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Silverburn Shopping Centre (Glasgow)

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7 Reviews

Address: Barrhead Road / Glasgow / Scotland G53 6QR

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    7 Reviews
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      23.05.2011 17:22
      Very helpful



      The high street hits the Glasgow suburbs at Silverburn

      When I lived in Edinburgh I was spoiled for shopping. My last home was within a short walk of Princes Street and as such I could easily visit large department stores and all the high street names without having to travel far to get to them. Having these stores on your doorstep makes you take them for granted and it wasn't until I moved away that I realised just how lucky I was being so close to a huge Marks & Spencer and having John Lewis so nearby.

      The town I live in now does have a large shopping centre but it doesn't have a lot of the names I was used to seeing whenever I shopped in the centre of Edinburgh. Obviously all these stores are available in Glasgow city centre, but parking there can be tricky and walking about with shopping in inclement weather can be trying.

      The out of town shopping centre has grown in popularity over the past 20 or so years and Glasgow has the Fort on the eastern outskirts of the city and Silverburn, which is located in Pollok on the city's southside to show for this. Silverburn opened in 2007 and is home to 95 stores and has 4,500 parking spaces.

      ~~Getting There~~

      The easiest way to get to Silverburn is by car. The shopping centre is located at Junction 2 of the M77 and is clearly visible from the motorway. The motorway links Silverburn not just to Glasgow but to Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire and Ayrshire.

      The centre has a bus station with services serving the local area and Glasgow City Centre. The nearest train station is Nitshill and buses connect from there to the shopping station.

      ~~What's It Like?~~

      Silverburn is an indoor shopping centre - which makes sense in this part of the world. The aforementioned Fort Shopping Centre is all outdoor which is fine if the weather is good but is purgatory when it rains - and let's face it, it rains a lot on the west coast of Scotland.

      The shopping centre is anchored by Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and Tesco. The Tesco Extra store isn't attached to the main shopping centre and can only be accessed from the outside but it's only a few feet to walk to reach the entrance.

      The Marks & Spencer store is supposedly the largest in Scotland, and the Debenhams is large and airy too.

      Most of the stores are single storey units but some - the two anchor stores located within the main part of the centre itself - have two levels. There is an upper level on the shopping centre which is home to a Pure Spa.

      The actual interior of Silverburn is lovely - it feels as if you are walking down a spotless street with stores on either side. The floors have a marble effect and there is good use of natural light made from the roof, along with careful use of plants.

      The shopping centre has 14 restaurants dotted throughout including a Prezzo, Yo! Sushi, a Frankie & Bennys, Nando's and Wagamama. There's a refreshing absence of fast food joints here.

      ~~Opening Hours

      Silverburn is open generally from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm every weekday although some stores are open later - the Tesco for instance is open 24 hours and Debenhams and Marks and Spencer stay open later too - along with several of the restaurants. The centre is open until 7pm on Saturdays and until 6pm on a Sunday. Additionally, the centre opens at 9.00 am on Saturdays.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      When I moved back to South Lanarkshire to live I started to find myself opting towards Silverburn to shop - especially when I wanted to visit Marks & Spencer - surprisingly often. The centre is easy for me to drive to - I can be there in 20 minutes via the A726 and the M77 and as such I tend to shop at Silverburn far more often than Glasgow City Centre these days.

      Quite apart from the fact it's easy for me to drive to and parking is very rarely difficult - especially if, like me, you tend to shop in the morning - I like the shops that are available in Silverburn and the choice offered to me.

      I must admit I do sometimes wonder if the Marks & Spencer really is the largest in Scotland as the Argyle Street branch in Glasgow or the Princes Street branch in Edinburgh always strike me as bigger but perhaps it's just the way the store is laid out. Having said that I still love the Silverburn branch and I invariably find myself there whenever I know there's a sale on.

      Similarly, the branch of Debenhams is very large and offers a large cosmetic and fragrance department - including a Benefit Brow Bar - along with a huge array of fashion, footwear and homewear.

