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Marks & Spencer Secret Support Sports Mule Slippers

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Slippers

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    1 Review
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      20.01.2011 22:54
      Very helpful



      Great slippers.

      As I have a condition that affects the muscles mainly in my hands and feet I have to think before I buy certain items. As my feet are affected, this results in my not being able to buy shoes and having them specially made for me, although with very little success. This condition means that I can only walk barefooted with great difficulty and discomfort, and especially not on hard surfaces. For this reason my home is mainly carpeted. Wooden floors on any large area would cause me terrible discomfort, but so in fact does any deep pile carpet. So slippers are quite an essential for me.

      Because of the need to have something on my feet, I am always on the lookout for slippers which I can actually wear, meaning that I can keep them on my feet and they don't hurt. They need to be of a mule type fitting, with a soft inside but not something too soft which my foot will sink into. I need the sole to be firm; definitely not flimsy. This may not seem like a problem but it certainly is! Also, I can buy a slipper which I think will be suitable try it out with success only to find that the slipper stops being manufactured. I have to be very choosy indeed about slippers. Some will keep coming off as I walk, which doesn't make walking up and down stairs the safest thing to do.

      So, I mainly stick to the same design of slippers, once I have found something that will do. I like Totes Isotoner, and good old Marks and Spencer.

      I discovered the Sports mule type slipper in Marks and Spencer a few years ago. The first pair I bought might have been of a slightly different design to these that I now own and am reviewing, but the basic shape was the same. Fortunately for me the designers have remained true to the shape and fit.

      Because of the difficulty involved in finding a decent fit which is comfortable, I often buy two or even three pairs at the same time, especially if there is an offer on them. I also always keep a pair to put aside for the next holiday.

      The M and S sport mules are just about the best that I will get. What I like about them is:

      *The fabric, which is a textile upper, lining and sock. The outer sole is flat and made from textile and other materials. They come in two colours and I have both. One colour is of a blue- grey, which the manufacturer refers to as 'denim' . These have a light grey piping detail. The other choice is a light grey with pink piping detail. I like the lighter colour for summer wear. I prefer this fabric to a furry design as they aren't too hot in the summer. Also anything furry or too soft gives no support to my foot and comes off.

      *I like the simple and unfussy design. These are comfortable yet practical slippers. The sole is rigid and so these, as well as being worn indoors, are suitable to wear outside in the garden. I find them to last well, even though I traipse in and out of the garden, hanging out washing and such.

      * They are machine washable, which I believe with slippers is a big bonus. After all, feet sweat, don't they?
      I have washed my current pair (and of course, previous pairs) many times and they always wash nicely, and look as new after a short cycle in the washing machine. I don't know if they are supposed to be tumble dried but I admit to drying mine in this way during the winter months. With slippers I have tried in the past, I find they often wear out or come unstitched before needing a wash. Not so with these. I have always found them long lasting.

      * The inside is just right for me. This consists of a slightly contoured, padded insole for extra comfort. The 'secret support' is supposed to mould to the natural contours of ones feet. I don't know why this should be a secret!

      *The price. I consider that £10 for a slipper of this quality is a fair price to pay. These Marks and Spencer slippers are long lasting and keep their shape well, even after washing. Marks and Spencer Secret Support Sports Mule Slippers are available from both their high street stores and online. They are available in sizes three to eight.


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