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Highcross Shopping Centre (Leicester)

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9 Reviews

Over 120 exciting reason to go shopping at Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester.

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    9 Reviews
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      12.01.2010 09:48
      1 Comment



      good shopping complex with everything you need!

      The Highcross (previously the Shires) is a newly built shopping centre to lift the face of the otherwise boring city centre of Leicester. The new shopping complex opened in 2008 and is claimed to have 120 shops.

      There are three large department stores including John Lewis (on the north side linked by a nice glass bridge) and also Debenhams and house of fraser. Amongst this is smaller shops that you would expect to find such as New Look, Next, Top Shop, a few sports shops and electrical goods outlets as well as your mobile phone retailers.

      The Highcross is set on two levels and is mostly indoors .. the main shops are on both floors which lead from just next to the clock tower and head north up to the newly built car park for John Lewis. Spliting the main John Lewis building and the reest of the shops is a small open air arcade which houses the restaurant quarter with eateries such as Wagamama, Yo Sushi, Burger Co, Zizzi, Nanado's and a Chinease Buffet to name a few. Also in this is a 12 screen cinema delux offering 3d movies and up to date films for Leicester folk.

      I have to admit i never saw Leicester before the highcross but can only Image the introduction of the Highcross and its shopping facilites has moved the city on a mile. Although not as large as shopping centres in Birmingham, there is plenty to do in Highcross and a day shopping in Leicester is a pleasent experience to be had.


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        07.11.2009 21:01
        Very helpful



        Not bad for Leicester, good enough for me.

        It was once the Shires Shopping Center, which was actually pretty rubbish. But then came the Highcross, over 120 shops all in one building.

        The Highcross when it opened was a little bit of a let down, it was all hyped up and said to have 120 shops, but I dont believe it did. They cleverly hid the empty shots by great big peices of art and maps of the shopping center, on the whole there had to be 15 empty shops and there still is! But whats there is alright, its better than the average town shopping center but not as good as the big ones in birmingham and sheffield but It cost half the amount of money!

        It contains a huge John Lewis store which is one of the biggest outside London, but still its overpriced. Also the flagship Next store is very good!

        There is a variety of eating outlets from McDonalds to Real China, Wagamama, Burger Co! Wagamama is very good as is Burger Co! Not tried any others!

        Also there is a Cinema De Lux but is a bit over priced for the standard seats however, they do have a Directors Cinema with reclining sofa like seats which are very comfy but it is £12 a ticket!!

        Overall not a bad shopping center.


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        11.06.2009 15:09



        Generic chain stores and an expensive cinema

        The Highcross is one of a number of new builds in Leicester (notably the Curve theatre and the currently unbuilt new Phoenix Arts complex). It is an extension built onto the existing Shires shopping centre, doubling the size of the place and including many more car parking spaces. The Outside of the building is patterned with a swirling pattern, the context of which is said to be Leicester's history of fabric and hoisery manufacture. The workmanship is cringeworthy - you can see the builders' footprints in the dust of the glass ceiling around John Lewis! The shops inside are generic chain stores (albeit large ones), but it seems that now the shops around the edges of the town centre are shutting down. The highcross has been a vacuum for local business. If you're looking for designer and chain stores, it's perfect, but if you are looking for more individual clothing, get to the other shops in town before they shut down. There is also a very nice cinema, but tickets are highly priced, and you get tramps shouting to you as you make your way out.


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          09.06.2009 00:29
          Very helpful



          Good shopping for people with millons.

          Leicester's Highcross, with the same name as the street near it, and having the shingle effect on the side and some other quite weird designs.

          The main feature of the Highcross is John Lewis, but looking in there you can pay around £100 for a tie!!! yet its just a normal tie, but because its sold by John Lewis it seams to be so much more better, but why??

          Also there is the Disney store, Debenahms and loads more the centre is build over the city centre and has the old shires bit and then more added on with some outside as well.

          I went in there today and drove up to the car park (suprised my car made it up the steep slope) got my ticket going in, went around the city centre, and wasn't there long, as I live in the city so visit the city centre quite a bit, about 1/2 an hour, on the way back going to pay i had to pay for 2 hours parking at £2.50, which is quite a bit, the car park is also very easy to get lost in, and on the way out you get out and then go back under ground again. I think even the architect must still get lost in there.

          The place is big and has some handy pc points where you use the touch screen to see the map of the shops and where to find things.

