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Wynsors Felicity

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Brand: Wynsors / Type: Ballerina

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    1 Review
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      12.02.2013 11:24
      Very helpful



      Pretty pink shoes!

      I do a lot of walking as I don't drive and because of this I practically live in my trainers. In the Summer last year I decided I wanted something lighter and a little more feminine looking, that would offer comfort as well as be versatile enough to wear with any outfit so I started looking around for something suitable. As there is a small retail park a short walk from where I live I spotted these beautiful ballerina style pumps whilst window shopping one Sunday afternoon at 'Wynsors World of Shoes' so decided to go in and try them on. Finding they were a perfect fit whilst looking beautiful, I handed over my money and happily came home with a pair of 'Felicity' ballerina pumps in rose pink blush.

      Having worn these pumps over the past 8 months or so, I will now discuss my thoughts on them..

      *~*Appearance, Price & Availability *~*
      "..Ladies suede ballerina with flowers and diamante trim to upper with an elasticated top line and are available in either
      black or blush (pink).."

      These ballerina pumps are made from suede and are part of the leather collection in Wynsors. Although Wynsors is known for being a shop that offers affordable 'budget' priced shoes, these particular pumps were priced at £20 at the time of me purchasing them though are currently in the sale in store and online for a more more purse friendly amount of £12. The ballerinas are available in the following UK ladies sizes:


      The shoe itself is very dainty to look at and very feminine, especially the pink which I opted for. The ballerina pump is made up of leather (suede) on the actual shoe as well as a smooth leather inner sole whilst the underneath of the pump is made from a textured rubber material which has slight embossed lines giving the minimum of grip. As these are ballerina style pumps they are flat though at the heel there is a slight raised area of about 4mm's though this makes no difference when walking as the pump still feels very flat.

      The upper area of the pump has a wide elasticated edge which holds the foot in place without being too tight or cutting into the skin, which is good as I've had similar style shoes in the past that have proved to be uncomfortable from the elastic being far too tight and leaving marks on the skin from cutting in.

      The outer material of the pumps is a very soft suede leather which looked equally as beautiful in the black as it does in the pink (blush) though I decided to opt for the pink ass I nearly always buy black and wanted something different. On the toe area of both pumps is a cluster of 5 material circles with small diamante` stones in each centre which are meant to depict flowers. These are in the same colour pink as the pump itself and add a nice touch of decoration without being too over the top.

      *~*My experience of wearing these ballerina pumps*~*
      I nearly always wear trainers as mentioned but last year I decided I wanted something that would be pretty and feminine yet still be practical for walking around and ballerina pumps were what I initially had in mind. I've worn these style pumps before both as fashion shoes and proper sports trainers and have yet to find something that is completely comfortable whilst walking and I don't mean for long periods of time, simply to the shops and back or on the school run, and every pair I've worn has ended up rubbing the skin to blister point somewhere on my foot.

      What drew me to these shoes were just how pretty they looked (shallow!) in the shop window, and on entering the shop and actually feeling the soft material I was instantly smitten as the suede on the upper layer was so soft whilst impressively the inner sole was padded leather, and substantially padded at that, which gave the impression that these would be a very comfortable shoe to wear.

      I struggle at times with shoes as ideally I'm a size 4 and a 1/2 and with certain shoes I can get away with wearing a size 5 (such as boots, trainers etc) but with sandals or ballerinas I normally have to opt for a size 4. I find a size 4 in 'flimsier' style shoes to be better actually as they don't feel overly tight but tight enough to grip my foot without it from slipping about in the shoe. On trying the size 5 version of Felicity I knew straight away it would be too big despite my foot fitting perfectly width wise but because of the gap at the toes I knew I would end up curling my toes up to grip the shoe all of the time which would result in me avoiding wearing them so went for the smaller size of 4.

      The pump itself is extremely comfortable to wear and the elastic around the top is tight enough to hold the foot in place without being so tight that is cuts into the skin. The padding in the inner sole makes a big difference as my feet feel really cushioned when walking, and the small addition of the tiny wedge on the heel is really noticeable too as I've been put of pumps before because of bruised heels, though this reduces significantly any heel pain if wearing for a number of hours to virtually zero.

      The pumps as mentioned several times now are part of the leather collection and because of he suede material I wasn't sure whether to buy them or not having had suede footwear ruined in the past. Luckily my husband has lots of sprays and lotions/ potions etc for keeping shoes waterproof and protected so I knew that if I bought them he would apply the correct product to help keep them looking like new.

      I purchased these pumps about two weeks before we headed off on our annual holiday to the east coast. We've been going to Mablethorpe since I was born and for anyone that has ever been they will be aware of how flat it is and how everything is in a reasonable walking distance. As I nearly always wear trainers on holiday too I hoped I'd be able to wear these ballerinas as we walk practically everywhere and needed something that would offer stability but most importantly comfort.

      I found these to be far more comfortable than I would imagined a shoe like this to be but didn't wear them all day long, preferring my trainers for trekking around during the day and then these ballerinas from the late afternoon onwards. I found if worn for more than a few hours the back of the left shoe started to rub my skin slightly but this has happened in the past with other shoes so think my left foot is to blame as it must be slightly bigger than my right.

      All in all I have found these ballerinas to be well worth the money as they not only offer extreme comfort but look so beautiful as well, and suit being worn with jeans and leggings. The black version of these are nice but the pink looks far classier, softer and all round more feminine. They have since earned the nickname of 'pretty pink shoes' amongst my friends since we were eating in a cafe bar in Mablethorpe where we often go and the lady who owns it was bringing out our food then abruptly stuck her head under our table, before pronouncing "What pretty pink shoes they are!" and asked to try mine then instantly went online and ordered herself a pair (as there isn't a Wynsors near her).

      These are both beautiful and comfortable and I've had so much wear out of them and they still look as good as new. They look great with most outfits and even though I paid full price (shock horror) of £20 as opposed to the now £12 RRP they have they are well worth every penny.

      If interested this is the direct link - http://www.wynsors.com/felicity-p-29276.html

      As I bought mine from the shop itself I can't comment on the delivery or charges involved if buying online but for the shoe itself I have nothing but praise for.

      5/5 from me.


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