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Skechers Keepsake Canary Boots

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Brand: Skechers / Type: Boots

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    2 Reviews
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      02.04.2011 21:52
      Very helpful



      a really great boot for all ages

      Last November hubby and I had a couple of night away in a super hotel in Wales and nearby was an outlet shopping centre which, although not huge, seemed to have all the right stores for us.

      For some unknown reason hubby likes to buy his shoes and boots in bulk whereas I tend to buy mine once or twice a year - the staff in the shoe shop must have thought we were an odd couple but could not have been more helpful.

      I had been contemplating buying a pair of Uggs but I thought I may look, at 58, 'mutton dressed as lamb' soI opted for these Skecher Keepsake Canary boots instead which I thought suited me better. Hubby insisted on paying for these along with his 8 or 9 pairs of boots and shoes - he kept asking if I wanted a few pairs (strange but kind man!) The boots cost £23.99 and are worth every single penny.

      I am only 5ft 1" tall and take a size 5 in shoes. These size 5 are perfect because there is extra room for me to wear socks in the winter and they come up almost to my knees which keeps me lovely and warm. I also like to wear them with the top rolled down which shows off the faux fur lining. I therefore feel as if I have 2 pairs of these because I can achieve 2 looks from them depending on what I am wearing and what mood I am in at the time.

      They are available in sand, brown or black and I chose the black because I thought they would be more practical and go with more items I have in my wardrobe.

      After spraying all our boots and shoes with protective leather spray(also suitable for these sude Skechers) I finally got to wear them properly. The first thing I noticed was how soft, thick and cosy the inner lining is and the faux fur goes all the way up to the top of the boots.

      The soles have a good grip to them and are well made, solid but not too clumpy nor heavy so I feel safe when I'm wearing them in the rain or snow.

      I am really pleased we had the sense to use the protective spay because they brush up well with a suede brush and they still look almost new although I have been wearing them almost on a daily basis. The soles and heels have hardly worn down at all despite all the wear they have had.

      On thing that did worry me a bit was the fact they might make me too warm when I go shopping - younger Dooyoo members may not have experienced hot flushes and even hotter bodies - but it was an important factor for me still being prone to menopausal symptoms! No fear though, they made my feet and legs feel warm and toasty without being hot or sweaty.

      I am trying to point out some negative features but I'm afraid I cannot , so for the price, the comfort, the style and the design of these Skechers, I have to definitely award the full 5 stars


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        19.10.2010 16:08
        Very helpful
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        Brilliant boot, recommended

        I have had these boots for almost a year now. I bought them from the online catalogue Very for £34.99. However, these boots appear to be last seasons and therefore cannot be found in a number of places now. I have just ordered myself a pair of this seasons boots which I imagine are very similar, however if you would still like to purchase the Keepsake Canary version they can be found on places like ebay, amazon market place and also by doing a google search.

        These boots come in 3 colours, sand, chocolate and black. I have the sand coloured ones.

        Now any fans of these kinds of boots will know that unless you are willing to shell out a fortune, chances are the quality isnt going to be great and they will end up falling to one side making you not only walk funny, but also giving you a hole in your boot eventually!

        Therefore, I was looking out for a pair which wouldnt do this. I have always wanted a real pair of Ugg's since I was about 13 but sadly nobody has ever been kind enough to buy me any. Therefore, when I saw these Skecher ones I decided to give them a go. I know Skechers as a quality brand and thought these boots might live up to my needs.

        When they arrived I eagerly got them out the box and tried them on. I am either a size 6 or 7 in shoes and I got these in size 7, they fit well and I would suggest if you are between sizes it is best to go for the bigger size.

        The boots are quite tall, they come up to about 10cm below my knee and they look great with jeans tucked in or leggings. The boots are made from a suede material with rubber soles and a fake sheepskin interior.

        The rubber soles are essential here as they are not the foam you get on the cheaper ones meaning they will not wear so quickly!

        The boots are very comfortable. I wore them every day last winter and right up until May this year. I can wear them for hours on end without my feet getting sore and I have found they keep my feet warm and dry in cold and wet weather.

        The boots have had an awful lot of wear and they have got a bit tatty but not too bad. One of the boots is beginning to lean towards one side but I have noticed this with all my footwear so it must be the way I walk. I am sure if you walk better than I do then they will remain upright and perfect!

        The soles are still strong and intact and the suede looks good as new for most of the boot apart from small patches on the toes which have obviously had a lot of water on them from grass etc.

        I am sure if I had purchased the chocolate or black versions of these boots then they would still look good as new (bar the wonky sole of course!)

        These boots are comfortable, great quality and good value. They keep your feet warm and dry and they are also very stylish. I think for the price you are getting a brilliant product as before buying these I had bought at least 15 pairs of cheap ones each costing around £10 and lasting around a month!

        I love these boots and have just purchased this years version in a chestnut colour. Recommended.


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