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Ugg Lo Pro Button Boot

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Brand: Ugg / Type: Boots

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    2 Reviews
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      14.04.2013 00:34
      Very helpful



      Great bootespecially when bought at the right price

      I assumed it would be a very boring shopping trip with the partner who was looking for a pair of boots. The reason I say boring, is the fact despite being a guy, he shops like a girl and I knew we would be browsing, trying on 50 million pairs of footwear all day. So as he exercised his feet into pair number 10, I had a look myself on what was available for the other sex. I stumbled across these boots, but in blue, and was secretly dancing inside as at the time they were on sale for just below £50.00. Then I realised maybe it wasnt such a good deal, despite them being advertised at the time for double that amount, as I was completely broke and not something I could afford. Throwing caution to the wind and swaddling these boots in my arms like a newborn I want to the till with crying and screaming credit card in hand.As I was about to pop my card into the machine, the partner took it off me and said' I'll get them for you, they look nice '. Wow-right place at the right time!

      Who and what is the brang Ugg?

      The Ugg brand started in 1978 when a gentlemen named Brian Smith started to sell sheepskin boots in Southern California. The relaxed atmosphere and casual style of people in that area was what Brian was trying to tailor his products around.By the 1980's this brand reflected the the laidback feel of California, and the boots were soon seen in surf shops, around the beach area,then moving into the city.This laidback look was adopted by many walks of life who all wanted the same thing-comfortable, stylish footwear made from good quality materials. By the early 2000's these boots were becoming popular with the rich and famous. Over the years, with these boots being so much more readily available and so many different styles added, your normal person walking down the street will be seen wearing them.

      The Ugg brand remains popular and possibly the most ( if not one of them ) wanted and worn sheepskin style ugly boot. They remain new and fresh as they didnt just stick with that one particular look, but diversified by bringing out different boots, shoes, slippers, using different materials ( for some ) and sticking with the tried and tested sheepskin. Also taking one step further by branching out into clothes, bags, gloves, hats etc. Not diluting the brand, in my opinion, but bringing together items that people can wear everyday and look fashionable and feel comfortable.

      What do I think of these boots?

      As mentioned these are not the classic Ugg boot that comes to mind, which I like.Nor are they the black version but denim blue. First thing I liked about these boots was the denim look.It actually is blue denim. At the back of the boot, just above the heel area, there is a suede type finish to it, that gives contrast. Its a long boot that stops just after the calf on your leg begins. The denim around the leg itself is rigid enough to stay up but you can move your leg around in them easily.I have normal sized calfs and theres plenty of room in them if they were alittle bigger.

      Another point to mention in regards to calf size is I sometimes have problem with long length boots as my calfs arent that big but my feet are ( size 7 ) and sometimes around the leg they are too big. This isnt the case her, and feel that they adapt well to my shape and size of leg and feet.

      In normal boots I wear size 7, in the traditional sheepskin Ugg ( and not just in this brand, Emu as well ) I would go down a size to 6. With this pair I had to go to a 7.5. So if you were to buy these boots, please try quite afew sizes because I didnt find these to be a traditional fit.

      Another thing I like about this boot is the button detailing down the side. The buttons are actually wooder and a light brown in colour.They are functioning buttons as they are in actual button holes so they can be undone ( never done it myself though ).

      The foot itself sits on, what I assume is a sheepskin base. Very comfortable and alot nicer than sticking your feet on a bland straight flat surface. Theres not much height to the base of these boots and they are completely flat, no heel or wedge. I dont feel these are as cushioned as the traditional Ugg boot but still quite comfortable.

      I dont wear these boots often as Im scared of getting them dirty and wet ( our current weather doesnt help ) and they dont go with everything due to the colour. If they had black available at the time, I would have gone for them. But these still stand out because they are different and not your standard black or brown coloured boot.


      I would buy these boots again ( at the same price ) as they are alittle different, but would have liked them in the black. I dont see these being worn everyday as theyre not as comfortable for me as the traditional Ugg style boot nor practical in the elements. The amount paid for these boots are worth it, but if I was paying more, I would go for the more traditional sheepskin Ugg boot as they suit my day to day lifestyle to the t and are ultra comfortable.


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      21.10.2010 20:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A boot with different looks that is comfy.

