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Walkright Girls Boots

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Brand: Walkright / Type: Boots

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2010 12:59
      Very helpful



      All in review -------- Make your own mind up

      As you can see these are a cheaper version of the well know UGG boots but for children. The style of the boots first came out in 2004, by a show fashion designer and was given the now "famous" name UGG. They are 100% Australian sheep skin boots and also rather expensive ranging from the price of £120 plus. I personally don't see the point in paying that kind of price for boots for my children or myself for that matter but when I seen these pretty pink boots for an unbelievably cheap price I had to get them.

      ****The Product****

      Ok so as you can probably tell they aren't lined with 100% sheep skin but they are lined with 100% pink cosy fleece hehe. The kind of look like Eskimo boots it the best way to describe them but as you can see in the picture they are not your typical beige colour but are a girly pink colour. The have a foamy type sole which makes you feel like you are kind of walking on the moon as they are rather bouncy. They are light weight and flexible which makes them feel really comfortable to wear. My daughter even thought that they were slippers when she first opened them on Christmas day bless her. They fit nicely around your leg with either skinny type jeans or normal shaped jeans, and for a child I think they look rather cute. They are available to buy from toddler size 6 to children size 3. The style number for this product is 28214.

      ****Where Can I Buy Them From?****

      If you are a fan or real UGG boots then when you hear where I got these from you will probably stop reading the review but I do urge you to read on. I bought my daughter these from a little shop that most of us walk buy as we think to ourselves "Oh I am not going in there, its full of cheap shoes!" That's right you have probably guessed it..... Shoe Zone.

      Unfortunately you can only buy these boots in stone and not online. But is you wish you have a better look at the boots or find the nearest store that is available to you, you have find this online. To save you a bit of time I have listed the direct link below that you need to find these shoes. The link is:


      ****The Price****

      Straight to the point.... These boots are £6.99. Yes you heard correctly, they are £6.99. Fantastic value for money I think you would agree. Now not only are they available to buy in pink but they also come in different colours, styles, and sizes. They are all on the website that is listed as above.

      ****My Overall Opinion****

      People either love these boots or hate them. My children and myself love them! I have bought a few of these boots since they first came out for myself but never seen them small enough for my two lovely little angels, until I was passing this shoe shop. Since the kids were needing new boots for the winter anyways I said that they could both pick a pair of boots themselves. No guesses that they were straight for the ones just like mummy's except these where better as they were their favourite colour.

      They are easy to put on and pull off, even my two year old can do this herself. Soon as you put your feet into them they feel so warm and cosy, with the fleecy lining. They really keep your feet warm and there is plenty of room to tuck your trousers into them. Soon as you start to walk they feel so comfortable, like you are wearing a pair of slippers. And also kind of like walking on the moon hehe. (Space cadet that I am lol) The sole of the shoe is like a foam material which if you do a lot of walking they wear down but these boots tend to last a good 4 to 5 months before this happens. As they are made by a fleece material on the inside and a suede type material on the outside every now and then when the weather is really, really, bad.... Say like.... 6 inch of snow, the cold ice seeps through the material which leaves your little tootsies a little wet.

      As you can see the price for these little cute, warm snugly boots is under £10. £6.99 to be precise now that beats the unbelievable and extortionate price f the children UGGs which I fell is a complete and utter waste of money. My personal opinion on this is that people who buy the real deal of have more money that sense. And people who have children 9 times out of 10 likes to look after they pennies so that when their children grow up they have a little something so a rainy day. I would highly recommend these little "FAKE" cheap UGG style boots and considering even that I have listed as above I would rate them a 4 out of 5. Lets face it children either waste they're shoes or grow out of them quickly so for the price and style I could defiantly recommend that you give these a try.

      I would just like to take the time to thank you for taking the time to read my review. It is very much appreciated and I hope that it was of some use to you to help you decide if these pink boots are for you or not. Thanks again.


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      Manufacture: Walkright / Type: Girls Boots

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