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Shooz Shoe Comfort Gels

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2 Reviews

Brand: Shooz

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    2 Reviews
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      09.08.2009 09:49



      Waste of time and money

      Shoocomfort Heel Cushions

      Bought this product yesterday for £4.00 from local branch of Clarks Shoes. Will be returning it today and asking for a full refund.

      Main problem is that there is insufficient adhesive to keep the cushion in place, so instead of staying between your heel and the shoe it either falls under you foot or works its way up your heel and can be found half way up your ankle! The problem was so bad that I thought the product must have a second layer that has to be peeled off to reveal the adhesive strip. I very gently rubbed the cushion to try to see whether this was my problem but instead the cushion just split at its seam. I've given up now and will be returning the product to Clarks today.

      Hopefully, Timpsons will be able to sell me one of their products, but to be sure, I am going to ask them to fit the product for me so that I can see that it works. If you really like the Shooz product I suggest you get your retailer to do the same for you.


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      04.09.2008 13:32
      Very helpful



      Makes new shoes really comfortable right from the beginning.

      Shooz Shoocomfort Gel comes is a silver coloured packet with purple and black writing on it. Inside the packet are two clear plastic packets with squidgy things inside. These are clear in colour and smell of mint.

      No, you don't eat them!

      These are heel cushions for your shoes. (You can also get toe cushions, instep cushions, etc but these are the ones I tried.) They are invisible scented heel cushions that prevent heels from slipping and rubbing and aid shoe comfort. They are perfect for new shoes that slip, or rub a bit.

      The softness and suppleness of these gel pads means that they mould themselves to the shape of your feet but stay firmly attached to your shoes. Perfect for stopping the irritation you can get with new shoes.

      If you wear mules or slip-on shoes you can use these in the front of the shoes to stop sliding friction.

      To use these you simply peel off the protective film and apply the sticky edge to the back of the show.

      These are a very simple but effective product made by Punch Industries in Dublin. Both 'Punch' and 'Schooz' are registered trademarks and more information can be found on the Punch Industries Website:


      I bought my Shoocomfort heel cushions in our local Clark's Shoe shop. They cost £4.99 which is quite expensive but they are worth it.

      I had previously tried cheaper version from a discount shop but they didn't stay attached for long. These stayed on and they made my shoes really comfortable to wear. I would certainly buy them again.


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    • Product Details

      Comfort with style. Scented gel protective pads, foot gel cushions, relief spots, strappy cushioning strips and gel heel cushions can all be inserted in your favourite shoes to give you added comfort throughtout your day or evening!

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