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Pavers Comfort Melanie

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Brand: Pavers / Type: Wedge Shoes

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2012 14:26
      Very helpful



      A stylish, lightweight, wear-anywhere mule

      Although clogs are my everyday footwear of choice, there are more dressy occasions where clogs just won't do plus it's good to get my toes out during the summer months. After a lifetime of cramming my feet into fashion shoes not to mention a couple of broken toes my feet are less than beautiful and are showing signs of wear with the beginnings of a bunion and a couple of hammer toes so the more of the foot that's covered up the better I like it and this particular style from the Pavers Comfort Range fits the bill perfectly.

      Price and availability:

      Although this shoe is no longer available online, it can still be bought from Pavers shops and outlets if they have it in stock and is available in black as well as the red shown above. I actually have both the black and the red. I bought my black shoes a couple of years ago and recently bought a red pair from the Pavers Shoes outlet at Boundary Mill, Colne, where they had them in several sizes. I paid £19.99 for my latest pair, though previously paid £27.99 for the same style in black which I still feel is a very reasonable price to pay for a leather mule.

      Appearance and wearability:

      As can be seen from the photo at the top of the review, there is very little upper to this shoe but what there is has been styled very simply yet effectively. The upper is comprised of three shaped pieces of leather brought together and held centrally by a further oval piece of leather creating a strappy appearance whilst at the same time being substantial enough to hold the foot comfortably and at the hiding any lumps and bumps. This is a slightly wider 'E' fitting and though I normally wear a 'D' fitting this extra width not only takes into account the fact that feet tend to swell more in hot weather, which is when one is most likely to wear a sandal of this type, but isn't too large as to feel loose if the weather becomes cooler. The leather upper has a cream contrast stitching on the red mule and white stitching on the black one. The contrast stitching is carried onto the sole of the show also. The insole of the mule is made of two kinds of leather; a soft leather for the toe area with a more robust one for the heel area. This insole differs depending on shoe colour: The black mule has a self-coloured insole whereas the red has an off-white insole with only the heel area being self-coloured. The toe area is slightly cushioned making for a very comfortable experience when walking or standing.

      The wedge heel and the sole are in man-made material and the wedge has a rather delicate look to it, being slightly concave and there's a faint pattern to the wedge which I think is meant to resemble wood. The wedge isn't entirely flat as there's a slight arch carved into it which, again, gives the mule a more delicate appearance and the overall heel height is 2¾ inches. The entire shoe is incredibly light.

      The shoe is finished off with a non-slip sole.

      With regard to fit, considering there is so little upper, these mules fit extremely well. The straps are placed perfectly for hiding any foot blemishes with the middle strap being perfectly placed to cover my baby bunion and the lower strap in just the right place to keep my little toe covered. I've had other strappy shoes which have been almost unwearable because they don't manage to hold the little toe in place.

      Overall opinion:

      These are very well made and comfortable mules and have a heel height which is high enough to be elegant without being so high it's impossible to walk in them. Although they're fine for general walking around, they're not really suitable for going any great distances. When I was working, I kept my black pair in the office and wore them most days during the summer and they were fine for walking round the office and the town during the lunch hour. The fit is snug enough that these mules don't make that irritating 'slap slap' noise when walking. They're also snug enough to be able to drive in (at least for reasonably short distances) without fear of the mule dropping off the foot.

      As I've bought a second pair, it's pretty obvious that I'm impressed with this shoe. The style is adaptable and dressy enough to fit many occasions and take the wearer from daywear into the evening. They're stylish and elegant enough to be worn with dresses or skirts but also casual enough to be equally suitable for wearing with trousers and jeans. After a couple of years of wearing my black pair, these mules still look good with the only sign of wear being that the leather has softened and become even more comfortable over time and I envisage the same kind of service from my red pair.

      I've wracked my brains to think of anything negative to say about these mules and really can't think of anything other than the fact that this style has been dropped from Pavers stock which means it's becoming hard to find.

      Though the red pair was something of an impulse buy it's one I don't regret. Though the colour means I'm somewhat limited in what I can wear with them, they're great for adding a touch of brightness to an outfit, especially if worn with a matching belt or other accessories and I foresee several years of good service from them.


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