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Peacocks Breeze Suedette Slipper

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Brand: Peacocks

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    1 Review
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      25.10.2010 19:46
      Very helpful



      A well made durable slipper

      These Peacocks Breeze Suedette Slippers were amongst my last winters slipper selection and as they are selling them in Peacocks again this winter I thought they were worth reviewing. When I wanted to do so they were not listed here, but as they are a durable and comfortable pair of slippers, a product suggestion was made and I can now share my thoughts.

      The materials used in these slippers is very good. My last pair lasted really well and when they were new they were absolutely lovely. The uppers are made from a nice soft textured material and the synthetic fur trims and interior is soft, squidgy and inviting. As my own slippers lasted so very well I would certainly recommend these as a xmas stocking filler gift for someone who needs a new pair.

      When the colder weather sets in I like nothing better than to slip on my slipper socks and slippers to keep me warm and toasty. I always keep a selection of slippers and slipper socks available to go with a number of outfits and as I liked my last winters pair of these Peacocks Breeze Suedette Slippers so much I am hoping to get another pair in a different colour this time.

      My pair of these Peacocks Breeze Suedette Slippers were in a really lovely light beige toned colour with an off white furry trim. I had them as a gift and I was very pleased with them. The fit and feel of my slippers was very good even though I didn't pick them out myself and so I would say sizes are fairly true to normal shoe sizings with these.

      The sizings for these Peacocks Breeze Suedette Slippers is a 3 size multi fit option. The smaller size is for those who normally take a size 3 to 4 shoe, the next size up is to suit a size 5 to 6 shoe and the following and final size is the larger fitting 7 to 8 sized slipper. Prices for the slippers remains the same no matter what the size, with all sizes and colour options being on sale for £6. I feel this is very good value, as these are a very durable and comfy winter slipper.

      The colours you can pick still include the beige toned option that I had and there is also a grey option this year. As I recall last year the alternative was pink and I have to say that the dark grey pair are much more attractive than the pink ones were. I feel I would like to go for that colour this winter as its very smart and will make a nice change. The grey slippers have a grey upper and a matching grey fur effect trim to them which looks really nice.

      When you slip into these Peacocks Breeze Suedette Slippers you really notice just how soft and fluffy the synthetic fur is. It goes all the way along the insole of the slippers and is very warm against the skin if you need to pop these on when barefoot. One thing that does tend to happen is a bit of flattening of this inner fur layer over time as you wear the slippers. This happened with my last pair of these within a few weeks of wear, but I still found them to be very comfortable.

      The soles of the Peacocks Breeze Suedette Slippers is of a more sturdy and durable nature than some other slippers I have had. It has quite a solid feel to it and is in a simple rubber material that ensures you aren't going to slip or fall due to over padding, yet can protect you from stubbed toes when walking in them. This makes the slippers easy to wear on most household surfaces.

      The uppers of these slippers mimics suede and does it very well, you would be hard pushed to tell the difference by eye alone. All the materials used to make the slippers is synthetic, but I didn't have any issues with them when I had mine due to this. Over all I feel these slippers are great value and look smart and cosy too and so they get a 4 star product rating. They are available to buy both online and in store and are selling for £6 per pair.


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