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Ugg Australia Women's Ultimate Tall Braid Flat

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2 Reviews

Brand: Ugg / Type: Flats

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    2 Reviews
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      10.11.2012 16:47



      Very expensive but if they last years then why not?

      My husband bought me a pair of Ultimate Uggs when I was pregnant with my daughter, it was snowing and I had bought some cheep boots from Tesco and kept slipping. So £180 later I had my first pair of Ultimate Uggs. I went for the ultimate ones because i prefer the thick waterproof sole rather than the cheep looking one that makes you look like your walking on the sides of your feet.

      So once I got then, I never slipped in the snow again :-) I also purchased the UGG care kit which came in very useful, I mainly used the waterproof spray which worked a treat.

      The boots are very comfy and sturdy, they look good with almost any outfit and come in many different colours. The thick sole is very useful for walking litrally everywhere as they seem to ever wear down.

      Anyway... 3 years went by and after having worn them litrally day in day out they are STILL going strong. I cant imagine I will ever spend so much on a pair of boots again but I dont think I'll need to with these ones still in the picture.


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      02.02.2011 14:28
      Very helpful



      My Feet And I love Them!

      Uggs are often referred to as the marmite of the foot world and people either love or hate them and I fall into the love category and have worn them for years now and I am always excited when a new style comes out.

      I usually tend to stick to the short beige one for everyday use and I do mean everyday, school runs, shopping and in and around the house and while they are expensive a pair will last me a good few years and as I wear them at least once a day they are economical for me. (Thats what I tell hubby anyway when he says "How much??")

      Who are ugg?

      The Ugg brand has been around for a long time in fact the first version was worn in Australia from the late 70s but it was not until celebrities were seen wearing them that the world went mad for uggs and I am afraid that I followed the crowd as I loved them on sight.

      They are designed to keep your feet at the same temperature as your body and so they are suitable for both summer and winter and I was told that your are not supposed to wear socks with them for this reason, I however wear them with socks and sometimes without and I really can not tell any difference so its really just personal choice.
      All the Ugg boots are made from genuine sheepskin and unlike the copied versions or the cheaper ones the sheepskin stays really fluffy and doesn't become hard and worn down, although as with anything if you wear them enough they will start to deteriorate slightly.
      Apparently celebs don't like to wear them in public now as they are not considered fashionable, well I could not give a hoot as they are comfortable and I'm wearing them.

      New Shoes!

      I was lucky enough to receive a new pair for Christmas and that is the pair that I am reviewing.
      The boots are the long version and the particular pair that I have are light beige, these uggs are different in style from the usual in that they have a much more structured front and the front is quite a lot narrower in that it has more of a point than the usual rounded toe that is the classic style of uggs.

      The sole is also different on this style as it's a higher sole and is much more moulded which gives you a greater grip and traction than the classic flatter design so you don't feel as flat on the floor as do with the classic shape Uggs and they feel more like a boot than the classic shape which I describe as my outdoor slippers!
      This particular pair has what looks like an Aztec design braid running up the back of the boot although I am reliably informed that it's a Australia heritage braid, the braid starts just above the Ugg sign and runs all the way to the top of the boot, its orange, red and brown in colour and I think that it adds a lovely detail to the boots and in my opinion gives them more of a pretty look.
      I found that these were very comfortable to wear and having the higher and more moulded sole gave me a very solid feeling under my foot although on the flip side that also takes some of the comfort away because while I wear my classic ones in the house I don't do this with my new style as they have more of structured feel to them.

      Care And Cleaning -

      Ugg boots are expensive and need to be cared for well to ensure that they stay looking their best. You can purchase a kit online or from any Ugg stockist and for £21 you will get a scuff eraser, cleaner and conditioner and a rain and stain repellent,

      You can also purchase the rain and stain repellent and the cleaner and conditioner for £9.00 each, I would highly recommend all of these products as I have used them all and they have kept my boots looking almost as good as new, if you only buy one I would recommend the rain and stain repellent as this really does work and stops the both the rain soaking through and the stains from water, use a good quality brush to dry brush them after wearing and this will also keep the sheepskin looking good.

      I personally try not to wear them in the snow and really bad weather as I do believe even with the care kit it does quicken the deterioration of the boots.

      Cost -

      On the www.uggaustralia.co.uk website this particular design cost £240.00 and the classic Uggs start from £140.00.
      You can also buy them in department stores such as John Lewis and also online at Amazon.


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