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Next Metallic Lace-Up Pumps

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Brand: Next / Type: Pumps

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    1 Review
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      03.05.2011 11:07
      Very helpful



      they look nice - but not for very long

      I'm usually a sensible shoes kind of woman. Tough, comfortable, affordable and stylish - that's what I want from a new pair of shoes. I'm tall and do plenty of walking so I really can't be doing with flimsy flibbertigibbet bobbins. Furthermore, cheap shoes are a false economy - I've heard it said and agreed with it many times, but still a few weeks ago I fell prey to the lure of pretty, shiny, but ultimately shoddy shoes.

      I have seen a few people wearing shiny trainers before and thought they looked nice, but they wouldn't be a typical buy for me. When my daughter had a sequined pair I was made aware that the sequins come off and they look shabby before too long, so I wouldn't waste my own money on a pair, (fair enough on a child as shoes only ever last kids of her age three months or so anyway). However, equipped with a 'Next' ten pound off voucher for online shopping and looking at the trainers on offer, these shiny lace-ups caught my eye and the nice price of £18 meant they would cost me around £11 with postage and packing charges, so I was quite happy to buy them, even though I didn't expect them to be long lasting and sturdy. I just thought they would do me alright for this Summer, at least.

      They arrived promptly and upon opening I really liked the look of them. Also the fact that they are metallic rather than sequined made it seem that they would be a little more durable than the sequined trainers which I know don't look good for long. The colour is quite difficult to describe - kind of neutral/stone but with a hint of dusky pink. Although they're shiny this muted shade stops them from being gaudy. The material has a kind of crinkly finish to it. I don't know what the uppers are made from, the website tells me they are a mix of 'other materials' and 'textile' - helpful; it feels like strong cloth is all I can say. They have a white rubber sole and toes, with a grey stripe around the bottom and a grey polka dot pattern on the insides. They're quite light and did get splattered with mud rather quickly, I don't have any whitener in, so I just wipe them with a cloth to clean them which seems sufficient. The tread on the soles seems decent enough, they're a little worn after two months of wear, but about what I would expect.

      They're quite comfortable. There have been several days since I bought these when I have walked around the city centre in them and I haven't had any issues with comfort. So, for a couple of wears I was very pleased with these and thought they looked great with my jeans.


      The material has rubbed away on the tongue of one of them where they have come into regular contact with the laces which has left a brownish purple spot, not a major complaint as it's not in a visible place, but perhaps an indication of how they might begin to look after a lot of wear. The problem is they probably won't get enough wear for me to find out - after around two or three times of wearing them, the rubber started to come away from the material. This has happened on both of them, around the widest part of the foot and also on one of them around the side of the heel area. This means that although they're still just about wearable, they look scruffy and well worn already. It also means that they won't be waterproof.

      I have found, particularly with children's shoes, that Next footwear tends to be on the narrow side, but I do have quite slim feet. I take a size 6.5 which means I usually buy a size 7 as most shops don't stock half sizes, so these trainers which were a 7 should really have been fine for width and they didn't pinch at all, so it's obviously not to do with them being tight. I've had this happen with trainers/baseball boots before but never this quickly. I've looked at the online reviews of these on the Next website and someone else has said the same thing about theirs. They're obviously unlikely to see me through the Summer. I didn't expect them to be hard-wearing, but I did think one Summer wasn't too much too ask, even from a pair of cheap pumps. If I'd have known how long they'd have lasted me I wouldn't have even paid a fiver for them. I shall go back to buying sensible shoes for my next, (not 'Next'), purchase.


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