      There are the usual high street suspects to be found in Silverburn including New Look, Next, River Island and HMV, as well as Superdrug and Boots. However it's nice to see Phase Eight, LK Bennett, Coast and Hobbs, along with a James Lakeland store in the centre too, offering slightly more upmarket clothing for women.

      For kids there's a Game store as well as a Build a Bear - which is always a port of call for my daughter, who has yet to grow out of this concept. There's also an Argos and a fairly large TK Maxx store.

      If you are looking for electronics there's a wonderful Panasonic store which always feeds my addiction to new Panasonic products - the latest one I have seen there being a washing machine - and there's also a branch of Barrhead Travel for those wanting to book a holiday. The centre even boasts a Post Office.

      There isn't a bank branch in the centre but there is a Barclays cash machine located close to the main food court (this area is called "The Garden") on the way to the toilets, and there's a bank of cash machines outside Tesco.

      The toilets themselves are modern and very well maintained - everything is sensor activated including the taps and the flushing mechanisms. What I love about the toilets in Silverburn is they still give you the option to use hand dryers or use paper towels. I don't mind no paper towels if there are powerful and effective hand dryers in operation but my daughter hates the noise of these dryers and it's nice to give her the option to avoid them.

      The Garden area is home to several restaurants here including Wagamama, Pizza Hut and Nando's. I've dined at both Wagamama and Nando's and enjoyed the food at both but it's worth saying they are both quite small in comparison to stand alone branches and as such they can get rather busy very quickly. As a result I invariably have an early lunch when I visit Silverburn. The branches of Frankie & Benny's and Prezzo at the centre don't feel as if they are part of a food court the way the restaurants do in the Garden area and are much larger too.


      If you want to experience some city centre shopping in the suburbs then Silverburn is definitely worth a visit. It offers a vast selection of stores in a setting which is well designed and pleasant. I don't often find malls which I think have a really pleasant environment but Silverburn most definitely does.

      There is a great choice here along with free and plentiful parking dotted around the centre - including a multi storey car park which is useful on poor weather.

      Accessibility is excellent too with most stores being on ground level and those which have a second level all have lift access. Disabled parking is in good supply and is located close to the main entrances dotted around the centre.

      I still pop into Glasgow city centre for shopping but must admit I do prefer to visit Silverburn these days due to its excellent motorway links, super choice of shopping and dining options and the fact that once I get there, it really is a wonderful place to shop.



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      20.05.2010 16:33
      Very helpful



      Loads of shops!

      Located in South Glasgow, Silverburn is one of the latest out of town malls in the West of Scotland. Opened a couple of years ago the shopping centre has most of the usual suspects in shops and restaurants and a few new ones to boot.

      Anchored by Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and a 24 hour Tesco, the shopping centre has 5 zones of shops and restaurants (I have to admit I shop there fairly regularly and didn't realize it had 5 zones until I read some of the official bumff!). There are also 4 main car park zones (Green, Yellow & Red are outside and Blue is a Multi Storey parking attached directly to the mall). There is apparently in excess of 4500 car park spaces, although on weekends I often find it difficult to get one and at Christmas like everywhere else it is a nightmare. Parking is free which is a main benefit and the shops are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 9pm on a Saturday from 9am to 7pm and on a Sunday from 10am to 6pm. (some of the larger stores and restaurants are open later.) The opening hours is a huge attraction for me as it is handy to visit when you need some last minute things and can't shop at any other times.

      I have to be honest I prefer city centre shopping particularly Glasgow which has excellent shopping but I do like to use Silverburn when I can't get into town at the weekend or when I need something quickly and easily. The shops available include most of the high street favourites like Zara, Monsoon, Kurt Geiger, Office, Wallis, Hobbs, LK Bennett, Warehouse, Top Shop, Next, Benetton, Boots, Argos, Marks and Spencer's, Debenhams, and even include a TK Maxx to name a few.

