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New Look Padded Biker Boot

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Brand: New Look / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2011 09:16
      Very helpful



      A buy I am pretty pleased with

      Had you asked me twelve months ago would I wear a padded biker boot I would have laughed at you. For the most part I like to wear my heeled boots and yet here I am about to write a review about my padded biker boots! More recently I am often found in flat shoes and I needed something that would keep my feet dry in this horrible weather we keep having as well as looking decent with a pair of leggings. This was how I stumbled across the padded biker boot from new look.

      The biker boot looks a lot like a work man boot in my opinion, which has been very much the trend recently. My sister was the first to introduce me to this trend and at first I was very wary of it, but I have found that the boots do work well with leggings when you want a flat boot.

      The boot is made from a black leather look upper and has a padded top with a panel of five ridges. It features a very small chunky heel and you don't really notice there is any kind of heel on the boot at all as you are walking as it is pretty much flat! The sole of the boot features a really good grip and I would be comfortable wearing these boots in snow instead of my wellys.

      The boot is lace up and features a hook system as you get towards the top of the boot. Now, according to my sister I shouldn't fasten the boot all the way up and so I have the laces quite loose and stop before I get to the hook system, instead pushing the laces in to the boot rather than tying them. Of course I could tie them all the way up and I suspect soon I will want to do that as I am getting slightly fed up of the laces jabbing me in the foot as I walk!

      The boots come up past the ankles and really do look decent with leggings as I have said before. I am sure you could wear these with jeans or something too but I feel the best look is with leggings as the boots are fully on show. I personally prefer to wear a heeled boot with jeans if I am honest. I do find it strange looking down at the shoes on my feet, even now, as my legs just look strange looking down in a pair of flat boots but I am assured by family and friends that they do look good!

      These padded biker boots are comfortable to wear for the most part but I find if I wear them for work and spend most of the time standing up they can begin to feel quite heavy on my feet and so I would prefer to wear them for short periods of time to be honest. I would not hesitate to wear them on a shopping trip for a few hours but if I were to be out and walking all day I think I would opt for something else.

      You can pick up these boots from new look currently for just £15.00 instead of the previous selling price of £34.99 which I think is a real bargain! You can buy the boot in size three to nine and so most people should be ok to get a size to fit. I would recommend them if you are looking for a flat boot which still looks on trend!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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