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Shopping Areas in Salisbury

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City streets, markets, shopping malls, large retail parks...

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    4 Reviews
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      26.08.2009 11:13



      nice for the quiet shopper but the hardend shopperholic should go to Southampton!

      The main shopping areas in Salisbury are the Old George Mall, the Maltings, and the Cross Keys Centre. The Old George Mall is home to most of the High Street shops including M&S, BHS, New Look, Currys and WHSMiths (amongst others) this is a modern, outdoor mall with plenty of eating areas and often has some sort of musician/street performers busking on a Saturday. It is also used as a hang out and meeting place for young people. The Maltings is a small shopping area near Sainsburys and the river and is accessed via the Market Walk from the Market Square. This area is for more specialist shops such as Culpeppers and Crystals and although is home to some nice shops, is mainly full of people pottering around and enjoying the park- not for the hardend shopperholic! The Cross Keys Centre is dominated by TK Maxx and the other units are often changing hands/closing down showing slower business than the other areas. This is a small shopping mall with two entrances but is rather dated and doesn't offer much other than TK.Maxx!


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      15.04.2009 20:58
      Very helpful
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      A great shopping experience in a medieval setting

      I have lived in Salisbury all of my life (40 + years) and like shopping, so what a subject to write about!. I could bore readers with painstaking detail of every shop but what I'd really like to do is paint a picture of the City, what it has to offer and hopefully convince a few people that it is truly somewhere worth visiting.

      Salisbury is a medieval City with a 13th/14th century cathedral itself nestled within a wonderfully spacious (and ideal for picnics) cathedral close - all a very short walk from the main shopping area. The City is located in rural south Wiltshire and serves as a shopping focal point for many villages from quite a wide surrounding area. There are a number of park and ride schemes operating on the main access routes into Salisbury (although the final one, off of the A36 southampton Road won't be open until 2010) plus a number of car parks (open and covered) which are well sign posted within the City's boundaries (and close to the shops). Parking costs, as at april 2009, about £3 a day, for a car and all passengers, in the park and ride and £5.50 a day in the City centre parks.

      Tuesdays and Saturdays are "market" days and the market square (smack in the middle of town) is a throng of activity with 80 (a top of the head guess) or more stalls selling foodstuffs, clothing, gifts, second hand books etc etc. If you're out for a day's shopping then these are good days to visit.
      There are frequent French themed and farmers' markets on other days and these can also be worthwhile visiting.

      The heart of the City's shopping area is the Old George Mall a, recently renovated, arcade of about 40 shops. Here you'll find old favourites such as Marks & Spencer (a medium-sized branch with all the usual departments and a small upstairs coffee shop), BHS, WH Smith, Mothercare, River Island, Next, Millets, Thorntons, New Look, Clintons, HMV amongst others - mostly the sort of shops you'd find on many other city shopping streets

      At one end of the George Mall is the High Street (which leads to the Cathedral). Here we have a few smaller independent type shops including a wonderful Belgian chocolate shop (with tearooms), a Casa Fina (stylish homewares and so much more) a post office, upmarket ladies' shop and, the more well known, ELC, Poundland, Jones the Bootmakers, Waterstones and others (plus an empty shell where Woolworths once reigned supreme).

      The Canal boasts a number of small fashionable clothes and shoe shops (including Clarks, Shoon, Monsoon, Baby Gap, Austin Reed, Blacks) plus Paperchase, Cargo, 2 Country Casuals and a Ulla popken (I kid you not).

      Next is Catherine Street where there are a decent number of small shops including 4 (of the City's 10) charity shops, an independent sports goods shop (John Eadie's), a 3 story antiques market (complete with a smashing top floor tearooms - highly recommended), a leather goods shop (Ingrams) and, again, much more.

      Milford Street adjoins Catherine Street and the New Canal and has a few shops of interest, being Rowlands of Bath, Chas Bakers and Twenty-One B (all upmarket clothes shops), Just Jane (a lingerie shop for the discerning lady of all ages), Greenfields (shotguns, barbour jackets, tweed and the like) and QS.

      On Queen Street you can find a Crew Clothing, Edinburgh Woollen Mill, London Camera Exchange, an interesting bead shop (Bayoux Beads or some such name) and Salisbury Health Food Shop. A small mall (the Cross Keys) is dominated by TK Maxx but also boasts a linen shop, leathergoods shop, Rymans and Panasonic shop.

      Winchester street has a McDonalds, some betting shops as well as some interesting small independents including Hayballs (cycles), Regent's men's clothing (top quality gear) and a second hand bookshop.