      The food options are quite good as well for the quick bite and include Nandos, Costa, Pizza Hut, Wagamama, Yo Sushi, La Tasca, Prezzo, Starbucks, and Frankie & Bennies. I often meet a couple of friends at Prezzo, part of the Italian restaurant chain, for a quick catch up and some food. The food is pretty good for a chain and you quite often get some good offers or vouchers (sometimes even 2 for 1 on main meals during the week - I'll maybe review that another time!)

      Silverburn even has a spa and I can't wait to try it, I was recently given vouchers and am looking forward to using them for some pampering while I shop!

      Another great thing is that also attached to Silverburn is a huge Tesco which is open 27/7. I normally do the rest of my shopping then pop into Tesco and top up my food shopping it definitely kills 2 birds with one stone, a huge plus point in my eyes.

      Silverburn has plenty of toilet facilities, cash machines, a comprehensive information and customer service desk, various info pods and additionally the whole centre has Wi-Fi access.

      It is a nice, modern, well kept, easy to use, bright, well laid out shopping mall that makes my life just that little bit easier when I need to get things at night. It is well worth the trip and has shops for all the family needs. A thumbs up from me as shopping malls go.

      For further information on the shops and centre check out www.silverburn.com


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        30.03.2010 10:15



        Contrary to the last review of Silverburn I believe the children's entertainment is excellent bearing in mind they offer a Kids Club every Sunday from 2-4pm, and if you sign up online via their website you receive a free Kids Club goody bag. I have also just noticed online that they have a full programme of events for Easter too. It's the only place I now shop and the baby changing facilities are excellent as well as the stores.


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        01.03.2010 13:25
        Very helpful



        nice shopping centre but watch the prices!

        I am not a huge fan of indoor shopping centres. Many of them that are cropping up at the moment are pretty much the same with very little character and the same selection of high streets stores.

        However, when Silverburn opened within walking distance of where I live, it would have been silly of me not to give it a go.

        It is located just off Junction 2 of the M77 in Glasgow so it is only around 5-10 minutes from the City Centre. It is very hard to miss, as soon as you turn off you can see the huge signs for Tesco and Marks & Spencers.

        Beware however if you chose to travel there on a Saturday afternoon as there can be quite a tailback as you leave the motorway.

        You can also jump on a number of buses from the City Centre including the 56, 57, 47 and the X8 which is the motorway express, all of which take you straight into the Silverburn bus station in around 30 minutes or less for £1.60.

        Parking at Silverburn is fairly easy. There are a few car parks to chose from including a multi-storey, so you can usually find a space, however as I said, Saturdays are very busy and as the car parks are so big, you can end up quite a bit away from the centre itself.

        Once you are there, Silverburn is a long avenue style shopping centre that snakes its way from Mark & Spencers at one end to the massive Tesco at the other, which resembles an aircraft hanger more than a supermarket.

        I usually find these places to be clones of one another but I was pleasantly surprised at the layout and style. "The Garden" is one end of the centre which hosts a huge curved glass ceiling supported by large wooden arches. There are trees and a fountain surrounded by some nice eating places including Nandos, Wagamama and O'Briens. Slightly better than your average food court.

        If you take a wander along the avenue of the centre would will also come across a Yo Sushi, Prezzo Italian restaurant, Frankie and Bennies and a La Tasca. Again, all an improvement on your usual shopping centre eateries. However if you are looking for something more simple, or just a quick coffee, you will also find a Coffee Republic, Costa, Starbucks or a Greggs just outside the back door for a quick bite. Tesco also has its own café which does a pretty good breakfast.

        More importantly though, what are the shops like?

        Well this is definitely the centre for the slightly more upmarket shopper while catering for those who love your more mainstream high street stores. The Next, Marks & Spencers and Debenhams are all very large indeed while the other familiar shops are there including Argos, Boots, River Island, Top Shop, Clinton Cards and TK Maxx. However there are also a lovely selection of jewellers including ROX and Lime diamonds. Other more upmarket stores (well upmarket to me anyway!) are Coast, LK Bennet, Kurt Geiger, Swarovski and United Colours of Benneton. These are just to name a few and there is also a Spa for those who wish to pamper themselves before or after their retail therapy.

