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New Look Triple Buckle Boots

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Brand: New Look / Type: Boots

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    3 Reviews
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      21.02.2011 03:56
      Very helpful



      A lovely pair of boots from New Look

      As you may well know already, I love shoes. I have so many pairs, that I really could not count. I have many different pairs ranging from Trainers to Knee High Boots, and everything in between. One of the many pairs of shoes that adorn every spare space in my house is a pair of Black Triple Buckle Boots from New Look.

      These are ankle high boots from New Look, which have a medium height, skinny heel. They are available in brown, and also in Black. I own the black pair, as I found these looked better, but the brown ones are nice too. There are three buckle straps on the boot, which do not actually hold purpose other than to be decorative and pretty on the boots.

      The inside of the boots is faux fur lined, and this lining comes up just above the top of the boot, so it adds to the style of the boot. The boots have a zip on the inside of the ankle, so you can secure them and undo them with ease. The zip is not very obvious so it does not look like they have a zip when you are wearing them, and I like this because the zip does not take away from the design and look of the boots. These boots have a round toe, and a slight platform in the front, to aid balance and walking when you are wearing them.

      When I first saw these boots, I was unable to wear them as I had not long before hand had surgery on my right knee, so I was a little sad that I could not have them, but I soon made the decision to buy them anyway and then wear them when I was able to do so. I did not want to find that by the time I could walk in them, they were no longer in the store. I made a wise choice, as they were no longer in the stores when I was able to walk in the pair I bought.

      I was a little worried it would be difficult to walk in these boots, as they didn't look like the most stable of footwear, and not having many pairs of boots from New Look with a thinner heel, I did not know how well these would hold up. I was pleased to find that these are indeed easy to walk in, and not just that, they are comfortable and soft on the feet too.

      The fur lining keeps the ankle area soft and warm, and ensures that there is no sore spots or rubbing. There is a nicely cushioned inner sole, and this is perfect for making sure your feet do not hurt, even after walking long distances in these boots. I actually found the heel to be very sturdy, and have not had so much as a wobble from it in all the times I have worn them.

      The only slight problem I have with these boots, is that they are not tight to the ankle at the top of the boot. I have only ever worn boots that come above the ankle or are tight to the ankle, so this took me a little while to get used to. I knew there was a boot there at my ankle, but I couldn't feel it like I was used to, was a strange experience lol. Once I got used to this, there were no other problems, and I literally can not say a bad word about these boots.

      The boots I own still look really good, there is a few signs of wear on them, but they have had lots of wear and they do not show exactly how much wear I think. They look great with almost any outfit I own, and I think they can be the perfect finishing to any outfit. They can be dressed down for a daytime look and glammed up for a night out on the town with the girls. No matter what the reason for wear, or where you are going, you can be sure these boots will help you to look great the whole time.

      I bought these in my local New Look store for £35 just after Christmas, and although they are no longer available in my local store, they may be available in larger stores and on the New Look website.

      I love these boots and I give them a 5 out of 5. Totally recommended.


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      29.01.2011 09:47
      Very helpful



      Great value fashionable boots

      After browsing numerous shops for a new pair of reasonably priced boots this year, I was very disheartened. The fashion this year seemed to be buckles and fur and I could not find a pair of boots I liked which were under £150. Since having children I have tightened the purse strings massively therefore could not justify spending £150+ on a pair of boots which I felt may "go out of fashion" within a season. However by chance I came across the New Look Triple Buckle Boots.

      The boots are a man-made material but have a leather look to them. What I liked about these boots is that although man-made they have a matte slightly rough look to them (like worn in leather) as opposed to the cheap shiny leather look you sometimes get from cheap shoes and boots.

      Externally these boots have 3 silver buckles. One around the foot, one sat just under the ankle and one just above the ankle. These buckles do not fasten the boot (although can be adjusted slightly). The boots are zipped up the side on the inside of the foot/ leg. Inside the boots have a fur trim which trims the top of the leather look boot by about half a centimetre.

      These boots when on sit about 4cm above your ankle, so a shorter to mid length boot. The boots have a high heel about 7cm; however there is a visible platform (about 3cm). The sole of the platform is made from a hard wearing studded sole, in the style of men's work boots giving these quite a rugged feel to them.

      I purchased these boots in black with a black fur lining but New Look also sells these boots in brown. These are dark brown on the outside with a light cream fur lining and trim with gold buckles.

      ***Price and Availability***
      The Triple Buckle Boots are available from New Look in sizes 3-8. In black or dark brown. The boots are available in New Look Stores and online at www.newlook.co.uk . I did find when purchasing these boots there was low stock in the black boots in sizes 4-6 as these must have been a very popular choice and had to visit 3 different New Look stores to get a size 4.

