boots and don't want such a great big heel as the heel adds to the stature without making you loose your balance! However, due to the problems getting on and off (pulling at the leather) and the fact that they are quite a narrow fit I will only be giving them 4 stars, they may be minor problems to some but I think these are valid reasons.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: KG by Kurt Geiger
      Sizes: 35 - 42
      Price: Now £79.00 (sale item)
      Available in: Black


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