        Granted, the shops here are definitely for those with a bit of cash to splash but it is a nice place to have a wander around and a bite to eat. On a recent trip we were £40 for lunch, £30 in HMV and £50 in Tesco.

        It isn't all good however. Despite having very good baby changing facilities there is very little here to keeps the kids entertained therefore this really is for grown up shopping trips. Most of the time you see Dad's sitting by the dancing fountain with the kids while the mums head round the shops.

        The toilets are lovely and clean however they can be a little hard to find. There is also a great shortage of seats and you really need to stop at a coffee shop if you want to put your feet up for 5 minutes. I support that's the point!

        The cash machines are few and far between with one at either end and a selection in Tesco. It might sound adequate but the centre is a considerable length so if one isn't working you have quite a trek to the next.

        Also as it is an avenue style, it can become a little crowded but as the centre broadens where the three main stores are, this isn't a huge problem.

        As there is a Post Office and a supermarket on site, it really has everything you need therefore you can do almost everything in the one location.

        Overall I would say that this is an improvement on most of the shopping centres I have visited but definitely more suited to those with a bit of extra cash.


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        13.12.2009 18:28



        Great new shopping centre

        Silverburn is on the south side of Glasgow and its one of scotlands newest and biggest shopping centres just off the M77 motorway 5-10 mins from the city centre. Good bus links to the city centre an X8 goes on the motorway and is there within 5 mins traffic permitting. There are a range of fantastic stores such as topshop, zara, new look, river island, republic, coast, h&m, tkmaxx, m&s , coast, phase eight,monsoon, debenhams and loads more. It is a beautiful shopping centre very big with lots of space great when is busy as its not as bad as other places where you bump into people left right and centre. It also has many restaurants such as yo sushi, nandos, prezzo, la tasca, wagamamma and Frankie and Bennys to name a few. This is an ideal location for a shopping spree to make yourself feel glamorous There is the pure SPA located upstairs in silverburn for a bit of pampering. Silverburn also boasts a huge Tesco extra where you can get all your essentials before heading home. Hunreds and hunreds of car parking spaces. I really like Silverburn not just because its 5 mins walk from my house but because its big spacious and everything is under the one roof not running about in crowds of people in the wind and rain. The only small gripe I have is it does not have a Primark but I cant have everything can I.


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        12.10.2008 15:10
        Very helpful



        Worth an occasional visit

        Silverburn Shopping Centre is one of the newest out of town shopping centres in Scotland, having opened for the first time on 25 October 2007, although a number of units were still to be completed at this time. The centre was built to replace the 214,000 sq ft Pollok Shopping Centre, and Silverburn far exceeds this level of shopping space, having 1,500,000 sq ft of shopping area.

        The centre is located in Pollok, just beside the M77 motorway that links Glasgow with Ayrshire. Being next to the motorway, it is obviously easy for motorists from Glasgow, Ayrshire and beyond to reach the centre and its 4,500 car parking spaces. For those people not travelling by car, the centre has its own bus station, with both local buses and buses direct from Glasgow arriving regularly.

        THE MALLS

        The centre is split into 5 'shopping districts'; The Crescent, The Square, The Lane, The Circus and The Garden. Each of these areas is supposed to have its own unique style, although personally I don't really notice that much difference, apart from The Garden, which is where the majority of the restaurants are located. As you may expect from a Garden area, this is a more laid back area, with a water feature in the middle.

        Silverburn has been designed to be very spacious, so has very high ceilings in the malls, despite most of the shops being over only one floor. Similarly, the malls are very wide, so even on a busy Saturday afternoon, it doesn't feel crowded, a major advantage over other similar shopping centres.

