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Start Rite Aqua Torrent

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Brand: Start Rite / Type: Boys shoes

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2011 11:27
      Very helpful



      A fantastic pair of boys shoes

      After a bit of a disaster with 2 pairs of Clarks shoes last year (despite a very promising start!), I decided that this year I would try Harry with Start Rite shoes, especially as I have heard really good things about them from some of Harry's friends mums at school who already started their children off with Start Rite. The prices are a little bit more than Clarks shoes, although now Harry has his for over 6 weeks, I can say they are well worth every penny and I would never go back to buying Clarks shoes after the success I have had with his Start Rite Aqua Torrent shoes, and the biggest bonus is that Harry loves wearing them too!

      Start Rite Aqua Torrent are a special waterproof brand of shoes exclusively by Start Rite. I actually stumbled across this particular design completely by accident - I went shopping with Harry and my mum in the summer holidays for Start Rite shoes but everywhere was sold out and I had to resort to the Start Rite website (after getting Harry measured properly instore of course). I noticed these, mainly because they were £10 off so were only £37 instead of the currently listed £47, and therefore were a bit more affordable to me. I ordered them at 9pm on a Wednesday evening and they turned up on my mum's doorstep at 9am Friday morning, so I was extremely impressed with the service from the online Start Rite team.

      The only negative with Start Right shoes is that they don't have their own shops, like Clarks do, instead you have to find independent stockists who sell the shoes, and you can find these places on their website. However, if you have no local stockists, then I would definitely recommend using their website as the service was second to none. The shoes arrived in a cream coloured box, and were nicely wrapped in tissue paper too. I have to say the shoes looked really nice when they were taken out of the box, and Harry wanted to try them on straight away. Even though they were a size 13(!!), they did look huge and I was worried they would be too big on Harry, but luckily the assistant measured him right and they were a perfect fit.

      The shoes are a fantastic quality, and look like a "proper boy's shoe" as my dad called them! They have a really chunky sole which makes them look nice and masculine, and they have a look of real quality about them as well. They have 2 velcro straps across the front of the shoes which allows you to adjust them according to your son's feet. Another great feature of these shoes is the support around the ankles, where it is nice and padded with fabric rather than leather, and it just adds to the nice look of the shoes too. There is also a metal tag on the outer side of each shoe saying "Aqua Torrent", and its a nice touch from Start Rite. The leather is great quality, and overall, they are a fantastic shoe. Oh and I have to share with you Harry's comment that the "carpet" inside the shoes is lovely and soft and that they are comfortable to wear all day, in fact I often have to prise them off him when he gets in after school!

      The Aqua Torrent brand features an internal membrane which helps to keep feet dry, whilst letting them breathe, something I thought sounded great. I can't say I have submerged his feet in a bath to test the waterproof factor, but we have had a few days of heavy rain where he hasn't worn his wellies, yet his socks have been dry when we've got to class or got home, something that didn't happen in his Clarks shoes. So these are great for keeping feet dry, especially in the upcoming winter. Something else I liked is that the tongue is attached down one side of the shoe, so it can get folded down when boys in a rush shove their feet in their shoe, and Harry always finds it easy to put these on himself. They're comfortable, they look really fantastic and they are great value for money. I polish them once a week and they still look good as new, I'm so pleased! Definitely recommended by us :)

      RRP: £47.00
      Sizes: 13-3, width fittings F and G
      Available in Start Rite stockists and online at www.startriteshoes.co.uk.

      Thank you for reading.


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