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Nike Air Jordan Ol' School II

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Brand: Nike

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    1 Review
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      29.04.2010 09:20
      Very helpful



      New/old AJs


      Air Jordan is brand designed for and endorsed by former NBA star Michael 'Air' Jordan. Getting its initial jump-off in 1985 with his 'Air Jordan' basketball shoes, it has since gone on to spread wider than just shoes and other products related to actual use for when playing the sport to more casual sports-inspired clothing and associated products.

      Produced by Nike, they are mostly known for their shoes which have had fresh annual new designs dropped to coincide with the NBA season and are noted for the 'Jumpman' logo (featuring Jordan posing as if he was to do one of his trademark slam dunks) which often replaced a Nike swoosh as a way to make it stand out.


      The Air Jordan Ol'School range is a series from the Jordan brand which started in 2008 and finds that they go back to some older styles and revamp them to fit in with modern tastes (which themselves take from the period when the original Jordans were released). The Ol'School II specifically is said to have taken on characteristics of the Air Jordan XVI and the Zoom LeBron II, and so intermixes a little of the 2001 style with what LeBron James's 2004 shoe gave the basketball shoe world. The shoes come in White/Varsity Red-Black, Black/Varsity Red-White, Black/Royal Blue-White, Black/Metallic Silver-Royal Blue and White/Navy Blue.


      The box that these shoes come in is a standard black Jordan box. Although not special for this brand, if you haven't got on then you'll wan tto keep it as it is quite a bold one and seems to suit the look of the specific shoes I bought perfectly. Within it you get a 'Certificate of Authenticity'; which toSneakerheads who buy off eBay is essential in order to ensure they haven't been supplied fakes. The shoes are covered-over well with rather thick paper and you get some Jordan foot arches to fill out the shoes themselves once you get into them.


      As soon as I set my eyes on these shoes I had to have them. Spotting the White/Varisty Red-Black versions of them on eBay in Summer 2008, I bought them immediately (not thinking of the price until later). When they came I was impressed by what you get for your money as the things are bound to grab attention no matter where you take them. As with any of the later Jordans releases, they are filled with subtle surprises which will keep you pleased and excited by what the brand offers in each pair of shoes.

      Having owned some Jordans in the past, I went for the same size, however that may have been my only mistake with these shoes as I found that the size I bought were slightly too small. The sizing issue isn't immediate at first, however prolonged wearing of them will highlight the fact that they do cause friction on your outer two toes. This, for me, was the only thing that held them back though as the rest of the shoe was just as I had hoped.

      Other than my problem with buying an unsuitable size, I did find the shoes comfortable. As with most Jordans, there's lots of internal padding to keep your satisfied when wearing them. I found that as with many of these later Js models, they really aren't the type that you'd want to be actually wearing when playing basketball as you'd most likely ruin them and are more a casual shoe and this is exactly how I choose to wear mine. For that purpose, I felt that all the added padding and such within the shoe was a big bonus as its designed with the intent of actual sporting use and so covers this too for more general wearers.

      The things are quite a pain at lacing-up and so fortunately come readily-done in white. I found that redoing the laces in red is a little too much as the contrast is too heavy on the eye and takes away from the rest of the shoe and so you should stick to these if you buy them with this mostly-white colour scheme. As the shoes are white, they will need lots of attention before you take them out. I found that the front toe section does crease to a minor degree, but if you don't clean the shoes then it will exaggerate the problem and ruin the look of them.

      The shoe is made up of both patent leather and a shiny patent material and so give it a rather bold look (no matter which colourway you opt for). In addition to this, a stand-out feature is a see-clear back panel featuring the winged Air Jordan logo (first seen in the original 1985 Air Jordan (I) shoe as an added touch that makes them stand out even from behind. I found that that segment does often attract condensation though and so you have to ensure that if you're trying to empress that it isn't all steamed-up when people are looking.

      ==Where To Buy==

      I bought my pair off a 'store' on eBay for $99.99 and additional shipping charges were added on. You're most likely to find these shoes in the US and so online is the best option and you should brace yourself for these prices with shipping added on. I personally thought that they were worth the money, but a shame that I hadn't quite found the perfect fit for the ones I bought and so you should be weary of this before going out and getting some.


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