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Millada Lattice Platform Heels

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2 Reviews

Brand: Millada / Type: Platform heel / Type: Platform Shoes

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2013 17:47
      Very helpful



      Comfortable and fashionable high heels

      It's not often I buy a pair of heels but with a few weddings last year I wanted a pair of nude heels that would go with a few outfits and after spotting the Millada Lattice Platform Heels for £28.99 on Miss Guided, I jumped at their free postage offer at the time.

      In my experience a lot of high heels do mean pain whether it's from rubbing or squashed toes but I can honestly say these are the most comfortable heels I own. With a 5.5" heel I knew I would be towering over everyone but that didn't bother me. The 1 to 1.5 inch platform helps to reduce the strain on the balls of my feet so the weight is more evenly distributed but if you're not used to high heels you probably will feel these are too high. I also found these shoes very true to size which is a bit of a relief when buying online.

      The one thing I hate about buying shoes online is you never get a photo of the soles and the main thing that worried me was I'd take one step on the dance floor and end up on my bum. I was pleasantly surprised that the soles, although still rather flat actually offered quite a lot of grip on the polished surface - enough to let me do some Scottish Country Dancing. I wish they offered some steel toe-capped ones though as it still really does hurt if someone else in heels accidently stands on your foot!

      The only time I do wear these shoes is with tights and I have gone through a lot. With the zip fastening up the back of each shoe it does make them incredibly easy to put on as you're just sliding your foot in and although it does have the flap so the zip isn't sliding against my heel I still always manage to catch my tights - especially at the top. So if I know I'm going to be wearing these shoes I always make sure I'm carrying at least one spare pair of tights. I always seem to have the problem of the flap getting caught in the zip but it's usually very easy to fix - just wastes a bit of time.

      The idea of the nude heel is to create the illusion of longer legs. I certainly do look taller but I think this is just down to the size of the heel and platform. These are quite pale suiting my winter skintone more than summer so there is usually quite a difference in colour if wearing nude tights which detracts from the illusion. I love the lattice effect on the front providing more of a shoe boot effect with false button on the side but it doesn't add any extra protection from rolling my ankle even though the sides of the shoe sit on the ankle (without rubbing). The other problem with them being so light is they do mark very easily and I have black marks on the platform and scuffed the toes quite a bit but this can't really be seen when worn. The faux suede material also shows up light scuffing but isn't as noticeable.

      These are shoes I'm far more likely to wear if I know I'm going to be indoors rather than out as the faux suede covers the heel too. I would always avoid wearing them on wooden floors as the stiletto heel is likely to cause far more damage to the floor than to me. I have climbed and descended an old tower in these shoes without falling but I probably was holding people up while taking my time.

      These shoes were available in a mint green, pink and black as well as the beige but I'm glad I went for the beige as they do seem a little more timeless. I still have a lot of life left in these shoes so very happy with the price paid for them. Very comfortable, they go with everything and I don't fall over - can't ask for much more!


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        04.10.2012 23:47
        Very helpful



        A sexy pair of shoes from Missguided!

        ~ Millada Suede Platform Heels ~

        A few months back I was looking for a nude pair of shoes, yes I already have three pairs but I *needed* a new pair (much to my hubbies annoyance!). Of course my first port of call was the internet, I didn't have a particular pair in mind but I didn't want patent ones as the three pairs I already owned are just that. Whilst looking I did get a bit sidetracked by numerous other pairs of shoes and some lovely clothes and then I happened upon the Missguided website - www.missguided.co.uk. I am not quite sure how I ended up there but it was a good thing that I did!

        I didn't immediately go to the footwear section, I first of all browsed the clothes where I came across a really lovely navy dress. I already had a dress I was planning on wearing but when I saw that navy dress I knew the other dress would be simply put back into the wardrobe and forgotten about, still I popped the navy dress into my bag and swiftly moved onto the footwear section, and more to the point the Heels section. I was scrolling through the many gorgeous pairs of shoes when I came across these, I instantly liked the look of them as they were different to what I would usually go for, and whilst there were other shoes on the site I loved, I really did fall in love with these. I liked the lattice strap pattern on the front and thought they would be ideal to wear with my usual skinny jeans and also my new navy dress, so I popped these into my bag and placed my order. They cost a decent £28.99 which I think is a fair price for a nice pair of shoes.

        I didn't buy them for a special occasion as such, I was going out with the girls but I wanted to update my look, well not so much as update rather change my look, as I usually always wear skinny jeans out! And I am pleased to say that my search for shoes led me to finding a perfect outfit.

        Missguided offered me a choice of delivery options, and checking online they are -
        Saver - £1.95
        Standard - £2.95
        Next Day - £3.95*
        Saturday - £5.50*
        * Postcode restrictions apply.

        I opted for the cheapest delivery option as I was ordering the items a week before going out, but I am pleased to say they arrived just three days later. Unpacking my parcel I went straight for the shoes which I am so glad I bought.
        I bought them in my normal size, a 5, and am pleased to report they offer the perfect fit. So sizes are true.
        The shoes have a faux suede material outer and are very soft to the touch, the lattice pattern on the front makes them look really trendy and sophisticated. I do feel they look a lot more expensive than what they actually are.
        The shoes come up to ankle height, and if it wasn't for the lattice part they would pass as a shoe boot! I feel this makes them more comfortable and stable to wear than my usual shoes. At the outer side of the lattice panel you will see a faux button detail and just above that is a discreet elastic panel which I find makes these really comfortable to wear, I think this added stretch allows them more movement so they do not pinch or dig into my feet.
        At the back of the shoe is a small zip which allows me to get the shoes on and off with ease.
        They also have a nice rounded front.
        The heel is rounded and tapers into a stilletto type heel, the heel height is approximately 5.5 inches and the platform at the front is around 1.5 inches.

        I don't think these are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, although they aren't as bad as some either, the lattice part makes them feel more secure on my feet which does add to the comfort a little.

        They look really pretty on and show little flashes of my lily tattoo on my right foot. They looked fab with my navy dress, and as I thought they would, they do also look good with skinny jeans!

        The soles of the shoes are rather slippery, but I find that a fault with all my heels!!!

        Overall I am really impressed with these shoes, so much so, I went back and bought other shoes off the same site. They are great quality and I am sure I will get lots of use out of them.

        They came in four colours -

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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