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Miss Selfridge Boom Wedge

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Brand: Miss Selfridge / Type: Wedges

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2013 16:18
      Very helpful



      versatile shoes

      I'm really small at just 5ft 2" and I don't wear heels often because I don't have the opportunity to wear them enough so it's easier to just not own any. I really wanted some heels however to go with my peplum dress for my 21st birthday party. I was looking for something that was more than a one time wear and that were versatile. My friend is the manager of Miss selfridge, Grimsby and she was telling me I should go for some wedges because I don't wear heels at all so they would be easier for me to walk in.

      I ended up purchasing these lace up wedges from Miss selfridge, they retail at £49.00 and are still for sale in store and online at www.missselfridge.com. I did think these were really pricey but miss selfridge offer 10% student discount but on this day it was 20% student discount which is why I bought them there and then instead of shopping around like I usually would have. Overall these ended up costing me just over £34 because I had a £5 off voucher as well so I thought that was a bargain when looking at how much money I managed to save.

      As soon as I saw these I knew they had to be mine. These are visually pleasing, their appearance is lovely. They are made of 100% cotton and can be wiped clean. I however have only worn these a couple of times and I have wiped down the soles but not the shoe material itself so I'm not sure how well this works but I am sure a damp cloth would do the job well. Touching these they feel really smooth and soft but really study and solid. The sole of these is really thick and to my surprise they have grip on them too in the form of ridges. These lace up with black chiffon ribbon.

      Appearance wise, I noticed the laces first. Despite not being that girly. I love nice laces on shoes and I think this adds much more detail than it would if it was just a strap or slip ons. The ribbons are very generous in length, they're long enough to do a pretty bow. I found while intoxicated the laces were still easy to undo or I could slip the shoe straight off easy enough which is always handy while drunk.

      The heel to these is 5.5 inches high, I didn't realise at first but my foot was on a very high slant and sometimes I felt like I was leaning forward to help myself balance in these a bit, but apparently I wasn't leaning, But I still felt like I was. Once I worn these a little more I forgot all about that and settled into them and felt more comfortable and confident wearing them. Since they are so high is finally meant that I was almost the same height as most of my friends in photos and things so I felt more confident with myself that way too.

      I've found that these are versatile and will go with a lot of things. They are smart looking so they are suitable for weddings, dinners, possible office or professional job interviews. These looks great with dresses and skirts but I've found they look nice with skinny jeans as well. Overall once I got used to these they are quite comfy shoes and I could walk in them properly and since I got so much money off them I cannot complain


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