          I think its a great place to go, but the shops aren't just any shops. They are all the higher class money taking shops.

          It's worth a visit but I think it need some improvments, not everyone has millions.


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          24.04.2009 02:32
          Very helpful



          A great shopping centre for the midlands!

          Hello all! I would like to give you a little review on the Highcross Shopping Centre! Having been born in Leicester, and being a girl, shopping is one of my favourite pastimes. I feel that I know this place like the back of my hand!

          The Highcross is situated in the city centre of Leicester. It is very easy to find. It is in walking distance of both the bus and train stations, and has a huge multistory carpark so there are no problems at all getting there.

          The new Highcross Shopping Centre is connected to the old shopping centre which was called "The Shires". They have added an extention, built a very impressive outdoor area full of restaurants, stores and a cinema de lux. It is such a nice surprise to have this in my city, as we really needed something a little more flash and exciting.

          My favourite stores are: Debenhams (they have a great MAC store, and a Benefit counter), Rituals - I used to visit this store a lot whilst living in Amsterdam, they do amazingly gorgeous smelling bath products, make up, bathrobes and they even sell tea (fantastic!). Zara and H&M are my two favourite clothing stores as they always have a great selection of clothes that won't break the bank!

          The Apple Store is great and has all their lovely computers set out, and you can cheekly check your email for free - or leave your Nephews in there playing with the Iphones while you sneak off to buy a new dress....*cough cough*

          House of Fraser was a very prestigious department store a few years ago, but it closed down and now is a House of Fraser Outlet Store. This is good news because they have some very nice bargains - I have made a few perchases recently, a half-priced Gant sweater for my brother, some discounted Michael Kors body wash for myself and a set of Benefit brushes for £6 RRP £25! You must have a look because they have great discounted womens fashion downstairs, anything from French Connection to Coast!

          List of stores:
          Three (3)
          A wear
          Bay Trading
          Blue inc
          Carphone Warehouse
          Charlie Browns
          Cinema De Lux
          Claire's Accessories
          Clinton's Cards
          Early Learning Centre
          Ernest Jones
          Femi Beauty Salon
          Francis and Gaye
          House of Fraser
          Hugo Boss
          Jane Norman
          JD Sports
          John Lewis
          Karen Millen
          La Senze
          Laura Ashley
          Miss Selfrige
          Moss Brothers
          New Look
          Office Shoes
          One Dental Spa
          Optical Express
          Phones 4 U
          Post Office
          Pumpkin Patch
          Punky Fish
          Red 5
          River Island
          TM Lewin
          The Body Shop
          The Disney Store
          The Fragrance Shop
          The Gift Company
          The Perfume Shop
          Thomas Cook
          The Tie Rack
          Transform Your Images
          Xplicit Clothing

          Now after all that shopping!!!

          ....The list of restaurants and cafes:

          All Things Chocolate (avoid, over priced and bad service!)
          BB's Coffee and Muffins (Yummy huge muffins!)
          Canas y Tapas
          Costa Coffee (Very nicely designed and relaxing!)
          Gloria Jones Coffee (The coffee tastes like Pond water!)
          Handmade Burger Co (Amazing handmade burgers!!!! Must go!)
          Mem Saab
          Millies Cookies
          Real China (They do an all you can eat buffet!)
          Spud U like
          Wagamama (My favourite restaurant! You must order Chicken Katsu Curry!)
          Yo! Sushi

          To be honest there are a lot of shops, but I find in a couple of hours I've seen them all. For a visit to the Highcross I reccommend to see a movie at the new cinema de lux, have lunch at Wagamama and then do some shopping. It makes a nice break!

          There are elevators and good access for wheelchair users. There is also shopmobility and a childsafe system, you can find more by visiting http://www.highcrossleicester.com/

          I would also like to mention that if you sign up for updates at their website, you can get discounts on Mondays if you have Children at some of the cafes and shops. It's called Mumday Mondays (works for fathers and babysitters too!).


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            30.03.2009 20:17



            Very good shopping, great layout new stores something for everyone for sure.

            Before the Highcross was made, it used to be The Shires, I was fond of it then but then it was redone to be The Leicester Highcross and I just loved it when I first saw it. With the highlight being the massive John Lewis, the biggest in the UK apart from London's along with over 120 other shops there are some amazing buys out there.

