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Susie Quilted Hiking Boots

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Brand: Mr Shoes / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      21.01.2012 20:12
      Very helpful



      Great ankle boots from Mr Shoes

      When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year after a bit of thinking I decided that I could do with some new boots, I actually have several pairs of boots but a lot of them I have had for several years so I thought it was time to renew them. After having a look around the shops I couldn't really find anything that appealed to me so I thought about having a look online and found myself on the Mr Shoes website. After scouring the website I came across the Susie Quilted Hiking Boots, I have always liked ankle boots and these looked ideal for what I wanted.

      The Susie Quilted Hiking boots are a little bit different to any of the others I had seen in the shops, the toe and heel area is made from a black leather with the rest of the upper part of the boots being made from a quilted material. The quilted part has a soft silky feel to it, I did wonder whether they would be suitable for wearing in wet weather with a large part of the boots being made from fabric, however the lower parts of the boots which would get wet should it be raining are made of leather. What also makes these boots a bit different is the buckles going around them, there are 4 in total with one going around the toe area, a second around the middle of the foot and 2 going around the top of the boot which sit just around the ankle. You can undo the buckles on these boots however I have not tried this on mine and I do not think they serve any purpose they are more for decoration. All parts of the boots are plain black, however this makes them ideal as it means that they go with pretty much any outfit.

      I practically live in heels, the only time I wear flats is in the summer when I wear flip flops or when I wear my gym trainers, the rest of the time I am wearing either boots or shoes with a high heel. When I was choosing my new boots the heel to me was important which is why the Susie Quilted Hiking Boots stood out, they have a 5 inch almost stiletto heel, again in black to blend in with the rest of the boots. As the heel is quite high there is also a slight platform at the from of the boots as well, this just makes your foot sit at a slightly more comfortable angle, this part of the sole sits back a little giving the appearance of toe over hanging it a little. The soles of these boots are also a little bit different, they actually have a tread on them, this is almost like the tread on trainers, however you cannot really see this when wearing the boots. I was a bit worried about how well the heel would wear with it being quite thin, however I have worn my boots several times since Christmas and so far they have hardly worn at all which means I will not have to keep getting them re-heeled.

      The Susie Quilted Hiking Boots are very easy to put on, you do not have to open any of the buckles, there is a small zip situated on the inside leg, once open you can easily pull the boots on, the zip is also in black so that once done up you can hardly notice it. Obviously with buying boots online I had not had a chance to try them on so I didn't know how comfortable they would be. When I first put the boots on I was surprised at how soft they were inside, the inside of the boots seems to have a slight quilted effect as well as the outside, the boots felt extremely comfortable around my ankle and the top of my foot, they fitted tightly but not too tight and with the soft material there was nothing to dig in and rub my feet. There is not actual padding in the bottom of the boots where you feet sit, however this didn't make them uncomfortable, I liked the fact that the boots fitted snugly to my feet as it meant when I walked they didn't slip and rub. The slight platform at the front also added to the comfort as it meant that my feet didn't sit at such a steep angle. Personally I had no trouble walking in these boots despite the height of them, however these may not be for everyone, but anyone who loves their high heels like me these are ideal, high and comfortable to wear.

      As I have mentioned the Susie Quilted Hiking Boots came from Mr Shoes and in our case we purchased them online, when I visited a Mr Shoes shop these were not available, however they may be in some larger stores. The boots cost £34.99, I thought this was quite a good price for these as they are made to a high standard and of an excellent quality. I was more than happy to pay this price for these, well for my husband to pay this price for these. I would say they are worth the money as they are the sort of boots you can wear for many occasions and will go with pretty much anything, I wouldn't recommend wearing them on an all day shopping trip, wandering around the shops for hours in 5 inch heels may get a bit much, I wouldn't wear them for work either, they are more a causal/ going out boot rather than something smart you would wear to the office.

      Maintaining the Susie Hiking Boots is pretty simple, although they do not actually come with any care instructions I find that if they do get marked wiping them over with a damp cloth works well, as they are made of two different materials it is hard to get a cleaning product for them, but washing the surface of them and leaving them to dry thoroughly works just as well. You could use a black polish on the leather areas to keep these looking in good condition and also to cover any scuffs that may occur, just be careful not to get this onto the quilted fabric part.

      Overall I would defiantly recommend the Susie Quilted Hiking Boots, they are a bit different with both leather and fabric parts to them, the height of these is perfect, they sit just around your ankle making them not too high yet not too low. I also wouldn't say that they are over priced and you are definitely getting a good quality pair of boots for your money. These are the ideal boots if you like your high heels, although they may not be for everybody, but I am quite short without shoes on and have a tall husband so I can get away with very high heels and personally feel more comfortable in them compared to flats. I was very pleased with my Susie Hiking Boots and would recommend them to anyone.


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