      Back into the market square, we have a large Debenhams, The Entertainer, a Pizza Hut and Pizza Express (note that there are dozens of good places to eat in Salisbury from posher hotel fodder such as the wonderful Red Lion Hotel, pub grub, multi-national fast food chains, tearooms, bakers, most notably Reeves the Bakers) and a shipload of coffee shops (Pasty Presto being my own personal favourite).

      The cobbled Butcher Row has many shops of interest some, such as Hawkins Bazaar, Fat Face, White Stuff and Goldsmiths are part of well known chains, others including an art shop, Reeves the Bakers and a delightful deli, are not.

      Silver Street has a large Boots the chemist, Animal clothing and JoJo Maman Bebe. Fisherton Street's shops include The Fisherton Mill Gallery which is worth a visit to explore a wonderful converted mill, packed to the rafters with all sorts of artwork to suit all pockets and a super eating area for a decent coffee and cake treat.

      The other significant shopping area is The Maltings, which is home to Sainsburys, The Works, Robert Dyas, Superdrug and Culpeppers as well as fashion boutique Jabot and a Riekers shoe shop.

      I have missed out a number of shops (as my objective was to give a flavour rather than a definitive list of the City's shopping). To get the most out of a Salisbury shopping experience, I recommend exploring the sidestreets where local shopkeepers nestle, away from the high rent spaces occupied by the muscular big-boy national chainstores. As you walk through the shopping streets try and find time to look up at the fabulous architecture, which is so often covered up by street level shop facades.

      If your significant other is not so keen on shopping then they can explore the cathedral or museum, frequent one of the many good hostelries (pubs and inns are round every corner) or relax in the Odeon multiscreen cinema (set in a medieval banqueting hall in the heart of the City) or use the facilities of the nearby Salisbury Leisure Centre (with fun pool).

      If you have the opportunity to visit Salisbury, for the first time, then take it. The locals are friendly and the shopping enviroment is one you're sure to enjoy.


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        01.02.2009 16:01
        Very helpful



        A great little shopping area, where every turn brings a whole new set of different shops!

        When most people have lived somewhere all there life they tend grow bored of the place!

        Well I'm proud to say that I am very happy to live in Salisbury and the shopping here is great.

        There are a good variety of shops, including large chain stores and many independant stores. There aren't as many shops as there are in some near by towns such as Southampton or Bournemouth but alot of the shops in Salisbury are in traditonal beamed buildings which just adds a little something to your average shopping trip!

        Shopping areas in Salisbury (I won't put the full list of shops for each area, as I don't want to take up the whole review with shop names! I'll just mention a few that stand out and places of interest)

        - The Old George Mall -

        This is the main shopping mall in Salisbury. There are approximately 50 shops including Marks and Spencers and BHS. There are a good variety of shops in the Old George Mall - mostly chain shops. This is the best place to go if you are looking for clothing shops such as River Island and New Look, Jewellery - H Samuels and Accesorize and Mobile phone shops - O2 and Vodafone.

        Recently opened just before Christmas was Candy Land. An independant shop FULL of pick and mix! Yum! Not sure how long this will be around as the independant shops never seem to last long in the O-G Mall. Might be high rent prices?

        Coming out of the Old George Mall towards the WH Smiths and turning left towards the Cathedral there are some lovely little shops and a chocolate shop which is a must visit!

        For a full list of shops visit - http://www.oldgeorgemall.co.uk/shopping.php

        - Cross Keys -

        This is a smaller covered mall. There are only a handfull of shops here. TK Max almost takes up half of this mall! There are a few nice independant shops here though. If you are a designer fan there is Richmond classics that specialise in designer clothes such as Juicy Couture and Diesel. There is also the Cross Keys Book shop which has all the new releases but alot of books on the History of Wiltshire and the surrounding areas. If you are visiting from abroad and need a Bureau De Change there is one located here with very good exchange rates.

        - The Market Square -

        If you exit the Cross Keys walking past the Cross Keys Restaurant on your right (great for afternoon tea) you will come out facing the market square. The main thing you will probably see is the Guildhall which is where the old law courts are housed. They often have craft fayres here which cost between 20p and 50p for entry! There is a market every Tuesday and Saturday with a variety of different stalls. Clothes, books, fruit and veg, make-up... all sorts! I would reccomend a visit to the donut van - get the cinnamon sugar coated (I wonder why I feel the need to mention food in all my reviews!). If you are visiting around December time there is a late night Christmas Market every Thursday night (staying open until 9pm - as are all the shops).

        Just across the road from the market square is Debenhams and a few other shops such as the Entertainer and Zoo Jewellery.

