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The Garlic Farm (Isle of Wight)

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5 Reviews
  • great range of condiments
  • Great qaulity
  • Beware of the Vampire!
  • doesn't take long to long round
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    5 Reviews
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      12.10.2015 15:05
      Very helpful


      • "free to visit"
      • "great range of condiments"


      • "doesn't take long to long round"

      Not recommend for Vampires!

      My boyfriend loves anything with Garlic so he wanted to visit The Garlic Farm during our stay in the IOW. We drove here as we were staying in Yarmouth during our week stay in the IOW. The Garlic Farm was reasonably easy to find and had plenty of parking available; although it can get a little muddy on a wet/rainy day.

      It's free entry into the building of the farm where you can try a selection of condiments and different types of garlic. This was a good idea as you could make a note on the forms provided of which items you liked and then pop to the shop to purchase the items that you had previously tried.

      I believe they do tractor rides here during the summer as well as you can walk around the Garlic Farm a little more if you want to; although as we visited here when it was wet were only visited the main buolding and the shop.

      The shop has a great rage of sauces, relish and other products and we ended up buying a few things here which including relishes, garlic butter and a few other things as well. The products in the shop are actually reasonably priced as well which we were surprised at.

      Although this wasn't the mpost exciting place to visit during our stay on the Isle Of Wight it was good and it was enjoyable and we were able to pass some time during the day by visting here. If you like all things garlic then I would definitely recommend a visit.


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      25.02.2015 21:07
      Very helpful



      The garlic pickle is a must

      First came across the garlic farm products at Bath christmas market. They were in one of the wooden chalets at the top end of the cathedral. I was drawn to their stall not just because I love garlic, but because of how attractive it looked. All the products were arranged with the maximum effect and it was easy to see their product range.

      Tasting was available which always helps when buying new products. It was hard to make a decision but I finally settled on the garlic mayo and garlic pickle. The garlic pickle is FANTASTIC. I use it in a variety of ways and added to a tomatoe sauce for pasta takes the sauce from tasty to yummy scrumy. Tried adding it to a homemade carrot soup and it was sublime. The pickle contains good sized pieces of garlic in a slight sauce with added cumin and other spices. Buy this and you will not be disappointed.

      Since then I have become a garlic farm product addict regularly buying direct from their website or from the food section in my local garden centre. I was really impressed with the buying experience of their website. Great variety of products, easy navigatable and received my goodies in good time in good secure packaging.

      Bought lots of their products including a tub of black garlic and made into a garlic themed hamper for my sister at Christmas. She too now is addicted to their products.

      All in all great products with reasonable prices


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      09.11.2014 13:52
      Very helpful


      • "Beautiful assortments of condiments"
      • "Passionate staff"
      • "Great qaulity"


      • "Beware of the Vampire!"


      There was a stall at the Good Food Show called the 'The Garlic Farm.'
      I was stumped because I had no idea until I saw this stall the different ways and condiments that could be made.
      We spent a fair bit of time on this stall, tasting products, listening to the staff, who were amazing and extremely passionate about their products and they listened to all our queries and comments, I nearly died of a coughing fit and sheer embarrassment when I tasted The Vampire and was the only one coughing my heart out and running around trying to find milk, anything! Thankfully the Garlic Farm was on standby.
      They got so much enjoyment out of our response to their products and the promotions they had on their products, I was so surprised at.
      I genuinely thought this is going to cost a fortune but it was very very reasonable and they threw in some samples.

      They had on offer a huge varieties on their stall from Mustards, Mayo's, Relishes, Butters, Pesto the choice was overwhelming, but in a good way.

      The stall was decorated very well. With Garlic hanging from the rafters or anywhere, they could find space. So your first thought is 'wow it looks Parisian' however when you get nearer and look at the stall, you can see how strong their heritage is and how devoted their are to the area where the come from, the Isle of Wight. So on reflection this was clearly a strong branded products based in the UK. But I had never heard of it before.

