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Marks and Spencer Footglove Leather Ankle Boots

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3 Reviews

Brand: Marks and Spencer / Type: Ankle Boots

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    3 Reviews
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      23.11.2013 21:08
      Very helpful



      So soft and comfortable you forget you've got them one

      I have had these Footglove ankle boots now for about two years and have most definitely had my wear out of them. I bought them from an M&S outlet shop in Birmingham and paid £22. I am not sure if they are still currently on sale in the main M&S stores but the last time I looked they were £35. I have seen them nearly new on Ebay for as little as £5.

      The upper is leather and is very soft and pliable. Footglove is exclusive to M&S who claim that this brand is made of beautiful, soft leather that's flexible, lightweight and breathable which I can confirm that this pair of boots most certainly is. I chose these as I wanted a pair of plain black boots as I already had several pairs of fancier pairs. They are very plain with the only markings being a seam across the front of the foot, one going up the front and a seam going all around the boot about an inch from the top. The heel is about one and a half inches and is quite chunky so they are easy to walk in. They don't have a platform but the sole is quite thick without looking clumpy.

      These come in sizes 3 to 7 and also in half sizes which you can't get from most places. I find the zip very easy to move up and down and I have never had any problems with it. Although they fit snugly due to the lovely softness of the leather they don't feel tight or constricting in any way. The toe tapers inwards but not enough to squeeze my feet and they are a generous width as I do have quite wide feet and there is enough room to be comfortable.

      Although they don't have a very padded sole they are really comfortable and I have often worn them all day and the balls of my feet haven't felt hot or sore as they can do with other boots. I have worn them when it is really cold and my feet have always kept warm and cosy. I have also worn them when it is icy and although they aren't completely slip proof I haven't slipped when I have walked from the door to the car and our drive is like a stating rink in the icy weather.

      I can say that these boots have never rubbed me and are very comfortable and easy to wear. The heels have started to wear down a bit but I think this is to be expected from the amount of wear they have had. I will probably get them heeled soon as I am sure I will be able to wear them for years to come and this is cheaper then buying a new pair.

      I think these are a smart looking pair of boots which look just as well with jeans and leggings or you could even wear them with a dress as the band around the top would look good against a pair of thick tights. I do love these boots and choose to wear them a lot more than most of my others and I definitely recommend them, five out of five stars from me.


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        26.07.2012 19:20
        Very helpful



        A super pair of boots

        ~Super comfy ankle boots~

        My super comfy Marks & Spencer Footglove black leather ankle boots were somewhat of a bargain buy, as I found them on the reduced shelf at an M&S Outlet store a short time ago. There were very few pairs on sale at the time and I was lucky enough to find some in my size. The sizing of the boots seems similar to that of rival brands such as Clarks, Hush Puppies etc (as I own and wear boots from these brands). I bought the same size that I usually do and the initial fit was such that I found the boots supportive and comfortable to wear from the very outset.

        I am unsure as to whether the boots came in half sizes as there were limited numbers of them on display, so am unable to comment on this. I only saw these boots in a black leather finish, so again am unable to comment on other colour options they may have. Even though I must admit I had quite a few pairs of leather ankle boots already when I bought these, I thought that these particular boots looked to to be a good every day type comfort fit boot that I could make use of. I am pleased to say that in wear the boots have proven to be just as easy to wear as I had hoped they would be.

        ~These boots are made for walking~

        When I bought my boots I found them to be a good fit straight from new which I feel is quite rare with new shoes or boots, which often have to be worn in for me to be able to wear them for any length of time. The look of my Footglove boots is simple, sleek and understated in my opinion, with only very minimal stitching and design details having been used to make up the leather uppers of the boots. I find that the side opening zippers that have been used on these boots are easy to open and close when taking the boots off or putting them on and once zipped up they ensure a fitted, yet not overly snug, comfortable feel to the boots.

        The fact that these boots are both easy to wear, yet smart in appearance makes them something that I can wear with a wide range of outfits from smart casual, to more formal styles if wanted as the boots have a simple, timeless look to them that seems to work with all kinds of clothing. I find that the height of these boots is not overly low or high, which means that I can wear them without ending up with tired or cramped feeling feet and toes. I find that when I have worn my boots over the course of a few hours in a day, my ankles and feet cope well as comfort levels are so good with these boots.

        Having bought a number of other boots just prior to having bought these particular boots, I feel that whilst the Footglove boots were amongst the cheaper items I bought, they certainly don't feel cheap in finish. The materials used to make up the boots feels quite light in my opinion when I compare the boots with others I wear, although I find the lightness of the boots is part of what I like about them. The boots are so comfortable to wear in my opinion as the leather used is nice and soft and the level of very light padding and lining in the boots works so well together.

        ~Product rating~

        I liked these boots so much that when wanting to buy a pair with a slightly higher heel and more pointy toe for evening wear, I sought out another pair from the Footglove range and bought them too. I feel that this shows this range of ankle boots have a good cut and fit to them that works well. I would rate these boots as being a 5 star product due to their comfortable fit and their durable yet light and smart design. I would most certainly buy from this range in future should I need to replace my boots next season as they feel nice and look to be well made.