            Guaranteed to be a great shopping trip or day out, there are mostly clothes shops, accessory shops, cafes, resteraunts and more. There are lots of different levels, a great layout and really made Leicester as a whole much, much better. It is modernly decorated, so stylish. Many of the shops are rather expensive, the range including Topshop, John Lewis, Jane Norman, River Isand and G-Star. Most of the shops built into The Highcross were not in Leicester before so adding new shops to the city as a whole which is just great. I recommend going to see this and spending a great day shopping.


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            19.11.2008 13:33
            Very helpful



            Opening on the 4th of Speteber 08, a great big shopping outlet in Leicester's City Centre

            The Highcross in Leicseter, the big thing to talk about before it came.

            It was opened on the 4th of September, altho that morning there was still last minute work going on. It took up the Shires and adding on more to become on big shopping centre, with 3,000 car park space, with some for bikes and also some for electric cars, where you can charge your car whilst shopping.

            2,000 car park spaces are reserved for John Lewis, with it being the largest John Lewis outside of London! Although John Lewis is quite expensive, there is actually a sign up, which mean if you want something, do make them an offer, which I think is great. So if you want the last one of an item of furniture, for example, make an offer to clear it away.

            I do however think that most of the other shops are quite top class and expensive shops.

            The Highcross does look good and has Causeway land going along side it, which is now where bus routes go through.

            I think its a great place, with lots of new shops, but it can be expensive.


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            08.10.2008 20:39
            1 Comment




            As much as i enjoy shopping i have to say i was very disappointed by Highcross, although it provides a lot more variety of clothing and shoe shops, it has all been seen before and considering it cost £350 million to make, i dont see any evidence as to what they have done to make this shopping centre stand out from others. On saying that i rather enjoyed the new food places there are to go to and i am very impressed by the brand new cinema which has an all new feel to it and gives people a whole new cinema experience as soon as you walk through the door. Other than that i think i can say that the Highcross Shopping Centre is a big disappointment and doesnt do justice to the money that was spent designing and making it, i personally wouldn't waste my time travelling from out of town to go.


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              19.09.2008 02:30
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A great place to shop, unless maybe you're used to the bullringin Birmingham or London's high sreets

              The brand new £350 million shopping centre in Leicester was the talk of the town before it opened on September 4th. It pretty much completed the regeneration of the city centre and became a new icon of the city that also houses the National Space Centre. Highcross attracted over 1 million visitors in less than two weeks in this time of economic uncertainty. So why all the hype?

              Well to put things quite simply it's because this shopping centre is not like anything locals have seen before. Although a part of the shopping centre is simply a face lifted version of the old "Shires" shopping centre, there is a large brand new section hosting big brand stores with something for everyone. Just the old parts holds a Waterstones for the bookish types, sporty types have JD sports, a host of shoe and trainer shops, a Disney store for the kids and young at heart, GAME for all the,well - gamers, department stores like Debenhams and House of Frasier and of course much more.

              The new section steps things up a notch and brings big designer brands into play. A Levis store (with a small engineered section), G-star, Lacoste, Apple, T.M Lewin, Hugo Boss, Reiss, Cruise, surrunding a Carluccio's are just some of the more upmarket stores around. The most talked about and visually astounding feature is a flagship John Lewis Leicester store. With distinctively patterned glass making up the panelling of the store this is sure to be the iconic symbol of new Leicester.

              Cusine available includes Spanish, Oriental, Indian, Portuguese and Italian among others.

              The new deluxe cinema is clearly one of the highlights, being only the second of its kind in the UK. Being given access to a media tour the day before it was officially opened I had the pleasure if sitting in the reclining leather padded seats and watching 3D trailers in one of the screens. 3D looks to be the future of cinema to entice people to flock back to the cinema among this age of internet downloads. The cinema also uses digital posters to advertise films to cut down on paper usage and so 'do their bit for the environment.' One large screen, holding up to 400 people will be used for regional premieres of films, whilst the directors lounge is something to marvel at. A room that can be hired out for parties or corporate events holds a fully stocked bar and lounge room allowing people to relax and have a drink before stepping into a small private screen, this time with padded leather reclining loveseats (of which the armrest in the middle can be pulled up) to allow couples to snuggle up or just someone to stretch out over 2 seats. Each seat also has a small table attached to the armrest that swivels round allowing the user to place any food or refreshments they may have bought on it.

              All in all a nice shopping centre in an area that has benefited from regeneration. Regular users of the bullring or London high streets won't find it that impressive, and it may not have the full extensive variety found on the high street but will suit most shoppers needs, whatever price band these hail from.


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