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Lipsy Flick

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Brand: Lipsy / Type: Sandals

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2012 13:08
      Very helpful



      An adult take on the children's version of 'jellies'

      For my sister's birthday in May this year she received a very lovely pair of sandals made by the brand Lipsy. They were made from a soft rubber and also known as a pair of jellies basically. My sister who is older than me made it quite clear she didn't like them after graciously receiving them and instead of returning them she stored them away in her closet until I decided to take them off her hands! I was one of those children who wore jelly sandals and although I wouldn't be seen wearing them now, the adult versions of playful flip flops (Ted Baker has a current range) and sandals I think are cute and a bit of fun.

      The pair which I now own (well stole) are from a brand called Lipsy which is quite a popular brand who have a range of women's clothing and footwear. I've had various items from Lipsy and I find that their prices are incredibly reasonable for what you are actually buying. Lipsy have quite a small range of jelly type footwear and the pair of sandals I have claimed are a pair called Flick and they come in either black, white or metallic (gold glitter). I didn't have a choice as I didn't buy them but my sister received the black pair which would have been my preferred choice so I'm not complaining!

      Now from having a bit of a look around they are not currently on the Lipsy website but they do feature on my favourite website www.kurtgeiger.com and have been reduced from £25.00 to £12.00. Even at full price they are by no means expensive but you are obviously paying for the Lipsy name. However, at a very reasonably £12.00 it certainly makes them a bargain buy! Lipsy isn't the hardest brand to get hold of but if these are already in the sale most retailers and stockists will be following suit so if you are wanting a pair of jelly sandals and like the look of these don't take too long to think about it!

      Flick are completely made of 'jelly' or rubber and the black version is completely solid in colour but with a gloss finish. They are a toe post or thong type sandal which I do know some people can find uncomfortable but for me this isn't a problem at all. The main design of the shoe features around the ankle as there are two straps which are done up by two small silver buckles which can be loosened or tightened depending on how you want them adjusting. Of course, rubber isn't the stretchiest of materials so it won't give like leather would. Apart from the straps the thong part of the sandal comes up all the way over the top of your foot and is actually part of the straps.

      To look at these aren't the most glamorous sandals but then they are made of jelly! However, to add a little bit of glamour they do feature three circular plastic gems on the front of the strap which goes over the top of your foot which is nice and gives them just a bit of much needed detail. Regardless of which colour you buy the gems will be colour co-ordinated with the sandal. The black version which I now have have matching black gems with silver edging. Now I'm not one for a lot of bling and I think the three gems being slightly oversized really gives these sandals a nice decorative touch.

      Being made from rubber they are a basic style of sandal as there is no padding whatsoever but for general wear they are perfectly fine. They have a slightly sloped sole to them giving your foot a bit of lift making them just that little bit more comfortable than a pair of completely flat sandals so they shouldn't make the arch of your foot ache. However, although I do think they are rather cute to look at I don't think they would be the most comfortable pair of sandals in the world especially if wanting to wear them for long periods of time but then what jelly shoes are going to be super comfortable?!

      A month or so ago I took these on a short break to Portugal as I wanted something casual to wear but a bit posher than your average flip flop and yes I know these are not particularly posh but one up from a basic thong flip flop! The sandals are soft on the skin which is expected and the buckles on the straps which go around your ankle/leg are easily adjusted to fit comfortable. Most of your feet are obviously exposed so there is no support whatsoever so not ideal for those that like supportive shoes but more me they are perfectly fine especially just for casual use.

      The only problem I did find was that if the straps are done up too tight they can rub a little around the leg especially in warm weather and if like me paddling in the sea wearing them can also cause a bit of irritation. Being jelly the straps won't stretch which is definitely a good thing but I do think if they are worn too much the holes in the straps may split the rubber. As rubber/jelly won't stretch they will keep their shape and they do look and feel quite durable so I am hoping that they will last a lot better than the old style jellies. I wore these throughout my short break and have worn then quite a bit since as I learnt to keep the straps loose around my leg and they won't rub!

      I can't say that these are the best pair of sandals that I have well stole from my sister and although I really do like them I wouldn't have paid full price for them as I just don't think they are worth it especially for being so basic. However, the sale price of £12.00 makes them an easier buy especially considering what they are made from. I do find them comfortable to wear but with such little arch support for the feet I think after a few hours they would probably start to ache and I learnt quickly not to do the straps up too tight! 'Flick' are a lovely pair of sandals ideal for casual wear and for taking on holiday and I'd like to think that they will last or at least wear well but so far considering they have had a fair bit of use already they still look in perfect condition.

      I'd recommend them simply as a retro alternative to jelly sandals especially at their sale price as they certainly won't break the bank. They have a very simple but versatile design as they can be worn with most outfits and both during the day and night. If wanting a cheap sandal for holidays rather than a simple flip flop these may be worth trying and at less than half price you may just find a good bargain!

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Lipsy
      Sizes: 3 to 9
      Price: Was £25.00 Now £12.00
      Availability: Lipsy stockists such as Kurt Geiger
      Colour(s): Black, white & metallic


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