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Kurt Geiger Lucinda

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Brand: Kurt Geiger / Type: Flats

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2011 12:30
      Very helpful



      A great pair of casual flat shoes

      During the end of my pregnancy I had to give up my beloved heels and opt for the more comfortable and sensible flat shoes. I am a real girly girl and I love my shoes to the point where I am obsessed and giving up my heels was a big thing for me as they were something I lived in. However, since wearing flats I have come to quite like them and currently with rushing here there and everywhere flat shoes are I admit easier to wear than a pair of heeled shoes.

      Now I seem to be wearing flat shoes more often I do tend to have a quick look at them when I am shopping to see if there is anything that I like and that would be comfortable. I find that the cheaper end of flat shoes tend to rub my feet and are not that well made (I do like Topshop flatties though) so instead I end up paying a bit more but I get better quality shoes which don't rub and last well.

      A pair I picked up recently in the Kurt Geiger store where my friend works are a pair of shoes I thought were incredibly cute when I saw them online and they looked incredibly comfortable so they were added to my online basket and promptly arrived a few days later. Lucinda are by Kurt Geiger and come in either navy and tan. As it is winter I opted for the navy colour as I didn't want to get tan and to see them ruined by the harsh weather. The navy colour is a lovely deep blue which goes nicely with most casual/ day outfits.

      What Kurt Geiger say:

      "Lucinda by Kurt Geiger is a cute suede loafer with fringe and ribbon detailing. Comfortable and stylish these will look great with jeans and a chiffon blouse or a cute dress."

      As you can see from the photo they are a loafer style flat shoe which to me look cute without looking too old. By that I mean loafers can look a bit dated and do remind me of something my granddad would wear! But these are cute and petite with a lovely ribbon detailing which has been threaded throughout the top of the shoe - this is the only detail to the shoe but makes them look a bit different. The ribbon is the same deep navy colour of the shoe and is quite a wide ribbon.

      The front of the loafers have a round toe which is quite wide and has plenty of room for your toes without them being crushed and uncomfortable. The round toed loafers have a large bow on the top made from the same ribbon which has been threaded at the top of the shoe. Below the bow there is also fringe detailing which is made from the same material of the shoes. The fringe detailing is lovely but I have noticed that they do start to curl up after wearing the shoes quite a lot which is a shame but is hardly noticeable. The inside of the shoe is synthetic and is the same colour as the shoe. There is no padding but because the leather is soft as is the synthetic material they are comfortable to wear.

      The shoes are made from an incredibly soft leather which is lovely against your feet as it doesn't rub or cause any red marks. It doesn't take long to break the shoes in and they supple up incredibly easily as the leather is so soft. However, the one downside I have noticed to this leather is that it doesn't hold the shape of the shoe easily. I've had my pair for just over a month or so and they have lost a lot of their initial shape around the heel area and have become wider in the shape. Therefore, the shoes are now slightly bigger and baggier meaning they are a bit loose on me. They seem to have suppled up too much which is a shame but they are still perfectly wearable but I do have to watch them when I walk down the stairs incase they slip off which is a bit of a pain. Because the leather is almost like a suede material they do need looking after and I had to buy a protective spray to keep them in good condition against the elements.

      Lucinda are available from all Kurt Geiger retailers - I bought mine online. They come in two colours, navy and tan and currently retail at £80.00. Yes, that is a lot of money for a pair of flat shoes and because of the loosening of the leather they are probably not worth the full price. I managed to get a discount due to my friend working there. I have however sent a letter to Kurt Geiger expressing my opinion about the leather - to date no response!

      For me these are a lovely pair of casual shoes which I can just slip on and they are instantly comfortable. They have never rubbed my feet which is ideal and they are slightly unusual with their ribbon detailing and the little fringe detailing at the front of the shoe. These loafers really are sweet and go well with a pair of skinny or bootleg jeans. The only thing I don't like is how much the leather has lost its shape due to being so soft but they are still wearable just a bit bigger than I would have liked. Overall, a lovely pair of comfortable shoes which are incredibly reliable!


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