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Matalan Zip Detail Boot

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Brand: Matalan / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      24.03.2011 14:03
      Very helpful



      For fashion only.

      This is, in a way, part 2 of my previous review, which ended with my previous pair of beloved boots being binned, as I kept slipping over in them! As it is not quite sandal weather yet (nearly there though!), I needed another pair of boots, so went back to Matalan in the hope of getting an identical pair to the previous ones. Unfortunately, on the day I went, the store didn't have any in stock, so I had a good look around to see if they had something similar. My husband noticed these boots on the shelf, and thought that they may be worth a try, so I tried them on. I really liked the look of them, but when I tried them on, I noticed how rigid they felt compared to the soft material of the previous boots. However, I liked the look of them so much that I bought them anyway, hoping that breaking them in was not going to be too painful an experience, as I cover a fair few miles every day on foot, and rely on comfy shoes to help me cope!

      The boots are biker style, or what I would call mid length, somewhere between an ankle boot and a knee length boot. I'm not usually fussed on this length of boot, as in my opinion, they make my legs look even shorter than normal! I really liked the style of these though, as they have loads of great details on them. The boots are not leather, but are a really close match, and I couldn't actually tell at first whether they were real leather or not. They are brown in colour, with a slightly distressed appearance, which makes them look a bit dusty, which sounds a bit odd, but looks quite good. The sole of the boot provides really good grip, with a low heel which is textured on the base, and larger ridges on the rest of the sole, although hopefully, we are past the ice and snow phase now! The boots have Victorian looking laces up the front, and the laces are quite slippery to the touch, as if they are covered in a waxy veneer. This makes them a bit of a pain to fasten, as they come undone really easily. They criss cross through holes up the front of the boot, but the last two sets of fasteners are hooks, rather than holes. An interesting feature of the boots is the fact that they don't have to be re-laced every time you wear them, because the real opening is at the side of the boot, a long zip on the inside of the boot which allows you to get the boot on and off easily. Another interesting detail is the addition of two buckes on the back of the boot. You can adjust these, but they are primarily for decoration only, and give the boots more of a "punk" look. One of the reasons I liked these so much, was because some time ago, I was intrigued by a review on this site about the Steampunk fashion (think H.G Wells and Jules Verne), and to me, these boots are a good mix of Victorian and modern styles that sums up this look.

      I usually wear long skirts, as I'm not a big fan of trousers and jeans, and these boots look great with skirts. I have a really long brown velvet skirt that I think goes with these boots particularly well, although they are versatile enough to go with anything, really. I get lots of positive comments about these boots, as everyone that sees them really likes them, and of course, wants a pair! They are only £24 from Matalan, and they do sizes 3-8, which I think is fab, and yes, everyone should own a pair of these!

      Now that I have raved about how wonderful these boots are, here comes the down side. They hurt like hell to wear! I am in my third week of wearing them, and I would have thought that by now, they wouldn't be so bad, but believe me, they are! The material they are made from is so rigid that it rubs the skin really badly, particularly on the heels. I got a blister, the first time I wore them, and have since had to wear plasters and pad up the blistered area before putting these on. Despite this, I now have two further blisters, one on my toe, and one just below the first, which I am worried about, as it is very painful. Another downside to the boots is the fact that they have already worn down a lot on the heels and Started to expose the layer beneath. Oddly enough, the distressed effect is also wearing off, and the boots are quite shiny on the toe area! I don't honestly think that these boots will last me long at all.

      So. My opinion is divided on these boots. They look great, and are a reasonable price, but they have left me in pain, which isn't great! They also probably won't last very long, as they are designed more for fashion than practicality. Now that the better weather is here, they are also a bit hot and sweaty to wear, so I will be out looking to buy a nice pair of sandals in the next week or two, and these boots will be retired for the summer.


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