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Mothercare Boys In The Night Garden Trainers

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Brand: Mothercare

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2009 11:04
      Very helpful



      A surprisingly good pair of shoes at a reasonable price.

      I purchased these shoes for my toddler who is a big In The Night Garden fan.
      Of course, shops like Mothercare offer many of these character products in order to entice our little ones into screaming fits in the middle of the shop and obviously during this moment of sheer panic and embarrassment you bundle some said character item into your basket, pay for it promptly and leave the shop thinking 'why did I give in again?'!

      I believe that the shops in question know this which is why their shops are filled with these said items which are the same as their own products but instead have a children's character picture on them and sell for double the price. They are usually placed in obvious view of any child entering the store and this is a key marketing ploy to get us parents to spend spend spend!

      *So, why did I buy them?*

      On a trip to the supermarket, my husband being the man that he is (sorry guys) decided that he would get our toddler ready and all I had to do was get my own things in order and meet them in the car. All well so far. We arrive at the supermarket and as I take my toddler out of the car, I find lo and behold, he has no shoes on! I pose the question to my husband, 'why?'!
      His reply is that our toddler would only be sitting in a trolley, therefore, he found it an easy option to miss out the whole two minutes of putting his shoes on and take him straight to the car. Confusing to me but hey, we're here now, let's do the shopping.

      Ok, so shopping over, what happens next?
      We all pile back into the car to find that we cannot get the car to start. After numerous attempts, the AA are called and we have a wait ahead of us spanning around an hour. Of course, any toddler parent will realize that just at this point, the said toddler will begin a screaming fit to leave their car seat. We soon realized that we had to get him out of the car so as he had no shoes I went to get the buggy out of the boot. No buggy! My husband in his wisdom had forgotten to put the buggy back into the boot, this of course is when I began the woman speak of I told you so such as 'if we had come in my car then we would have had a buggy and it wouldn't have broken'!
      Alas, a Mothercare was in sight so off we went to look for some shoes so that we could have a little walk around. As we walked into the large and bright store, my toddlers eyes lit up with delight as there in direct view was a large In The Night Garden stand adorned with all things In the Night garden of course.

      By this point, there was no way we would be heading towards the other shoes as he was already eyeing up these trainers. I made a huge mistake, we tried them on. Could I then proceed to get them off? No, of course not. That was it, this was the moment that I had fallen into the parent trap and of course, had to purchase them.

      *The shoes*

      The shoes/trainers are white Velcro fastening trainers. They have a soft and cushioned sole and trim around the heel and ankle area. There are three individual Velcro fastenings adorned with pictures of In The Night Garden characters. The outer side of each shoe has Iggle Piggle on them and the Pinky Ponk.
      In general, I actually quite like these shoes. The fit is quite wide and I like the idea of the three Velcro fastenings. My toddler likes to undo his Velcro at present and remove his shoes, therefore, three fastenings makes this a little more difficult for him and I think that the design of this was actually very well thought out. The shoes are very well made and seem to be very durable and I see by the quality and design that we these shoes will far outlast my little boy's size six feet.
      The material is PVC inner and outer. Usually I prefer leather; however, this material is quite soft and looks good quality. The material is very good to clean too. Having a little boy whom likes puddles and muddy areas, this is a well required attribute. I also like the fact that the pictures and characters on the shoes are not cotton or any form of fabric material as this can make it so difficult to clean the item, instead, they fit in with the material of the shoe and are easily cleanable.
      I also found that the price was quite reasonable at £10 (as of January 2009). I did expect the shoes to more expensive given that they were a character brand so generally, I was pleasantly surprised.


      I think that the shoes are generally good value for money given that they are a character brand. They are also good quality and I have no doubt that they will last us a while. My son loves them. He is already the envy of his little buddies who have already attempted to mug him of his shoes.
      A recommended product for any little IN the Night Garden fan


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    • Product Details

      Velcro fasteners. Available in boys sizes 4-11.

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