      ***Wearing the Boots***

      The boots are very stylish looks wise and can be dressed up or down. I have worn the boots with leggings, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans and tights.

      The boots are also comfortable. The material the boots are made from is slightly more ridged that high quality leather but not uncomfortable. I have also found that even worn with thick socks, the fur lining has not made my feet too hot, even when walking around shops for a number of hours.
      As someone who wears very high heels regularly I do not have a problem with the heel height and find these boots very comfortable to walk in. For someone who wears smaller heels the boots are quite high but the platform of the boot does help a lot and makes the boots feel more stable.

      The sole of the boot is very practical even though these are high heels; because of the work boot type design sole you get a lot of grip. This is brilliant for winter when it is icy or you are walking on wet floors (i.e. in the doorways of shops). I have never felt like I am going to slip over, which is especially comforting when you are wearing high heels.

      I have found the boots very easy to clean. Because I wear these boots mainly indoors for shopping I only have short distances to walk to and from my car so they have not got extremely dirty. However the sole of the shoe has a lot of ridges on the bottom so if you do walk over wet mud or on grass you are likely to get mud stuck in the gaps in the soles of your boots.

      My only issue when wearing the boots is that around the ankle I find there is a lot of room in the boot. I do have very small slim ankles and calf's so this won't be a problem for everyone but because of this I find the boots do not support me enough around the ankles when I walk which makes walking in these boots slightly uncomfortable. It does mean however it's easy to tuck jeans into the top of the boots if I am not wearing super slim skinny jeans or leggings.

      I have a very large collection of shoes and boots (I'm ashamed to say at least 50 pairs) and do have around 3 pairs from New Look. New Look wouldn't be my first choice for shoes but of the footwear purchases I have made there I have been satisfied. New Look footwear is cheap and although not the most luxurious of feeling shoes and boots they are a good quality. The Triple Buckle boots from New Look are consistent with this and feel and look a lot more expensive than they are. After over 10 wears of these boots they look as good as new and the heels have not worn down excessively and I would definitely get to wear these next winter if I choose to. Even though they are not leather they have not let the rain in when worn on wet days.

      As an owner of LK Bennett and KG Boots you can definitely feel that these boots from New Look are not a "high quality boot", they have a slightly more ridged feel to them rather than a soft but supportive high quality leather feel. However for the price (and the fact they are a man-made material) the overall look and quality is fantastic. The boots look like real leather and there is a very similar pair of boots being sold in River Island for £120. These are very stylish boots and look great with jeans, leggings and tights.

      Aside from the boots being slightly wide around my ankles, these are a fantastic purchase, stylish, good quality and affordable and all for £35!


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        26.10.2010 13:12
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A nice boot

        ==New Look Triple Buckle Black Boot==

        I have pretty much no space in my house left to buy any new shoes but I did really need a new pair of work shoes seeing as how it is now winter! I am always so cold at work because my desk is nearer the window and all the other ladies always seem to be hot and want the window open. This means I am left with a thermal vest on and two pairs of socks. This is why I just HAD to buy a new pair of boots for work.

        New Look have such a massive array of shoes, boots and sandals that there really is something for everyone (and a lot for me). As soon as I saw these boots I knew I must buy them! At £35 they were not very expensive but looked like a good purchase and just perfect for work.

        The boots themselves are made from a man made material that has a leather look to it. They are not especially shiny but thankfully (unlike a lot of my other shoes) waterproof. Not that it rains a lot in my office! There is a fur trim around the side and top edges of the boot but this doesn't carry on all the way inside so they are not too hot when wearing them.

        On the outside of the boot there are three buckles which are just for show really as the boot is fastened by way of a zip on the inside of each boot. The fitting of the boot is really good as I do have somewhat wide feet but these boots fit well especially around my ankles and they feel really comfortable.

        The heel on the boot is a little high for some people but I find it just fine for sitting down at work most of the time but it doesn't seem to high even when walking around. The fact that there is also a 3 cm visible platform on the front of the shoe makes the high heel seem not so tall and makes it easier to walk in.

        I have been able to clean the boots with ease on one occasion as they haven't really needed much more care than this seeing as I only wear them in the office and I live across the road from work!

        All in all I find the boots a great item for work and I have even worn them out for an evening meal on one occasion. I find them comfortable and practical whilst still looking rather good too. The seem to be made to a fairly good standard and I would think will last a good couple of winters (although they will probably be replaced next year!)

        I think a score of 5 out of 5 stars is in order for these boots because I can really find nothing negative about them. I would highly recommend them to everyone and anyone!

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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