      They were friendly, approachable and really listened to you as they showed you around their stall and offered samples. Obviously this is how to promote their products but if you were not keen on a particular flavour they would ask why and suggest something else so you felt valued and that there was an alternative to the condiment so you felt that you really had the expereince you wanted a place like this showcasing great produce.

      The jars are so cute, some were squared, others round, solid, good quality for storing garlic, but the branding is current and stands out amongst the competitors around their stall.

      The choice would take absolutely forever to go through and quite possibly bore you but I will share what we brought and experienced, hopefully this will shed light and help you if you choose to head to the website.

      Comes in a gorgeous maroon gift bag with a Christmas decor on.
      Three jars chosen by the professionals to eat with crackers, cheese or however you like.

      A beige brown bag with three jars of garlic mayo's to add just to cheeses. These bags are such a good help when deciding what flavours, there's so many to choose from but the professionals have selected the best selling and most popular ones.

      The jar is authentic and rustic looking with an old pop-up lid where you push the wires up and force the lid back down.
      The pesto is the dominant flavour with just a hint of garlic as an undertone. Perfect for salads.

      Soy Sauce with Black Garlic
      The salty Soy sauce is balanced out by the sweetness of the Black garlic

      Olive OIl with TRUFFLE [!!] and garlic
      Olive oil with SAFFRON and garlic

      They also sell a huge range of re-usable grinders of sea salt, garlics, peppers.The promotion on these, were, £3.95 / any 3 for £10
      And yes we re-use them with products from the Garlic farm

      Here's the killer- VAMPIRES REVENGE!
      A blood red tomato salsa, with a hefty amount of garlic, of course, fantastic for meats and BBQ's, maybe not best to sample in public!

      FIG, APPLE AND GARLIC was absolutely divine.

      Buy these products with an open mind, and challenge yourself to try different flavours you never thought would go together and be really surprised.

      I really like the website also, packed to the brim and overwhelming with information and beautiful pictures of their farm, visitors information, sign up for regular updates and competitions.

      Honestly this was Garlic heaven!


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      30.08.2009 13:34
      Very helpful



      Good pLace to go for lunch and for Chutney!!!

      There was one final place that we had decided on the fly that we wanted to visit whilst on the Isle of Wight and that was The Garlic Farm. The whole set up interested us as we thought how interesting could this actually be? Well in the two hours we spent there it certainly gave us a feel as to how the object that is a definite problem in the life of the average vampire can be used to such extraordinary effect.

      Situated 3 miles South East of Newport and the same from distance North West of Sandown the Farm itself is situated in the deepest of country lanes in the Arreton Valley. The location is not only tranquil but is a place where you seem to be away from literally everything the world can offer such as internet and mobile phone as I found I had no service at all. So after turning off the A3056 as we were heading towards Sandown and finding that we had come the long way round we arrived at the Farm itself.

      For us parking wasn't a problem at all the spaces were across the road outside the main gate, there are plenty of spaces to be taken, although the road had a few speed demons and the obligatory tractors coming down it every now and then, however I thought the parking was better than I had would have expected. As we crossed and entered the Farm, on the left hand side there were a number of boards telling the history of the Farm itself and how the place came to be. It was nice to discover that this is a family business originally set-up by a husband and wife and which now involves the children in the business as well. We spent about 5 minutes reading nearly a dozen boards and was fascinated at how the Farm had started three decades ago and grown since then. The courtyard is a place of relaxation, with benches placed to simply enjoy the surroundings; off the courtyard you have the shop and the Restaurant.

      The shop is what we had come for and in my opinion it didn't let us down at all. The main thing you see is that there are jars full of different flavoured Chutney's ranging from Fig and Apricot through to the Farm's own brand called Vampire. In the middle of the shop there is a testing area, a table set up with a basket of broken up cracker pieces that you basically try about 30 different Chutneys, Pickles and Mustards including the fiery hot Vampire range. What's interesting is that they range from what can only be described as 'dormant' to 'volatile' and not reading what side was effectively the shallow end I went feet first into the hottest of them all and placed a sizeable dollop on my cracker and munched....

