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Select Jewel Toe Post Sandals

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Brand: Select / Type: Sandals

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    1 Review
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      13.04.2011 19:22
      Very helpful



      I Just Wish They Were Better Quality!!

      I spend the whole of Winter with my feet stuffed into boots to try and keep the cold away and even though I dont have the prettiest feet as soon as Summer comes along I like to try and show them off as much as possible. So that means always adding to my ever growing dolly shoe and sandal collection which is what I started doing again a few weeks back when we had all that stunning weather. I dont normally go for sandals that have the bit between your toe as they always without fail rub so I tend to favour gladiator styles - however when I saw these 'Select Jewel Toe Sandals' I did fall a little bit in love as they were stylish yet plain enough to go with everything I own so I bought them straight away. And Ive been very disappointed - such a shame as normally Select is brilliant quality in my opinion.

      Useful Information:
      Price: £8
      Stockists: Select & selectfashion.co.uk
      Sizes: Only available in sizes - 3, 4 & 7 online. Although more might be available in store.
      Other Info: These shoes are only available in Bronze, they have a small jewel embellishment on the front & are toe post in design - meaning the little part sits between your toes which is how it stays on your foot, the rest of the foot is totally bare.

      If you are planning on buying these shoes online then dont worry - they look the same in reality as the do on the image with this review so you wont be disappointed with the design of these. The 'main' part of the shoe (the bottom) is basically foot shaped as it is rounded at the front for your toes to fit in and slightly rounded at the back to ensure you foot will fit on there perfectly - as long as you buy the right size anyway. There is some contrasting stitching around the sole - but its not noticable at all especially when your foot is on top of it so thats nothing amazing - also some parts of the sole are slightly padded particularly the back. I thought that was a nice touch because it does make them comfier to walk in and offers a bit more support for your feet. As the bottoms are totally flat they dont offer much support to your feet but with the padded part it makes them much comfier and easier to wear for long periods of time - I thought that was a great added feature. The bottoms of these sandals are quite thin which I assumed would mean they split easier but I havent had that problem so far so even though they are thin they arent poor quality - some of the other things on the shoes are but not the soles.

      At the front of the shoe you have the two bronze straps which are connected to the bottom - when you put these on the small thong part fits between you big toe and the one next to it just like a normal sandal - the bronze colour is gorgeous yet still plain enough to match most other colours. Its noticable yet subtle which is something that really attracted me to these - it adds a nice touch of sparkle. The other touch of sparkle of course in the medium sized gem embellishment which is basically a bronze disc with loads of little gems attached to it and that sits on the thong part of the sandal so when your feet are in them it sits at the bottom of your big foot. Well it sat there for the first few times I wore them anyway. I have no idea why but the whole gem embellishment just fell off just as I was walking down the street. There was no pressure on it to fall off or any reason for it to have loosened so I can only assume it wasnt made very well in the first place so quality of those gems are very poor in my opinion. I have since sewed mine back onto my sandals but that is really beside the point - they werent very high quality to begin with and so I dont think my stitching will last very much longer - lucky the sun has gone for a little while until I can get some new sandals hehe!

      I guess these shoes are quite versatile as the colour is quite simple so it will match with most styles or colours you try and match it with. Obviously these are only suitable for wearing when it is warm outside - but who would expect sandals to be good for winter weather? They are comfy and the design is stunning while it lasts - Im just hoping the gems stay on from now on. The are cute and comfy so everything I needed from my sandals.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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