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Ugg Australia Classic Short Sparkles

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Brand: Ugg Australia / Type: Boots

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    2 Reviews
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      02.09.2012 18:04
      Very helpful



      A bling pair of UGGs with a large price tag

      A year or so ago in London I saw a woman wearing a pair of UGG boots covered in sequins. From that moment on I knew I wanted a pair but at the time I couldn't find anywhere that was selling them and resigned myself to the fact that she had probably bought them overseas and paid a small fortune for them. Having long since forgotten about them about 6 months back I had an email from UGG's official UK website giving me the low down on all of their new items and what should be listed?! A pair of UGGs covered in sequins!

      I do have a thing about sequins having spent many a day covered in them when doing A Level Textiles they are something that I seem to adore. The boots themselves are called UGG® Classic Short Sparkles and the pair I bought are classed as 'Autumn' in terms of the colour as you can see from the picture I opted for a pair adorned in different shades of copper and brown sequins which I preferred over the black version which had purple sequins mixed in.

      UGG® Classic Short Sparkles are according to UGG® a "stylish and glittery take on one of our most famous boots". Of course the short boots are no doubt one of their best selling items, I own a pair which I bought about 7 years ago and are still decent enough to wear. The now blinged up UGG® Classic Short Sparkles are just yet another take on the classic short boot just like the Bailey Button boot but I have no doubt that they are just as well made despite being covered in colourful sequins.

      The Autumn shade features sequins in shades of brown, gold and copper tones which when sewn together give a lovely warming colour which is definitely rather luxurious and with a price tag of £185.00 I don't expect the sequins to come off or come loose any time soon. Not only are the boots completely covered in the sequins but they are bound with satin giving yet another luxury finish to the boots. However, like a magpie being drawn to something shiny I didn't really think about how durable they would actually be and whether these would have to be an occasional pair of boots which at the price tag I pair it was one expensive occasion!

      The boots are of course lined with genuine sheepskin which was gone through UGG's vigorous tests to ensure you only get the best quality and at that price I'd want the best, not good but great! The sheepskin is just under 1 inch thick inside the boots which of course not only is incredibly comfortable for your feet they also keep your feet warm yet moisture free as the sheepskin will naturally wick away any moisture. But to wear UGG's properly you shouldn't wear socks regardless of the outdoor temperature. The insole is exactly the same as the Classic Collection in that it has soft foam meaning that every step you take is gentle on your foot and your joints, not to mention comfortable.

      The UGG® Classic Short Sparkles like the other boots have a moulded EVA outsole which is incredibly tough and durable but very lightweight which given the size and shape of the boots is definitely a good thing. However, the difference with this EVA outsole to say that of the standard Classic Short boots is that it has been infused with metallic glitter which of course although completely unnecessary adds yet another bit of sparkle to every step you make! This however is only noticeable if you look really closely at the sole so to me although quite cute it isn't needed.

      My boots are only a few months old and have been lightly worn mostly due to me not wanting a sequin to fall off which in hindsight I probably never should have bought them but I just couldn't help myself. However, the times that I have worn them I have been pleased that they still look absolutely fine and I probably wouldn't be able to tell if a sequin came off as they are so tightly packed together it wouldn't make much of a difference even if it did come off. But they are definitely a pair of boots for dry weather and for light use which makes them quite an expensive purchase.

      Overall, I really do love this boots and when wearing in dry weather then they are absolutely fine you just have to be careful when wearing them so you don't scuff them etc. The one thing that I don't like is that the EVA sole is not the same colour as the boots, I have much preferred the sole to have been dark brown but that is my own personal gripe. However, the positive is that these are incredibly comfortable to wear there really is nothing bad to say with regards to the fit as they are snug but not tight but are incredibly comfortable to walk in no matter how many hours you are wearing them for.