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        09.02.2011 08:17
        Very helpful



        A fantastic pair of boots from M & S

        As I spend so much of my working day on my feet it is essential that I wear comfy footwear. Unfortunately, during my teens and into my early 20's I subjected my poor feet to the most pointed and high heeled shoes that I could possibly find and it was at the age of 25 that I paid the ultimate price. As my toes had been squashed into the most uncomfortable and totally inappropriate shoes for many years I suffered the horrendous pain and misery of ingrown toenails on the big toes of both of my feet, which subsequently caused many infections. Consequently, I underwent several years of very painful operations to remove the nails together with their nail beds.

        Whilst I do not wish to go into lengthy detail, for the past ten years I have been experiencing major problems with my right foot and none of the medical practitioners would take me seriously despite my toes becoming somewhat deformed and me experiencing major difficulties with walking. However, during the early part of last year it was discovered that I had a growth, which due to being undiagnosed for such a long period of time had grown to the size of a marble and my Consultant was somewhat shocked that I had actually been able to walk at all! Fortunately, the growth was nothing sinister.

        To cut a long story short, I had surgery to have the growth removed, but unfortunately, I still experience major problems, as I am unable to walk properly on my right foot. It was during those ten years that I was unable to wear most shoes and boots, as they were simply too uncomfortable and it was then that I discovered the Marks and Spencer Footglove range, which are the most comfiest shoes and boots that I have ever worn. Whilst once upon a time my wardrobe was brimming with dozens of boxes of stunning footwear, due to my problems I am very limited with my choices and this review discusses my latest purchase from Marks and Spencer, which is their Footglove Leather Ankle Boots.


        If you are unfamiliar with Footglove, I would advise that the name is a registered trademark of Marks and Spencer where you will find a large selection of footwear, such as shoes, boots and slippers. The beauty of Footglove is that they offer the wearer total comfort and flexibility, which is a must when you think how many miles out feet will carry us. As I now have a rather large scar on my upper foot I tend to spend a lot of time wearing boots, particularly as I am very self-conscious.


        My latest purchase of Footglove is a pair of lightweight black leather ankle boots, which offer a very comfortable and stylish 54 mm heel. The toes are slightly square in shape, so there is plenty of room to accommodate the entire foot without having to squash up your toes. What I love about Footglove is that all their footwear is very flexible and they are so very comfortable to wear and in my experience, resemble a pair of slippers. The boots have a leather upper and I have learned that the lining and sock contain textile and other fibres with the outer sole also containing other fibres, which Marks and Spencer have not specified.

        There is a 4 cm eye-catching cuff running along the top of the boot with some decorative stitching to the outside. A real positive I find with these boots is that the zips, which are located on the inner part of the boot, are easy to operate and over the years I have probably owned around a dozen pair of Footglove boots with none of the zips having failed. In my experience, there are very few brands that offer shoes in both a wide fitting and a half size, but Footglove offer both in this extremely stylish boot that can be worn with either trousers or a long skirt and are suitable for either casual or formal wear.

        A real problem I had previously experienced with other brands was that the heel of the boot or shoe on my right foot would become badly scraped from driving. However, this is not something I have ever experienced with Footglove, as the boots serve their purpose well and stay looking good for a considerably long time. I have carefully scrutinised the appearance of my boots for the purpose of this review and would advise that there is no evidence of any scuffing on any areas of the boot and the leather is perfectly intact. I have also carefully inspected the stitching on these and my other pairs of Footgloves and there are no loose areas, so they look as good as new.

        If I am totally honest, I cannot recall ever having to take a pair of these boots to a cobbler for new soles and heels despite me wearing them over and over again, so they clearly are a high quality range. In my experience of wearing these boots they are well suited for the rain, as they are totally waterproof and keep my feet perfectly warm and dry. A problem I have experienced with other brands of boots is that my feet become rather cold. However, I can confirm that your feet will be as warm as toast whilst wearing these Footgloves. The soles are fairly thick and non-slip, although they were not suitable for the recent extreme snow and ice that we recently experienced, as whilst there are considerable indentations there are no grips as such. I use the word "non-slip" as I often find that certain types of flooring, such as tiles and laminates can sometimes resemble the surface of an ice-rink!


        There are no special cleaning instructions for these boots as they can simply be wiped over with a damp cloth or you can use black shoe polish. I have owned my current pair for approximately three months and they look as good now as the day I first bought them despite having worn them nearly every day. In fact I purchased another identical pair on Friday, as I love them so much. As previously stated, I have been wearing Marks and Spencer Footgloves for approximately ten years and despite constant wear where I alternative with different pairs, they are still all serving their purpose well.


        The boots are available in sizes from 3 - 8 including half sizes and cost £35, which I found quite reasonable, particularly for Marks and Spencer who tend to over-price on some items. Whilst they were available on the high street when I visited one of their stores last Friday I would advise that they are no longer available on their website, so I am presuming they are making room for spring/summer stock.

        I cannot recommend these boots highly enough, as they are so comfortable and despite me being on my feet for a good few hours each day they prevent my feet from aching. As their name suggests, they most definitely fit like a glove, as they don't pinch or squeeze and you would be mistaken in thinking that you've left the house wearing your slippers! Consequently, these gorgeous boots receive 5 stars from me.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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