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Platino Felicity

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Brand: Platino / Type: Girls heeled black mary janes

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 01:06
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      And you too can follow the Amish style with Platino!

      When Alice was chosen to play an Amish schoolgirl (of all things!) in a play I had a costume to find - and quick as the play was just days away. Thanks school, plenty of notice, eh? The Amish dress was actually easy as a friend of my mum runs a dance school, but Amish-type shoes??? I was struggling.

      I must have visited every shoe shop in the City Centre, eventually coming across these Platino Felicity shoes in a discount store for the excellent price of £4.99.

      I know strictly speaking that the Amish do not wear heeled shoes, but overall I thought these looked unfashionable enough for Alice to get away with this trendier-than-Amish faux pas. My life, I never thought I'd find myself deliberately choosing the ugliest shoes in the shop!

      They're a synthetic leather, what isn't particularly obvious from the piccie above is that these shoes are slightly patent. They're not shiny enough to really be classed as patent leather, but they do have a subtle sheen which makes them more attractive to young girls. Surprisingly they're sold as school shoes, but I'd definitely check your school's policy regarding the wearing of heels before buying them as I know my daughters' school definitely wouldn't allow such a defined high heel.

      They are quite clumpy and the thick heel does nothing to detract from this, the strap does help to feminise them a bit but then even that is a little too high on the shoe to make them really look good. The toe is a strange combination of rounded and pointed, this gives the impression of smaller feet (think tiny little Chinese feet squished into too-small shoes) which isn't a particularly good look for a twelve year old. The heel is actually more practical than it looks, being thick all the way down means Alice can walk around in them with the minimum of tottering and we've had no twisted ankles up to yet. Give her time though, that girl could injure herself in a padded room!

      The shoes themselves are surprisingly comfortable, I know because me and Alice are the same size now (size four) so I've been wearing these around the house today so I could write a completely balanced review. Note I said around the house, nothing on Mother Earth would get me wearing these outside - I even took them off to answer the door as I didn't want the postie seeing me in the Amish shoes! The sole beneath the balls of my feet are nicely cushioned and the tightness of the body of the shoe actually makes it feel like I'm wearing a pair of trainers. The sides of the shoe come quite high up my feet and this reinforced the trainer feeling, and although at around two inches the heel is fairly high for a girls shoe it hardly feels like there's a heel there at all while I'm walking. I found the strap highly irritating though as no matter how loosely I did the shoes up there was always a strange tightness every time I bent my ankle, I've worn shoes featuring a high strap before and can tell this is simply a case of poor positioning when the shoes were designed. But for a fiver I couldn't very well expect Jimmy Choo quality!

      The shoes went down a storm in Alice's play; the teacher commented on how well they went with her more traditional Amish dress, and she enjoyed being as tall as her friends (she's on the short side, just like her mum!) for the evening. Strangely, Alice owns a pair of jeans which these shoes go with beautifully so they've actually had more wear than I though they would, admittedly she doesn't wear them very often but this is more due to the fact that she can't run around in them as well as she can in other shoes rather than the (in my opinion) vile look of them.


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