      Would I recommend? Yes and no. If you are quite willing to pay the price for them and wear them every now and again then go for it. But if you are wanting a pair of UGG boots and wanting them for general wear on a frequent basis then no, they are too expensive to ruin and should the sequins start to get damaged and come away then the whole design of the boots is completely ruined your best bet is to stick with the standard Classic Short boots. For the star rating I give them 4 - they are comfortable to wear yet the design feature isn't for every day.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Price: £185.00
      Sizes: 3 to 9
      Availability: UGG's official UK website and any other authentic stockists


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        02.09.2012 14:43
        Very helpful



        I Do with something sparkly and blue

        I was chief bridesmaid or maid of honour at my best friends wedding earlier this year, or 'chief brideSLAVE' as she jokingly insisted on calling me! The very generous bride-to-be bought Ugg classic short sparkle boots as pre-wedding gifts for all 3 of the brideSLAVES. The sparkle Uggs that she bought for us were from the 'I Do' Wedding Collection range of Ugg boots.

        The Ugg 'I Do' Wedding Collection consists of; the Classic Short Sparkle I Do - which are the boots that we all received, the Bailey Bling I Do - which the bride-to-be bought for herself, and the Fluff Flip Flop I Do.
        She had taken a trip to the US a few months prior to her wedding, and she'd purchased all of the Ugg boots over there as they are much cheaper than here in the UK. The Classic Short Sparkle I Do are $190 in the US, and £185 in the UK. The Bailey Bling I Do are $225 in the US, and £220 in the UK.

        The I Do Classic Short Sparkles are basically the Ugg classic shorts with the addition of hundreds, no probably thousands, of tiny iridescent sparkly glittery sequins all over the boots. The only part of the boots not to be covered in the sparkly glittery sequins is the heel potion where the Ugg logo is attached, this is in a very dark cream suede. The boots are even edged and bound in cream satin for the piping around the top, the sole, and down the sides. Each pair is actually slightly different, as each pair also seems to have some random pink hued sequins in amongst the white sequins, the sequins create different glimmering effects depending on how they catch the light. They mainly have a white glimmer to them, however they can also have a pink hued glimmer to them, and they can even have a blue tinged glimmer to them as well. Even the sole on these Ugg boots is getting in on the I Do theme as the sole is in a glittery blue colour.
        Maybe these could be somebodys 'something blue'?

        As with all Ugg boots these are lined with the sheepskin which is designed to keep your feet toasty and warm in the winter, and then nice and cool in the summer. The sheepskin liner and sole are so soft, and this combined with the lightweight flexible sole on these makes these really comfortable. As with all Ugg boots these are slightly on the big side, I'm normally a size 5, and I have these in a size 4. Or in US sizing I'm normally a size 7, and a have these in a size 6. I do have quite wide feet, and I have no problems with the foot width in these. I've also got quite chunky calves, and these are a perfect fit for me.

        We all wore these on her hen weekend, which was a spa weekend break, we even went down for dinner in them. We also wore these the weekend of the wedding whilst running about picking up last minute bits, making last minute preparations, going to the hairdressers etc. We also have lots of photos taken on the big day itself, in our bridesmaids dresses along with our sparkly Ugg boots. The professional wedding photographer even got in on the act and had us all swap our glitzy sandals for these, and got a few quirky shots. I actually ended up wearing these for most of the wedding day, and just wore my glitzy bridesmaid sandals for the wedding itself, the photos, the meal, and then the first part of the reception. I was much comfier in these, as I hate wearing high heels as I struggle to walk in them! We all had lots of lovely compliments on these boots, as I don't think that many people have actually seen these.

        These are really not the most practical of Ugg boots at all, due to the very light colour, and all the sequins attached to them. To be honest I've not actually worn them much since the wedding as I don't want to ruin them. I have worn them occasionally though and they do look a bit funky and unusual, and different from the normal classic shorts. I've tended to wear these with skinny jeans or shorts, or with a dress - either a short dress or a maxi dress. Again I've had lovely compliments whilst wearing these, as I think that depending what you wear them with, and when you wear them then they can look really quite nice. They are not really everyday Ugg boots due to the sequins, but they work well as occasional wear Ugg boots. I think if you look after them then they should last, i.e. don't go out in the rain, and probably don't sit with your ankles crossed as I imagine that this may rub some of the sequins off.

        Overall I think that these were a lovely gift, they were very expensive, however if you look after them then they should last. They are quirky and unusual, and they made a lovely addition to the wedding day. They are also something that we will all continue to be able to get a lot of use out of, not everyday use, but occasional use, and they will always remind us of the wedding day.


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