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Standard Sweet Centret (Coventry)

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Address: 424-426 Foleshill Rd, Coventry, West Midlands, CV6 5JX

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    1 Review
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      13.01.2012 16:39
      Very helpful



      Wonderful, good quality food!

      Most of my life I have lived in Coventry in the West Midlands. I grew up near where there was a very large Asian community based called Foleshill and growing up I was used seeing a lot of Sweet centres, Sari shops and Halal butchers which has given me a love actually of all things Asian and feel really lucky that I grew up seeing these things!

      Indian restaurants were not about when I was young (I'm 37 now) however I knew what Indian food was from an early age because these types of places did do Indian food too and although, again back then White British people didn't go in much me and my family did!

      This Standard Sweet Centre is a real favourite of mine. Based on the Foleshill Road it has been there years, I'm trying to work out how many years as I type and I guess at about 20 and it really hasn't changed that much!

      The Address:

      424-426 Foleshill Road
      CV6 5JX
      Telephone: 024 7668 5003
      Website: Standardsweetcentre.co.uk

      The Centre:

      Well this place is a cafe come takeaway. Alot of people walk in to grab some sweets, people like me to grab some samosas and to take out and the odd curry but there is an eat in area too and you don't get charged more to eat in which I think is great and I have eaten in many, many times!

      There is no parking dedicated to this place though and no local car park however you can park in side streets and the likes and there are other shops all local to this which are Asian inspired in the main.

      As you walk in you are greeted by a huge counter housing, in one section the sweets, another are what is classed as starters and behind the counter there is a huge board of clearly listed prices. There are about 10 tables of different sizes in there and its cafe style and basic and with Asian music playing in the background. There is a toilet which is clean too and all in all the place is impeccably clean and very bright indeed.

      Now the counter is always, usually very busy and the majority of food is usually taken away as I pointed out earlier but the couple of staff here that are usually on are really fast and really do know what they doing!

      Whenever I used to go in for a takeaway I'd always grab some samosas and at 35p for a veg one, 40p for the chicken and 45p for a lamb one I think these are simply amazing! I mean nowadays I eat them alot an Indian restaurants and sometimes I buy them from supermarkets but these, well they're obviously home made! They are fat, triangles filled to the brim of amazing quality ingredients. My friend who is Pakistani says these are actually better than her mum makes lol. I also love their little veg spring rolls (45p) and other things on the starter menu include Gol Gappa (£1.40), Tandoori Chicken (£1.70), which by the way is on the bone and gorgeous and really tender and Bhel Puri (2.80) which I know is something on a bread but not sure what the Bhel is to be honest, maybe next time I'm in I'll take the plunge and try it lol. If you take them out you just get those if you eat in you do get a small onion salad and some mint sauce type thing as well which is not charged for.

      Also to take away or to eat in is a range of main courses which mainly consist of curries and the Vegetarian list is extensive.

      Pick from Lamb Curry, Chicken Curry & Saag And Balti Channa all at £3.00 each or Lamb Keema & Saag (£3.10), Balti Lamb or Chicken Tikka Masala at £3.70 each and you can even pay for extra sauce on your meal which is 25p for a small portion or a pound for large. The Vegetarian options like I have already mentioned are plentiful with 16 dishes infact to choose from all under £3.00 each. Mixed Vegetable Curry, Kadhi, Matter Paneer Curry and Saag curry are all only £2.20 a dish with Banghan Curry and Chilli Paneer being the most expensive dishes on the Vegetarian menu at £2.70 each.

      My personal favourites are the lamb curry which is simply lots of slow cooked tasting lamb in a medium hot curry sauce. Its so tasty and simply tastes so authentic and the Lamb Keema curry is lamb and mixed veg but the lamb is a dark brown colour and minced looking, again its lush and not too hot for me to bear.

      Sundries here are cheap too with a Chilli Naan (my favourite bread from here) costing only 80p and although not huge is adequate for one person and is light, fluffy, not greasy and seasoned with green chillies. Plain Rice is £1.20 a portion with the only other option being mixed veg rice at 10p more, I do think they could branch out on more interesting naan breads and rices to be honest...there just isn't much to choose from!

      Desserts here I have never tried but they only have 5 of those which I know nothing about but range in prices from 40p for a Rasgulah to £1.25 for a Kulfi Tub!

      Soft drinks and tea and coffee is available, this isn't a licensed premises by the way. You can also get Milk Shakes and Lassi and cans of soft drink, chilled from the cabinet is 65p, tea 60p and Lassi at £1.00 for plain and £1.20 for the one flavoured with mango.

      On to the sweets! Now this isn't something I had ever bought from anywhere till recently as my mate loves them. I was always confused by the names and pricing system and what they were. I didn't want to say can I have so much of that (pointing) and then being told the price was a tenner or something! My mate though loves Asian sweets and in we went the other day.

      Now prices are given on the board per kilo and per kilo prices start from £4.00 for Ladoo and Badana right up to £6.50 and this is on the Barfi range of sweets. They also do 'Specials' and they go right up to £10.00 for those.

      What me and my mate did was held the queue up by asking quetsions lol. We got the man behind the counter to agree to filling paper bags up for £2.00 each of what we chose!

      The Coconut Barfi (£5.00 a kilo) is a light whitsh coloured square of tuck together coconut bits basically. Chewy and very sweet with a rich taste of cardonmom to it this wa snot too sticky but like I say sweet and we loved it. Think Asian style Bounty but richer in taste. Its lovely and we went for Cherry and the Chocolate Barfi too at the same price which as the names suggested they tasted of! Now my mate also bought one I can't remember the name of and it was amazing so if anyone can guess what it called and let me know I'd appreciate it so I can get it again. Its bright orange and sticky and like puffed up circles of batter! You can see loads of it piled high in the place and its a really popular bought sweet, you can't miss it! It lovely, unsoggy and really, really sweet and quite simply its sublime and we fought over that!

      All in all this is very popular with the Asian community which to me signifies that it is good quality and very authentic. I highly recommend this place and the prices and have never not liked anything that I have had and although cheaply priced (compared to a lot of say Indian restaurants I frequent), this offer large and hearty portions its just to me the menu needs fancying up a little and more information could be put on the boards for people like me to fully understand what is what, however its great and a place I love!


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    • Product Details

      Standard Sweet Centre Restaurant & Take Away was one of the first Asian sweet shop's to open in Coventry, Warwickshire. Founded in 1975, this family-run restaurant has an authentic homely feel and friendly welcoming staff. Started in 1975 by Pishori and Gurbaksh, they have developed a reputation for making the finest sweets all boasting a unique taste. We take pride in providing the very best service to our customers with the very best in Authentic Asian Sweets, Savories, Namkeen and Chat.

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