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Platino Floral Ballerina Shoes

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Brand: Platino / Type: Ballerina

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    2 Reviews
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      21.01.2013 16:56
      Very helpful



      plain and simple

      Being on Ebay can be addictive at times... there was a time when I used to just surf Ebay and buy things I didn't really need but just caught my eye due to the product or the price.

      I have to say that's what happened with these shoes.
      I was browsing Ebay and it really was an impulse buy.
      I saw that the item listing was ending soon and no one had bidded on it.. so I ended up purchasing the shoes for 99p but the delivery was £3... so it basically came to £4 for the shoes which was a nice price for some basic plain shoes.

      The shoes are a plain white. I never bought any plain white flat shoes before as I tend to prefer black or other colours if they are going to be plain.. or to get some with has some motifs or other cute designs on them that make them stand out.

      But for £4 I thought these could come in handy and they were a bargain price.
      When the shoes arrived they were packaged well.. on opening the box I found they looked exactly like the picture and were as described.

      The sole of the shoe is flat and plain black and the body of the shoe is plain white. The material of the shoe was quite shiny and could be wiped easily with a damp cloth if it got dirty.

      The inside of the shoe had a really cute floral pattern which was actually quite nice, but pointless really as no one would see it.

      On wearing the shoes I found it to fit perfectly. I wore these a few times in the summer but it was mainly for when just popping out to a friends house so I didn't do much walking in them. I made sure I didn't wear them anywhere they would get quite muddy as due to being white it would of been really noticeable.

      Overall I can't really fault the shoes in terms of quality and price. They were well-made and comfortable to wear. I still have these shoes lying around in the bottom of my cupboard but I have to say I did not wear them much in the end. Although the shoes are fine, I just got bored of plain white shoes and preferred wearing other pairs. I still wear them now and again when I am wearing my white boyfriend cardigan as a really casual pair of flats, but they haven't got used as much as other shoes.

      Thanks for reading :)
      (this review may also be on ciao)


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      10.04.2011 15:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A Cheap, Basic Pair Of Dolly Shoes.

      Most of the time shoe shopping is something I adore doing. I cannot think of a better way to spend my money most of the time - as long as Im not shopping for boring, plain shoes anyway. Which sadly I found I needed to do about a month ago when my plain, white shoes simply fell apart after onliny owning them for 2 weeks - then again I did buy them from Primark so I didnt expect too much quality! Anyway this time I decided to try and spend a little more in the hope that they would last me a little longer - bt not too much because plain shoes are pretty boring in my opinion. Anyway I ended up settling on these 'White Floral Ballerina Shoes' that I found on amazon as they were - a] white & b] still under £10 which were the 2 things I really wanted - I dont ask for much when Im shopping for plain shoes. I have to say Ive been happy with these so far - now Ive got used to the disappointing design, but more on that later!

      Useful Information:
      Price: £4 + £3 P&P
      Stockists: I got mine fom Platino - Amazon. But I think other sellers on amazon sell the same shoes in different colours if your looking for a bit of a brighter shade.
      Sizes: Only available in Size 5 now - from the seller I bought them from anyway.
      Other Info: Made for casual wearing [obviously], made from manmade materials [inner and outer] and they have a shoe width of C - Im not too sure what that means but for people with wider or thinner feet than the 'norm' that might be helpful.

      Now as you will be buying these shoes online you need to ensure what you see is what you get - sadly in some parts it isnt. The colour and design of these shoes on the image is what you will get in real life but I dont think the shape is. These to me appear in the picture as if they have a pointed toe - which is the shape that I personally like my flat shoes - but in reality the toe is rounded without a point in sight which isnt something I would normally go for. Rounded toes tend to make my feet look like boats so I try and stay away from them as a rule but as Id already paid for these I let it slide - thats worth knowing though if you are planning on buying these - maybe Im just looking at the image wrong! Anyway apart from that what you see is what you get. These shoes on the outside are totally white in colour and made from a plastic type of material - that doesnt make them look cheap and tacky though it just means they are easier to clean as they can be quickly wiped down to remove any dirt. Ive found though that the material does scuff quite easily - I wore these out shopping the other day and there is a small scuff on the front now and Im not sure how that would have got there when I was simply walking around. Thankfully its not big enough for anyone else to notice ... YET! As I mentioned these have a very rounded front which means all my toes fit neatly inside without feeling squashed or sore so I guess sometimes a rounded front is better - for comfort anyway I still prefer pointed shoes for design and style.

      The bottom of the shoes is jet black in colour - but thankfully when your wearing them that is hardly noticable as I dont want the sole of my shoes standing out too much. The grip isnt anything amazing but its decent enough for me to feel I can walk around on shiny surfaces without slipping - I wouldnt recommend wearing them out in ice, but I didnt expect that from a pair of dolly shoes anyway. The floral pattern is actually on the inside of the shoe - so no-one will see that when your wearing them anyway but its quite nice all the same and the sole is slightly padded for extra comfort - I thought that was a nice touch as it makes them easier to walk in for me. The design is nice - apart from my issue with the rounded front - but its nothing special. Not such a bad thing in this case as I dont expect great things from my plain shoes.

      A good thing though is these are very comfy to walk in - I can walk all day in these without them rubbing - even during the first wear so these are a good pair of 'everyday' shoes. Also as they are quite plain in colour and design they can be worn with literally anything - no matter of colour or style so they are a versatile pair of shoes. I agree with the description that these are more for casual wear than anything else as I prefer something a little dressier if Im going out or making an effort but as I bought these for casual wear they fit my needs perfectly. Im knocking 1* off because the rounded front wasnt what I was expecting and there is slight damage to the front after only a few wears. Other than that though these are a comfy pair of casual shoes that you can wear with anything - decent all round really.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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