        - Winchester Steet -

        If you exit the Cross Keys through the other exit you will end up on Winchester Street. Here you'll find McDonalds and a few charity shops. If you turn right and walk a little further down the street you will find a few independant stores that have nice little knick knacks. There are vintage stores down here which are great for a little rummage to see what you can find!

        - Fish Row -

        Fish Row is the little road just behind the Market Square. This is a lovely cobbled pedestrian street with some independant shops mixed with shops like Hawkins Bazar and White Stuff. Walking down this street you will head towards larger shops such as Boots and Animal.

        - The Maltings -

        Walking from the Market Square through to the Maltings you will pass Lakeland plastic and Strada (yum). If you need a supermarket you will find Sainsbury in the Maltings (there is also a Tesco metro by the market square). There is also a party shop here and a shop called SNIP - this is disount shop with everything you can imagine under onw roof all at very reasonable prices. There is also a very reasonable beauty store here called Beauty One who offer nail extensions, spray tan, massage etc!

        Whilst you're around the maltings area why not take a little time to feed the ducks! The River Avon runs through Salisbury and you will always see ducks and swans floating along outside the shops here!

        - Fisherton Mill -

        Walking away from the Mailtings area you will end up on Fisherton Street. Fisherton Mill is a little difficult to spot if you didn't know it was there but keep looking up and you will see the flag attached to the building! This is an old converted grain mill and it is now an art gallery. There is a lovely little cafe here and they have a shop where local artists have there items on sale. Some of the stuff is pretty pricey but if you're looking for that unique gift or picture this is the place to go!

        - Wilton Shopping Village -

        The Wilton Shopping Village is about a 5 minute drive out of the centre of Salisbury. It has a large Edinburgh Wool Mill and a few other little interesting shops and is worth a visit if you are on the way out of Salisbury.

        The Wilton Shopping Village is the home of the Wilton Carpet factory and they do tours of the factory and they sell the famous carpet here!

        In summary Salisbury is a lovely place to shop because of the eclectic mix of shops combined with the beautiful buildings. There are many restaurants and cafes to have a break from all the shopping and usually a few buskers around for a bit of entertainment! Everywhere is very easy to walk to and make sure you take a look at all the architecture above the shop fronts as most of the buildings are still in there original form!

        If you are planning a visit to Salisbury and want any more information on any of the areas I've mentioned just drop me a line and I'd be happy to help out!


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        16.07.2002 00:54
        Very helpful



        Salisbury has three shopping area; old George mall, the Maltings, & Cross Keys. George Mall. Once the George hotel where Samuel Pepys stayed, the old sign still hangs above the entrance. Closed in the 1950's the black-beamed stairs which dates back to Tudor times still exists. The courtyard is where the shopping centre now resides, has been improved New look Clinton cards Birthdays Mothercare Virgin Thornton?s M&S Game WH Smith JB Sports Ingram?s (for horse lovers) Southerns (furniture shop, expensive but good quality) Superdrug Oswald Bailey outdoor adventure (closing down) officers club (full of strange suited men) Nescafe cafe with outdoor seating. H Samuels Russell & Bromley shoes (pricey) Warehouse River Island The Maltings. Once an old 15th century grain mill, it has the river Avon going through the middle. A great place to feed the ducks & the swans. There is a restaurant here called Bishops Mill. This is the only building in Salisbury to have its electric supplied by a waterfall. It?s quite impressive, & you have to see it to witness the roar of the water. There is a small park here where you can feed the ducks & watch the world go by.. Shops here include; Country Books Robert Dyas Sue Ryder Shop Mobility Big Ears Novelties A kitchen shop Bakers Oven T-rooms the local lending library Party Bizniz, (any party you want to throw, they can supply the bunting, wrapping paper etc), even have party carpeting. Sainsbury?s J&T card shop Curtain shop Cross Keys There is a staircase here which definitely dates from the 14th century. This is Salisbury?s only covered precinct. Here there is a restaurant with outdoor seating called the Cross keys. There is a period fireplace, & seating upstairs. Here shops include; Cross
        keys Books TK Max MVC records Another card shop Budget Beauty (sells beauty products at cheap prices) Nursery World (moving 2 The Maltings) Cross keys books If you want charity shops in Salisbury you have; Oxfam Mencap Dr Banardoes British Heart Foundation Winged Fellowship Sue Ryder Banks are; Lloys Natwest Bank of Scotland (what ever you call it) Barkleys Portman High Street Now pedetrianised there is; Woolworth's B. King Games Station British Heart Foundation Mencap Indian Art (curtains & jewellery etc) 3 Hairdressing shops Post office & gift shop. Entrance to Salisbury Cathedral


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