        THE SHOPS

        The main shops in the centre are Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Next and Tesco. Most of the shops you would find in any high street are also here, such as Boots, Superdrug, Carphone Warehouse, Zavvi, Game, H&M, Top Shop, Top Man, Dorothy Perkins and Burtons. However there are also some more exclusive shops, such as Hawes & Curtis, Vero Moda, Kurt Geiger and Benetton.

        The Marks & Spencer store is supposed to be the biggest in Scotland, however in my opinion it is far smaller than the Argyle St branch in Glasgow, so I'm not sure on what basis it is the biggest. Similarly, Debenhams is supposed to also be the biggest in Scotland, but again the Argyle St branch appears to be at least double the size.

        The centre has 95 units, although I think there are still 2 or 3 empty units. For a full list of stores, check the website, www.silverburn.com

        EAT, REST & PLAY

        What shopping centre would be complete without a choice of restaurants? At Silverburn you have a choice of 14 cafes and restaurants. What I like about Silverburn is that there are cafes and restaurants throughout the centre, rather than all located in one area, although in saying that the majority of the restaurants are located in the Garden area.

        The restaurants cover all tastes and budgets, ranging from Yo Sushi! to the Debenhams café, Pizza Hut to Nando's, Wagamama to O'Briens. You can also find a café in Tesco, and Marks & Spencer has two café's, one inside the store, and one just outside in The Crescent.

        For a relaxing time, there is a spa on the mezzanine level, and a Gala Bingo in the Garden area.

        I've just noticed on their website that wi-fi is also available throughout the centre, allowing you to check the internet and emails as you relax with a coffee.


        As I mentioned above, the centre is well served by car parks with over 4,500 free car parking spaces located over 4 car parks; Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. There is a multi storey car park with direct access to the centre. The thing that I like best about this car park is that above each space are two lights; one red and one green. When the space is empty, the light is green, when a car drives in, the light automatically changes to red, making it very easy to locate an empty space. I've never saw this feature in any other car parks, but it is very handy and its use should be expanded to other car parks as soon as possible!

        In common with out of town shopping centres, parking here is free, although be careful if you park in the car park outside Tesco. This car park is privately owned by Tesco and is exclusively for the use of Tesco customers and there are signs up limiting the period of parking to 4 hours or a fixed penalty notice of £70 can be issued.


        The centre and shops are open from 10am - 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am - 7pm on Saturdays and 10am - 6pm on Sundays, although some of the larger stores, including Debenhams and Marks & Spencer stay open an hour later Monday - Saturday. Also some of the restaurants have different opening hours.

        The Tesco Extra store is a 24 hour store, so is open for those last minute items you've forgotten to buy during the day.


        The Centre caters well for disabled shoppers, with all the main shops being on one level, although some also have a shopping level upstairs. As with most other shopping centres, there is a Shopmobility service, offering the hire of electric wheelchairs to shoppers.

        The centre is also child friendly and offers a Childsafe service, where most stores display stickers with the phone number of the Customer Services desk, who should be contacted if you're child is lost. This way you can stay in the area you last saw them and still be able to report the incident to the Customer Service team, who can immediately start a search of the area, both in person and via CCTV.

        There are benches situated throughout the centre, although by the look of them they have been designed for short comfort breaks, not for a long gossip.


        The centre is easily reached and well planned with a good range of shops. However, there aren't that many shops that you wouldn't find elsewhere, especially for menswear, so it isn't a centre that I visit very often. This centre is best suited for wet Saturday afternoons, where you can pass a few hours staying dry and not being cramped into small malls.

        Silverburn Shopping Centre
        Barrhead Road
        G53 6QR

        0141 880 3200



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          01.07.2008 17:16
          Very helpful



          Attention all shopaholics!!!

          Last weekend my husband and I decided to visit Silverburn shopping centre in Glasgow. It was first opened on the 25th October, 2007. This shopping centre has been well advertised and has been hailed as a shopper's idea of heaven, a garden of eden for shoppers and a shopper's paradise.

