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Ladies Faux Suede Beetle Crusher Flat Shoe

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Brand: Garage Shoes / Type: Flats

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2012 10:55
      Very helpful



      gorgeous shoes

      When I found these cherry red creeper shoes I was actually looking at some black ones but when I walked in the shop they had these, royal blue and a black pair and to me the cherry red creepers stood out from across the shop, I knew instantly what shoes they were and so I had my heart set on these from that moment. Thankfully these are not shoes that will break the bank costing just £19.99 in Jonathan James shoe shop where I bought mine from. Amazon also stock these along with other websites. I thought the price for these were really cheap considering it is a shoe that's creeping into fashion! Creepers are more expensive from river island but I haven't seen them stock these ones yet.

      === Material ===
      There is a lot of different material kicking around on these creeper shoes. Starting with the sole it is made of the usual rubber you will find on most shoes such as brogues, dolly shoes and some sandals, Only this is two inches thicker. ( approximately) whether this sole is hollow or filled with the same material I am unsure and hoping I do not find out for a while other wise my shoe's sole would of worn down! The sole has vertical ridges all the way along it. Th canvas of the shoe is made of a material similar to suede, it looks like it but it doesn't have any properties of suede such as basically melting in the rain! This is quite thick and lures into a security thinking that our shoes are sturdy enough. Embroided into the front of the shoe is a black pattern of simple squares. Then there are four metal rings in which the laces sit and do up.

      === Design ===
      When I walked into my house with these on once my dad noticed them instantly and said "heeeey those are nice crape shoes" making a joke of pretending that they are crap and because that is what these shoes used to be called. Back in the day all the teddy boys used to wear what they called "crape shoes" and we now call them creepers, this is (so I've been informed) because the sole looks like crape paper, which it does on this particular shoe. The design of these stood out dramatically amongst the other creeper shoes to me, because of the thick sole they add height and that's much needed height if you are as small as me, just over 5ft. They also add another illusion that I never noticed at first.

      === Comfortable ===
      These were new, I bought them the other week and I swear I have lived in them from the day I purchased them. Leaving my feet for bathing and sleeping only. Putting these on and standing up there is enough room around my feet for them to not be too tight and not be squashed either, I tie the laces up as tights as I can get them because I have them loose I think it looks trampy. Standing up I did not feel any taller, I know it is only two inches but I expected to be that tall I'd have difficulty breathing because the air is thinner in high altitudes and I'm of course as tall as a nine year old these days, but I felt normal which was good. The shoes look really bulky but once they were on they did not and walking was really easy as well they did not feel heavy or an effort to walk in. However wearing these with no problems for the past few weeks, blisters were subtly creeping up on me and I didn't even realise, so now my feet hurt but I still wear them!

      === Durable ===
      So far so good, I don't really have anything to complain about, I've walked long distances in these and the soles are looking good and full with no signs of wear or tear. The rings still feet stable and the laces show no signs of shredding at the ends just yet. I have been in the rain in these and they haven't melted and gone out of shape like weird suede shoes do thankfully. I've managed to take care of these considering how I throw things around but I've made a point of putting these a way, undoing the laces to take them off so they don not get in a horrible state then I'll have to buy more.

      === what I wear these with ===
      Some people may find it hard to dress with these types of shoes but I also bought my mother a pair and she wears them with everyday clothing such as normal length jeans and they look OK but it doesn't show the shoe off so don't see much of a point in buying her any more. On my first night of wearing these I had on, a plain black strapped top, plain black high waisted elasticated skirt with a golden belt around, I had bare legs, top shop frilly white ankle sock and these shoes. The lack of tights and the socks drew attention to my shoes and made them stand out which is exactly what I was after, admittedly the shoes would of stood out more if my socks were black but not to worry this was ages ago.

      I like to keep it really simply when wearing these shoes because these are the main feature of my outfit that day, I also wear these with a plain black boob tube, my long red hair down and black skinny jeans. The blackness of my clothing draws attention to my bright red hair and to my shoes which is my aim. The illusion that this creates perhaps by accident or on purpose I don't know, is not only that I am taller but that I am thinner too. I'm not large, I'm only a size 8. However being small having any extra pounds shows dramatically, but being made taller by the shoes gives the appearance of longer looking legs and it makes it seem like you can carry those extra few pounds better. VERY HAPPY!


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