      It was in 1978 that Brian Smith, an Australian surfer took some sheepskin boots to the beaches of California where they were a hit. By 1998 they were established as a high-end luxury footwear brand and brand recognition increased thanks to magazine features and as the website says, Oprah Winfry. She first tried the the Ultra boot in 2000 and bought a pair for all 350 of her staff! She also featured them on her favourites things show 3 times in the space of 5 years. In 2003 they were footwear news brand of the year and from that time on could be seen everywhere from fashion shows to celebrities to every girl and woman on the streets.

      Although they are still fashionable now everyone remembers that time a few years back when you couldn't turn the page of a magazine for seeing another celebrity wearing them or walking down the high street and seeing a thousand people wearing either Uggs or copies of. I didn't pay much attention to them really as they were not something that interested me. If you remember then it was really the one style that everyone was wearing.

      Uggs do a whole range of shoes now. They do slippers (though expect to pay £65 for the cheapest pair!), pumps, flip-flops and handbags and coats, although the range is not that big for these items.
      In the boots range they have the typical suede, sheepskin lined shoes they are famous for, along with cardy boots and leather lace ups. The most expensive pair on the UggAustralia website is £250. For mid-length cardy boots expect to pay around £125.
      The Ugg Bailey Button is a popular choice, currently at £160 on The Office website.

      These boots, called Lo Pro Button are black canvas and go mid way up to my knee. The outer material is canvas and they have five wooden buttons which are not just there for decoration. The inside has a sheepskin lined sole and a beige striped fabric lining the inside. If you undo the buttons you can fold the outside of the boot over and wear them so the lining shows. The heel of the boot is suede, which is to make the heel stronger. On this is the light brown Ugg Australia label.
      The sole of the boot is beige/brown rubber with a good tread. On the label on the inside it says the upper is made of textile and leather, but I have no idea where the leather is!
      I have these in a size 40 which is a 7. Normally I am a size 6 so go for one up from your usual if purchasing.

      I have owned these boots for ten months now and have worn them a lot, all winter and at the moment for work. I really shouldn't as I don't want to ruin them but they are just so comfy. The boots have never rubbed me and ten months later show no sign of a tear. A few weeks ago I walking home and it was raining very hard and my heel did get a little wet so some water must have got through. I do not blame the boots though because in the box these were in was a little note saying they should be sprayed before use to make them water-proof. Ten months on and I still have not got round to this, one of the reasons being I am trying to find the correct spray. The canvas material does attract mud etc but a little scrub with water gets rid of it.
      These boots look really smart and I use them for casual and smart outfits.

      These boots were a mission to find! I first saw them a few months before when a girl I was hanging out with at the time bought them from a shop in Perth. They looked lovely and I really wanted them. So a few months later and I was in Sydney for a few days before my flight home and decided I would get some. I had seen them in a few shops in Sydney with a price tag of between $189 and $199 and in typical Amy style left it to the last-minute to get them. I tried a couple of shops and they didn't have them in my size and other shops I tried didn't stock that style. So it ended up on the day of my flight with the lady I was staying with (a friend of the family) phoning round any place in Sydney that could stock them. I had nearly given up when we got lucky. David Jones (an up-market department store) sold them and were putting two sizes behind the counter for me. So in I went, on the way to the airport, tried them both on, selected the right size and bought them. When paying at the till she said they were on sale at $159, a nice unexpected bonus! I was surprised they stocked them as they only had a few styles of Uggs there.

      When I bought these boots in Australia they also had a denim version (which I didn't like the look of) and a white version. I see now they also do a grey and a white version that are made of a jersey material. These two newer versions look more casual and fun as one has a pink striped lining and the other orange and blue. You can buy these from the Office website for £70. Another version is a dark grey checked canvas boots for £80 fro Kurt Geiger.

      The boots I have can be bought on Amazon for £100 although only in a small number of sizes. There are a lot of sites selling Uggs online however it can be difficult telling the genuine ones from the fakes which is why I would always buy from a reputable site. Looking in Sydney and you can buy 'Uggs' from almost every souvenir shop and it can be very difficult to tell sometimes as they look identical. A good tip is to go onto www.uggaustralia.com where they will give you list of authorised retailers in your area and a list of websites.

      I would buy these boots if you liked the style of them, not just for the brand. There are lots of other sheepskin boot manufacturers that are equally reputable and so it is worth looking around. I think the price of these was reasonable compared to the cost of others in the Ugg range and I will definitely consider purchasing another pair if I had to in the future.

      The title of this review came from looking at the history of the brand. I find it hard to believe that a surfer would require sheepskin boots in Australia! The only explanation I have is that it was the winter and of course dedicated surfers are in the surf in all weathers!

      Also posted on ciao under the same name.


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