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Walkright Fur Pom Pom Boots

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Brand: Walkright / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2010 11:29
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      The boots that look the best on my daughter, and the cheapest ones I've seen too!

      After the slagging off I gave the Gumbie boot I knew I needed to redress the balance by telling you about these excellent Pom Pom boots which I bought my three year old a few weeks ago. I hadn't actually gone shopping to buy boots as at the time it was what passes for summer in this cruddy country, but when I saw them in Shoe Zone for a very good price I thought I'd treat her.

      It turned out well as it goes because a couple of days later we had so much rain that she ended up wearing them - and Hollie is definitely a chip off the old block when it comes to shoes so she loves showing off a new pair!

      To me they're a kind of cross between a wellie and a moon boot. The main bulk of the foot is made of a rubberised material which is completely waterproof and rises high enough up the foot that children can splash in any puddles they like (within reason!) without making a soggy mess of their socks. The rest of the boot is made up of a slightly shiny quilted material, it's not exactly like a moon boot because the padding isn't as thick and although the boots do feel very cosy they are a lot easier to pull on and walk in (for kids) than actual moon boots. Not that me or my daughters would be seen dead in moon boots, who do you think we are??? Colleen Rooney???

      The inside of the boots is completely covered in a pink fur lining, the inner sole is soft and comfortable and even though this bit isn't covered in the fur it does feel lovely and cushioned when I push my hand into the boot. My daughter has worn them with socks mainly but also wore the boots to nursery one day last week over her wooly tights, they have looked fab whatever she's worn them with and the boots go equally well with jeans or a skirt. It's not a fashion show at that age, but most toddler boots are either functional or attractive but useless at keeping the weather out. These score full marks on both points, they look great but also keep Hollie's feet lovely and dry even in the bad weather.

      The pom poms look great too, sometimes I think they can look a bit tacky but they give these boots a lovely girly look and helps break up the uniform black colour of them. The bow detail is well made too, it's stitched through the knot of the bow which is good news because anyone with young children will know the nightmare of having to keep redoing bows as they come undone 20 times a day!

      If you come to buy a pair of these boots I'd say to take your child with you as the sizing is a bit off. Hollie is a size 8 but I'd say these have come at least a size bigger, it's kinda a good thing as it means they will last longer but it is something you'll want to remember if you like to buy shoes and boots to fit perfectly at the time.

      The boots are well made, surprisingly so for the low price. The thick sole has deep grips which I'm sure will come in very handy if we have the white winter that has been predicted, but also the sole is strongly attached to the foot of the boot and I can't see any reason they won't last for a long time. You can also see from the appearance of the boots that they're not going to look tatty too quickly, the only thing I'm keeping an eye on is a couple of lines of the stitching on the quilted part as it looks like it's going to start coming loose. There's not much I can do about that though so I'm not going to worry about it, there hasn't been a problem up to yet so hopefully the stitching is strong enough to hold for as long as my daughter is wearing them.

      £12.99 from Shoe Zone, huge bargain!


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