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Topshop Khloe Woven Ballerina Pumps

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Brand: Topshop / Type: Ballerina

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2012 17:51
      Very helpful



      A lovely pair of summer shoes

      Yet another shoe review! Since the warmer weather appeared (and went again very suddenly) I was able to put away my winter boots and actually start to wear more summer oriented clothes and shoes although this has been brief I was completely taken in by the warmer weather and did immediately rush to the shops to update my wardrobe with a few more summery type pieces which of course included shoes - what a surprise!

      I was however very strict that to buy a pair of shoes they cannot be black as most of my shoe collection does happen to be black and I did want to be a bit more colourful and I was trying to aim for flat shoes as my collection of heels doesn't really need expanding. One store I frequent is Topshop I always manage to pick up a few pieces which will last me for quite a while and I find that they are of good quality. After finding a few tops I browsed their shoe collection and came across the 'Khloe' woven ballerina pumps which I thought were quite sweet.

      Needless to say I came home with a pair! I purchased the tan variety although they do come in coral - tan for me is a much safer option and will go with more of my clothes so they would be worn more. The tan colour is a typical brown hued colour which although brighter than black it is still a fairly neutral colour which goes with most items of clothing - especially the dark blues, reds and natural colours which seem to be back in season for this spring/summer.

      The shoes themselves are flat ballerina type pumps and are made from 100% leather. Unlike most they are woven which gives a unique look to these shoes which I think is perfect for the summer or at least slightly warmer months. I have had woven shoes before and found them incredibly uncomfortable but they were not leather and the weaves were a lot thinner so although a little apprehensive about these I bought them after trying them on and walking up and down the store just to see if there was anywhere they were going to rub. Apart from being woven they do also have a cute little bow at the top of the toe which is what makes a ballerina pump a ballerina pump!

      Compared to my lovely new Dune moccasins the Topshop Khloe woven flats are not as soft nor are they as supple which I was expecting as even though there isn't too much of a different in price (Dune - £58.00 and Topshop - £45.00) I have always found Topshop's quality although can be great it isn't as good as the price paid. However, the leather is quite soft but definitely a little more rigid meaning more breaking in. They are especially rigid around the heel of the shoe which may mean a little rubbing and possible discomfort.

      The soles of the shoes are made from a rubber type material and the upper part of the shoe is strongly glued to the sole. Sometimes with too much wear the upper part of the shoe will come away from the sole in places so when you purchase them in store just check around the edges to make sure they have been properly secured. Being a rubber sole tends to mean that they will last quite a while which is great especially if you wear flats on a very regular basis or if like me you wear them once a week or so. Downside is that once you have worn the sole or heel out they cannot be replaced.

      The insole of the shoe is the same colour as the shoe itself and although doesn't have any padding for the heel or ball of your foot it is comfortable. Don't expect these to be great for people with wide feet as they are on the more narrow side. Although I don't have majorly narrow feet I would say more 'normal' than narrow or wide and I find they fit ok, if not a little tight to begin with which isn't uncomfortable but your feet definitely feel secure until the leather has stretched a little. Hardly a downside but I think this is pretty standard with Topshop shoes.

      As mentioned above I was a little apprehensive about the woven detailing but having worn these shoes numerous times I am pleased to report that there has been not specific rubbing which I had experienced last time with a similar pair of shoes. However, I have had a little discomfort around my heel which I was slightly expecting but it didn't last long and once the shoes had stretched with a little wear there has been no problems since which is obviously a good thing! The shoes do have a little support due to having leather with a bit more rigidity but I have found that with wear the leather does soften quite a bit and I can see these shoes starting to lose their shape - I have had numerous pairs of flat shoes from Topshop and they all seem to go the same way!

      I can't really complain about these shoes, I don't wear them on a daily basis so they suit my needs perfectly. I think if you are wanting a pair for everyday use I don't think these would be your best buy but for weekend use etc then they are perfect. As they are leather they do need to be looked after but generally my pair are looking as good as new apart from the leather looking a bit more supple and stretched. Despite the initial teething problems with the rubbing they are perfectly comfortable to wear and they are a nice casual addition to my wardrobe. Overall, I give them 4 stars. Knocking a star off simply due to the rubbing.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      Brand: Topshop
      Availability: In store and online
      Sizes: 3 to 8
      Price: £45.00
      Type: Ballerina Flats
      Material: Leather


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