          It is the largest purpose built shopping centre in Scotland. It is owned by Retail Property Holdings Limited and was built at a cost of 350 million pounds.

          We went by car and found silverburn very easily. We cut off at junction 2 on the M77, Glasgow to Irvine road, and we could see the shopping centre immediately.

          The car parks are colour coded in red, green and yellow for outside parking and blue for the multi storey car park. We found a parking space easily, which was a surprise. I later found out that there are 4,500 car parking spaces. I also noticed that there were plenty of disabled parking spaces.

          There are three entrances to the centre, one at each end and one in the middle. We decided to go in at one end and work our way to the other end.

          Just inside the entrance is Marks & Spencer and it is huge. Apparantly it is the largest M & S store in Scotland. Next and New Look also have their largest stores in Scotland at Silverburn.

          I picked up a leaflet at M & S door and discovered that the centre was divided into five different shopping areas. The Crescent (where I was), The Square, The Lane, The Circus and The Garden.

          Stores in The Crescent:

          M & S, Claire's Accessories, T Mobile, Game, Superdrug, Optical Express, JJB Sports, Zavvi, New Look, Benetton, Passion for Perfume, Muse, Parchment, Past Times, Frankie & Benny's, Hawes & Curtis, Ernest Jones, James Lakeland, Wallis, Principles,
          Gravity, The Body Shop, Coast, Jane Norman, Monsoon, Office, Kurt Geiger and Jack & Jones.

          There are cash points, vending machines and toilets in this area. Shopmobility is also situated here. There are plenty of benches along the main walkway and this is also where the M & S Cafe is.
          I enjoyed a very welcome cup of coffee here.

          Stores in the Square:

          Debenhams, Lime Blue, Red, Thorntons, La Senza, Swarovski, Little VIP's, Beaverbrooks, Phase Eight, Rox, Hobbs, LK Bennett and Prezzo.

          In the centre of the square there is an excellent sushi bar. The prices are reasonable and the food is amazing. We had a very enjoyable lunch there.

          There is also an information desk in the square. Lots of benches and more toilets.

          Stores in The Lane:

          Trespass, Carphone Warehouse, Barratts, Oasis, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Topman, Clinton Cards, Warehouse, Republic, Evans and Schuch.

          Again lots of benches if you need to have a seat.

          Stores in The Circus:

          River Island, Boots, Suits You, Zara, Next, Coffee Republic, Phones 4 U, Holland & Barrett, Build a Bear, Argos, Costa and H. Samuel.

          There are cashpoints here and toilets.

          Stores in the Garden:

          TK Max, Cotswold Outdoor, Barhead Travel.

          This is the last section inside the building and it is also the most pleasant. There are beautiful water features with lots of pebbles and plants. A large fountain where you can throw a coin or two in and make a wish. I found it to be really relaxing here and felt I was a million miles away from all the hustle and bustle of the large stores. As with the rest of the centre there are plenty of benches dotted around.

          Pizza Hut, Nandos, O'Briens and Wagamama were all very busy serving food here, but in no way did this interfere with the relaxed feeling that seemed to surround the Garden.

          Outside the building there is a Tesco Extra (if you have any money left to buy food). There is also a large Iceland which was very busy when we were there.

          If that is not enough, and depending if you are a gambling person, there is a Gala Bingo Hall.

          At this end of the centre you will also find the bus terminus. Buses from all over the region bring shoppers here. There is also a Silverburn Express Service, which runs from Glasgow city centre to Silverburn every fifteen minutes.

          Opening Times of Silverburn:

          Monday - Friday 10am - 9pm
          Saturday 9am - 7pm
          Sunday 10am - 6pm

          Tesco are open 24 hours.

          This was a great day out for me and I will not say how much money I spent, what I will say is, Silverburn is well worth a visit.
          It is different from any shopping centre I have been to. It has a light and airy feel to it and even when some stores are really busy the place never appears overcrowded.


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