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New Look Stacked Peep Toe Court

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Brand: New Look / Type: Peep Toe

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    1 Review
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      15.07.2011 13:51
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      Suede peep toe heels by New Look

      It has been ages since I bought myself a nice pair of shoes which is why when pay day came this month I was on a search for nice heels. Lately, I have been looking but no shoes have caught my eye as being quite tall I don't like these heels with platforms at the front just making me feel like a giant or ridiculously high stilettos, so if you don't like that then you may find it hard finding heels. This is why I love New Look, they have a range for all tastes and the prices are great. I'd seen a pair of patent nude peep toe heels I liked and was going to opt for them but after reading a review on here, I was put off as it'd scratch whereas these heels were the last pair left and fate has it, my size so I needed to have them!


      These shoes are not the most overly exciting to look at BUT, they are very stylish and will be timeless which is what I love when buying heels, I don't want something I can wear once and never again. These heels are a black suede peep toe heel with a stacked chunky heel which makes it easier to balance. It is a 4'6" heel and it is wooden but these are very pretty and simple but chic. The suede does give it a nice look but suede is very risky to buy and luckily I have a few pairs of suede shoes so have a spray etc to protect them from any kind of damage.


      When buying shoes, I have never been put off by a high heel, as thankfully I am very good at walking in them. When trying on my shoe these slipped on comfortably and didn't feel tight in any way so that was what made me like them and also had a little bit of space so I knew that they wouldn't dig in when wearing them. Having such a thick heel also made it easy to walk in these as the shoe was evenly balanced out for walking at such a high height and also at the toe area where it is a peep toe, these are not too narrow and give your feet just the right amount of space.

      To wear these I'd suggest firstly wearing them about your house a couple of times as with any heels they will feel comfortable at first but any shoes hurts upon first wear. I have worn these quite a few times at home now to break them in and I was ready to take my heels out on the town. I felt instantly tall and was almost regretting buying such a high heel as I hate towering over people but I wasn't going to let my confidence go as heels and confidence just make a girl look more presentable. I made sure the weather was nice also as never wear suede shoes in the rain or they will be ruined.

      The shoes kept slipping off at the back when walking which was a bit annoying, however the longer I wore them the more snug they seemed to be on my foot. I got used to the height and after a few hours I barely noticed these shoes were on. They were easy to wear, easy to walk in and looked great on, accentuating the length of my legs with the heel height. The inside of the shoe is a tan faux leather but it seems to be comfortable enough as well and lets you skin breathe and I really did like wearing these and felt sophisticated and proud.

      The heels managed to last the night fine and the heel didn't really suffer and major damage being a chunky heel. The suede got a bit of dirt but nothing that couldn't be easily wiped clean with a wet cloth. The shoes didn't rub too much on the back of my heels either and obviously by the end of the night I was glad to take them off as it is unatural for any foot to be at such a slant all night at a 4.6" height difference but I got many compliments on these shoes and I recommend them for any girls needing some sexy and beautiful peep toe heels for your outfit. These don't just come in black but also leopard print and a chestnut shade, I bought black.


      These shoes are available on the New Look website and can also be bought in branches of New Look. I know where I bought them mine were the last pair so maybe they have been out for a while now but the website has most sizes in stock and the staff are happy enough to ring other stores. I got these for £19.99 the RRP which is a bargain for good quality heels like these that will last a good amount of time and are a fraction of the price of other high street retailers. They do 10% student discount and through certain periods change this to 20%. Also keep a look out in the magazines as there are a lot giving away 20% off at New Look vouchers and that'd make these a REAL bargain.

      The official website for New Look is http://www.newlook.com and search for 'Stacked Peep Toe Court' and these will come up.


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