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London Rebel Wedge Flip Flops

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Brand: London Rebel / Type: Flip Flops

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    1 Review
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      19.05.2011 14:13
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended

      In the summer months I can always be found wearing flip flops in and around the house, every year I buy a couple of new pairs at the start of the warmer weather then bin them at the end of summer ready for the next year's new pairs. Last year I bought a couple of pairs from Matalan and they turned out to be a mistake, flat and with leather straps they encouraged my arches to flatten and were a bit loose around my narrow feet and I couldn't wait to bin them at the end of summer. This year I decided to go for some with a wedge heel. A quick search on ebay to see what was around found these red and black London Rebel wedge flip flops. At £6 a pair with a few pounds of postage and packagng I decided to buy one pair and see what they were like.

      When they arrived the wedges came in a bright red box and I was a bit dubious about the red in the actual shoes. The insole is red and also these have a red sole underneath with a black solid wedge in between. The straps on the top are in a toe post style and transparent plastic again in black. I don't usually wear bright shoes so I didn't know if I liked them much but one walk around the house in them had me forgetting about the red. More about that later. The toe post is very smooth plastic and doesn't rub at all, I'm used to toe posts but still find some are badly made and rub. The sizing is spot on and sometimes I need a 4 rather than a 5 to make them slim enough for my narrow feet but these are perfect and not too baggy. The heel is about 3 inches but with an inch under the ball of the foot too so easy to walk in yet adding valuable height to my 5 foot 4 inch frame. As for the label, I'd never heard of London Rebel before and thought they would be obscure and difficult to find anything else by but Amazon and Debenhams both sell other shoes by the same label. I personally don't care about labels and if a pair of shoes fit well I couldn't care less who makes them but it did make these easier to suggest to Dooyoo because London Rebel have their own site at www.londonrebel.co.uk.

      Now onto the science bit. I'm a hyperpronater when I walk which means my arches collapse and I usually roll over the inside of the big toe to walk. This leads to problems with the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back and should be avoided, however my physio doesn't call me the "Queen of Cheats" for nothing and even arch supports supplied both by chemists and the hospital still don't stop me doing this. My feet seem to find a way around them and still collapse. It doesn't help that I have Hypermobility Syndrome because that means my arches are super lax and can collapse in any situation. I own a pair of MBT shoes but they don't stop me doing it either. These wedges however do make me less inclined to. The reason for this is because the sole curves up under the toes and makes it much easier to walk with a proper heel-toe gait that involves rolling over the entire foot rather than the inside of the big toe. The other thing about these is how they spread your weight through your feet. Pilates teachers have been telling me for years to think of the foot as a tripod and spread my weight through the heel, under the ball of the foot and the section of the foot under the little toe but it didn't quite work that way for me. These shoes, for some unknown reason, spread the weight that way naturally. I've checked the insole area and there's no reason why this should happen but it does. The last part of the science bit is the heel. Women with too much lordosis (arch in the lumbar spine) should avoid heels however women like me with not enough arch there should avoid flats and wear a moderate heel to tip the pelvis forwards over the hips and produce more lordosis and these heels do that perfectly. They make it very difficult for me to avoid that arching and in my case that's a good thing.

      Back to plain old shoe review style. The wedge makes these easy to balance on rather than stiletto style heels and the platform under the front helps with this. The fact these are foam means they can probably be washed but I'm not sure I'd want them banging about in my washing machine so they can be wiped down if they get dirty and also the foam makes them very comfortable under the feet.

      Overall I'm very pleased with them and the fact they encourage me to walk better is a huge bonus too. They're not designed especially to help with foot problems but do seem to anyway. I'm totally over the red now and have got used to them and fully intend to buy another pair to see me through the summer. They do also come in lilac but that's just going too far on bright colours for me! I'm very pleased with them and they are currently available from an ebay seller on ebay. A full 5 star rating from me.


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