      Fast forward ten minutes and after losing about 2lb in perspiration I was able to speak again!! The staff thought it funny at the time and pointed out the sign that was right in front of me telling me what went into this, fire was the first thing on my mind however I found out this contained the hottest peppers on the planet! Good stuff though! Ending up buying three jars id Chutney and three Garlic cloves, the range in the shop that really is no bigger than a newsagent in size is tremendous, barrels full of cloves for sale ranging from £1.30 each in numerous varieties and colours. Of course there are also a number of books available to buy on how to cook your Garlic and even utensils that can be used for cooking the cloves. I was impressed by the full range that was available, as well as Wine as well the shop is well stocked and has a curious attraction to what can be offered which even ranges to Garlic health supplements.

      Next door is the restaurant; this serves the most amazing food that I have tasted in a long while and as it was coming to the lunch period of the day we thought here would be a good places as any to stop and get some food. Glad we did as the food served was too a high quality and also locally sourced which I think makes a startling difference. I had the Salad of Smoked Duck, New Potatoes, Dried Cranberries and Toasted Pecans with Spiced Balsamic Dressing for £9.95 and my other half had the Chicken, Crushed Cannellini Bean, Garlic and Rosemary Stuffed Tortilla with Beef Tomatoes, Red Onions & Fries which cost £9.50. Having seen the size of the portions that everyone else was getting I wasn't at all worried with what I had seen. So with a few drinks the bill came to about £27.50 which I though was good value for money and made even better by the location. We had to wait a little while for the table as the place was packed and it was the usual lunchtime rush, but the wait only made it better. The service was friendly and efficient. The people who were eating weren't necessarily tourists to the farm either, because the layout allows a certain availability to politely overhear the nearby conversation I could deem from the chat that these were people meeting for lunch or being taken out for lunch, I didn't see many business people which I think was nice as this is a place with an extremely pleasant ambiance in general that does make you want to return again. The Restaurant is open from 8am and does a Breakfast menu as well; unfortunately as we had already ordered the meals at the Hotel we didn't do this.

      These are just two things that are really the foundation of the Farm, other events are held that take place across the Summer at the site include the Garlic Festival which has been running since the early 1980's, usually a full list is placed on the website which also details the various location of the Farmers Markets that The Garlic Farm participate in as well.

      It is also possible to rent out a self-catering barn or cottage at the Farm as well, this is something that we are looking in for next year perhaps. The silent nights in the country are very tempting at the moment as the country walks that the Farm gives information about and which conveniently the Farm is located on give the best views when walking across the fields.

      Overall I was impressed with the whole layout and what the Farm has to offer, if you don't go for the Garlic then you can simply have something to eat, and vice versa. The location is off the beaten track and will take some effort in finding; however we spent about three hours here which was enough to do what we wanted. Other than buying three different types of Garlic, we bought a trio of assorted Chutneys as well and can only say that the sheer taste of the Fig, Apple and Garlic chutney is simply staggering and goes exceedingly well with a Ploughman's!!!

      Definitely I place to recommend and somewhere I will visit again on my next trip to the Isle of Wight, as we left my other half and I both said what a good find The Garlic Farm actually is.



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        17.08.2009 13:30
        Very helpful



        Very disappointing.

        On our visit to the Isle of Wight we got a huge amount of leaflets to sift through to decide what to entertain ourselves with. The one that leapt out for both of us was The Garlic Farm. We are both big foodies and love our garlic, combine that with a bit of countryside and a restaurant with very good write ups, it sounded like a good plan.

        The Garlic Farm is heavily advertised for tourists on the island. Even if you don't visit I'd be surprised if you still have not heard of it after spending any amount of time on the island. Even on the ferry over from Portsmouth there was a film on loop about the place and explaining how the island has the right conditions for growing garlic. Rick Stein picked this place as one of his 'food heroes', which has probably added enormously to it's success.

        The Garlic Farm is situated more or less in the middle of no where. We had a guide for the island that we picked up at the station and my other half was looking up places every ten minutes along the way, there was no disguising we weren't from these parts with him looking like a true tourist. The trusty book said we needed to get the number 10 bus service from Newport which would take us to the farm.

