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Sof Sole Gel Heel Cups

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Brand: Sof

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    2 Reviews
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      04.06.2011 22:19
      Very helpful



      Really comfortable, shock absorbing pads that make your trainers comfy!

      My GP advised me to take up walking to help with weight loss and to recover from a leg injury. She recommended a good pair of supportive running shoes that had shock absorption, but when I went to purchase some shoes I found that the ones with shock absorption were very expensive and often quite masculine.

      I spoke with a member of staff in the sports shop and they pointed out that if I supported a pair of quality trainers with these shock absorbing heel cups, I'd be getting the same thing but for a lower price. Initially I was apprehensive as I hadn't heard of these or seen them before and to be honest, they don't look like much. Just little rubbery bits.

      However looks can be deceiving. These little rubbery bits are fantastic. Not only do they make my trainers fit really well, but they are very comfortable and the spongy rubber really supports me whilst walking, jogging or running. I did try the trainers without for a few walks as I wanted to check it wasn't gimicky, but I found that my shin in particular ached more after jogging, than it did with the heel cups.

      These heel cups cost £6.99 at JD sports, a small price to pay for looking after your feet, ankles and legs.

      The manufacturers say they "provide your foot with superior comfort and shock absorption" well they certainly do!


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      29.09.2009 23:16
      Very helpful



      Gel insoles

      GEL Heel cups

      Little Miss seems to be that awkward shoe size whereby when we buy trainers one size seems too small and the next size up too big- for some reason they don't make half sizes in Junior trainers. Whilst she has her shoes fitted when we buy trainers she likes to have one pair of the sports makes, and on a recent visit to a sports shop I was talking to the sales assistant about my dilemma and she suggested these heel cups.


      The protective insoles are designed to provide shock absorption, enhance shoe comfort, and reduce lower body fatigue. The sales assistant told us that many people wear these when running, so all this comfort is an added bonus.


      These heel cups are made of a product called Sof gel which is apparently a "revolutionary" lightweight polymer gel. I open up the box and the heels themselves are very soft and relatively pliable whilst remaining soft and quite rigid at the cradled heel part. The have a tapered edge and so fit easily and snugly into the shoe and reach across the whole underneath of the heel, providing real protection and comfort.

      When we put them into the trainers Little Miss was able to slot her feet into the insoles and when the trainers were laced her feet were cradled nicely in the heels and she did profess them to be very comfortable.

      We did have a go without socks and I thought that her feet would kind of stick to the insoles and make the insoles come out of the shoes with her feet. This was not the case and even when wearing them without socks, they stayed put in the trainers when she took them off.


      We bought these insoles at a sports shop, and this seems to be the best place to purchase them. They cost £6.99 for a pair and come the promise of a full refund if performance isn't increased because of the added comfort.

      MADE BY...

      The website, www.sofsole.com has lots of information about the products which include socks, lifestyle and performance insoles- i didn't realise there were so many types of insoles.


      These have been declared a hit; they are comfortable to wear (I have had a go on a few occasions and even bought myself some for days when I am doing lots of walking) and have certainly resolved the issue of trainers being a tad big.

      I can understand why people who do a lot of running would wear them because they really do cushion your heels and the full shoe ones must be very comfortable and cushioning.

      I would recommend these for anyone who wants added foot comfort.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela x


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      Sof Sole / gel insoles.

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