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Lush (Westfield Derby)

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2012 20:39
      Very helpful



      The best Lush shop that I have been to

      Lush Store Derby Westfield Centre

      My very favourite shop in the Westfield centre in Derby is one of the smaller shops on the bottom level just close to the customer services desk and opposite the main Boots entrance. You can smell the shop a long time before you actually get to see it. My nose is trained to sniff out a Lush shop wherever I go and so far I have found them in Oxford, Manchester in the UK, Brisbane in Australia and two in the two Macy's shops in Chicago in the USA. That is quite an achievement considering my husband refuses to go to any shops when we are on holiday unless it is to buy food. This however is my main fix and the shop that I must visit at least twice every month and often a lot more.

      Apart from the fact the smell calls me in I also love the happy welcome that you receive from all the staff there. They are so keen to share the love of the products and will happily talk for ages about the benefits of each one, advise you on which might be best for your skin and also demonstrate how wonderfully luxurious they feel when you use them.

      Over the last couple of years I have enjoyed two facials in the shop with my son's girlfriend once and a friend on the other occasion. We made our own face masks and then were given a wonderful facial using Lush's products. After this we were each given a pot of the face mask, as well as samples of all the products they used on our face plus others as well to try. All that was free and yet we had a great time and were treated as though we had paid for a salon facial.

      In this shop in the front window there is a table which has different new items set up depending on what products are new or if there is a new campaign that Lush is supporting. This is where you will see what is the latest event or campaign or product of the moment.

      As you enter the shop this table is on the right and then at right angles to this is the table which is filled with ice and where the fresh face masks are on display. As you walk round on the right hand side the next section is facial care with cleansers, creams, toners and so one. Everything in Lush has an open tested with a plastic spoon so that you can try the product in the shop. This is not only allowed but is encouraged and if you are not trying the products then someone will come over and suggest you try them.

      The next section is one of my favourites. It has all the present perfumes that are sold by Lush including the oils at the moment but i do know some of these are going to be discontinued in the shops and will only be available on line after Christmas which is sad news for me.

      Moving on around the shop we come to the gift boxes all ready wrapped in recyclable paper and beautifully colourful. Next we come to the massage bars which are pure luxury. The creams and body treats come next. In the corner is a sink and a tap which gets used a lot changing the bowls of water which are used for giving the customers a chance to experience the bath product's scents in water or to try the scrubs on their hands and so on. I have never been in the shop and not seen at least two people being given a try of a product using a bowl of water to wash it off or watch it fizz or to feel how soft the water is once the product is added.

      Moving on passed the sink going around to the back of the shop we then come to the scrubs, deodorants, shower jellies and shower gels. All these need to be tested and experienced as they are really very different and last ages.

      We now come to the new very different makeup range called Emotional Brilliance. The makeup is all in little mascara type pots. The mascara comes with the usual brush but all the other colours can be used for eyes or lips depending on how daring you are. They can be used to draw fine lines or be blended. I have used 'Passionate' on my lips and the colour stays for hours, it is really great. After putting on the colour you can add lip gloss to keep the lips moist.

      Toothy tabs are next and then we come to the staff door out to all the storage and more I suppose.
      A smaller stand lies parallel with this back counter and this is where you will find all the bubble bars and bath melts. I can spend ages sniffing these to try and choose my latest treat.

      To the left hand side now and heading from the back of the shop towards the front. At the back is where you will find all the hair care from solid shampoos through to liquid shampoos, hair treatments, conditions and hair styling products. You can spend another happy time in this corner sniffing all the wonderful solid shampoo bars and testing the conditioners. Once again the staff are always thrilled to explain which product would suit you best. They will also give you samples if you are not sure which would work best for you.

      The counter takes up most of the rest of that side of the shop but in the middle is the huge display table full of the wonderful coloured slabs of soap and piles of bath ballistics all ready for you to sniff and if you want o see what they do once again someone will be more than happy to show you. You can try the soaps in the shop and watch and sniff and feel the water into which you have watched a bath ballistic do its stuff.

      Along the front of the counter you will find lip glosses to try and lip scrubs and sometimes a small table just beside the counter has something special that they want to share with you. You might find a small box of sample collections put together for feet treats or a stay in with the girls box or maybe e a perfume display or sometimes a mix of products with the same sort of smells that you can buy and layer the scent on you.

      This shop has to have the happiest feel about it and the greatest customer service that I have ever come across. Once I bought a small box of samples and when I got home I found I was missing one of the items. I phoned them. They told me to tell them when I next came in and when I went back and gave my name I was given two of the item to make up for the error.

      Apart from the fact the shop has such lovely product and great staff the ethics and philosophy of the company have to be admired. They refuse to buy any products that have ever been tested on animals. They buy Fairtrade where possible and support so many small charities and campaigns such as stopping oil palm plantations destroying the rainforests in Borneo and so on.

      The company have very strong beliefs and stand up for great charities and campaigns. They have been very supportive towards charities in Japan since the Tsunami; they have run campaigns to fight against animals testing, as well as campaigns to highlight the danger of destroying the rainforest and planting oil palms and so many more.

      Their Charity pot sales all go towards smaller less known local charities and all the money made from that is donated except the VAT which is their contribution to the government's coffers.

      This is a shop from a brilliant ethical company which sells wonderful products; many are fun while others are really great skin care products. The shop is welcoming and the staff fun, knowledgeable and very helpful. This is my favourite shop and I spend a lot of time in here.

      Thanks for reading. This review will be posted on other sites under my same username.


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