        We waited an eternity for the bus and once on it had no idea where we were going. Eagle eyed we spotted a sign for the farm and hit the bell. We'd gone past the stop we needed but the driver was very kind and pulled over to let us off, as the next stop was another half a mile up the road. Walking round the front of the bus so we could see the traffic we crossed to the side we needed to be on. Some idiot decided he was going to overtake the bus at twice the speed limit and missed us both by a whisker. That was near death experience number 1.

        Trudging up the side of the road (where the cars whizz past very close as there is no pavement) for about a mile we go back to where we had seen the sign for the Garlic Farm (that bus must have been travelling faster than we thought). We turned down the next road where the sign was pointing to find there was no pavement on the narrow road either and each side was a steep sides with barb wire at the top. There was just enough room to walk with cars going past but when we saw a tractor coming up behind us, that took up the entire road, all we could do was to scramble up the bank on one side and cling on the barb wire at the top. That was near death experience number 2.

        Eventually we arrived at the farm to be greeted by a field of gorgeous long haired cattle. (I don't know the breed but they have big horns and snotty noses). We sat a watched them for a while whilst we got over nearly being flattened by a tractor. The scenery around us was beautiful countryside.

        We then wandered into the farm to see what it had to offer. The truth - not a lot. There's not entry fee, largely because they couldn't get away with charging for what was on offer. There was a nature trail through the fields which we did not go on as to add to our luck that day it had just begun to tip down. We did however have a soggy look around the 'Maize Maze.' Yep it's exactly what you think it is. It was impressive to see crops like this and be able to walk through them, though I feel the 'maze' element needed to be made a little more challenging for it took us about 20 seconds to find our way out again. One thing I will say for it are the gorgeous wild flowers that surround it, which were a beautiful sight and we took many photos.

        As we walked into the courtyard at the front of the farm shop there was a very well done chalk board showing 'a day in the life of The Garlic Farm.' I was excited to see what else in this vain the place had to offer. The answer was nothing. In actual fact, all that there is, is a restaurant and farm shop. I was hoping there would be a lot more interactive things to see and do.

        The advertising for the farm boasts of the Red Squirrels and Peacocks and how you can watch them whilst you sample their award winning food. I imagine on a nice day it would be lovely to sit out in the pretty courtyard and do this. It was a lovely setting. However little had been done to ensure the customers had a good time here when the weather wasn't as good. Certainly we didn't see and animals who were very wisely tucked away somewhere out of the wet.

        Inside the restaurant was heaving. We were told it was a 45 minute wait for a table, and considering there was nothing else to do for that amount of time we decided to give it a miss.

        The Garlic Farm shop I suppose is the main draw for this place. In fact it should really be called 'The Garlic Shop' and not 'The Garlic Farm'. It would better tell people just what's on offer. The shop sells all sorts of different garlic as you would imagine. In addition to this all the sort of farm shop products you would expect. Chutneys and sauces were big. There was large table displaying all sorts and were there for sampling. My man decided it would be a good idea to try the chilli sauce that contained 'the hottest chillis on the world'. Needless to say he regretted that. I have to say the marinated garlic cloves were to die for but when I tried to buy some there were no prices and such a queue at the till to ask.

        We had visited a local farm type shop in Shanklin the day before and a lot of the produce was identical, but here was priced a lot higher. For example some of the chutneys were £4.80 a jar here but we had seen them £3.60. I left with a bottle of fresh apple juice, some elephant garlic (a larger gentler tasting variety) and some chocolate and garlic ice cream (I'll be reviewing this seperately).
        Hardly worth the mission.

        On the way back we got ourselves a taxi, and got back to Shanklin in around 15 minutes. Just proof this is somewhere only to visit if you have wheels. Funnily enough when we got in the cab the driver said "How the hell did you get out here in the first place?!"

        If you fancy visiting the farm the address is
        Mersley Farm,
        Newchurch, Isle of Wight
        PO36 0NR

        or visit www.garlicfarm.co.uk for more info

        But my advice, don't make a special effort to come here. Really only worth it if you're passing.


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