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Manufacturer: Acco

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2009 11:54
      Very helpful



      A good shredder for the price.

      I went to a car boot sale with a friend a couple of weeks ago and while there I noticed a stall selling various small electrical items. When the lady looking after the stall saw me looking at a Rexel HS60 Shredder she said I could have it for £1.50 as it was grubby looking and certainly needed a little TLC.

      After getting it home I found it cleaned up very easily using baby wipes so I set about shredding some documents that have built up over time since my previous shredder gave up the ghost.

      Now, this is not a cross cut shredder. It will simply shred your papers into 6mm straight strips, which is fine for general household papers in my opinion although if you have anything particularly sensitive that you want to get rid of then perhaps this shredder isn't ideal. Personally all I generally shred is catalogue statements and other letters which include any personal information at all, bank statements and very sensitive papers go into a separate box ready for when I decide to get my burning bin out.

      This shredder is a nice design, it's very compact and light so I keep it in the cupboard and it's no problem at all to pull it out and carry it to an electric socket in order to do my shredding. I think it would look fine in an office or study though as the design of it is not intrusive in any way, the off-white colour is attractive and it is fairly sleek in appearance.

      As soon as I got my shredder home I looked online to see if there was anything specific I needed to know before I got going with it as mine didn't come with an instruction book. This ended up being a waste of time however as the information provided on Amazon doesn't really tell the truth in several respects so I shall tell you my experience of it and let you decide whether this is the shredder for you.

      For a start, it's supposed to be able to shred six sheets at once. It doesn't, I experimented and found that the shredder will comfortably hold just three normal sized sheets of paper and any more than this will result in the shredder making an annoyed screeching noise which doesn't sound healthy at all! When running just three or four sheets through I found the operation was smooth and the paper was pulled through the shredding blades easily with no force needed from me.

      Then the bin is supposed to hold 60 shredded sheets of paper - to which I say no chance! Yesterday I shredded roughly half this amount and when I took the top off the bin it was stuffed full and lots of the shredded paper ended up popping out of the bin and onto the floor. This doesn't really affect my opinion of the shredder in any way as I am using it purely for my own personal reasons and doubt that I'd ever have 60 sheets of paper to shred in one go, although if you would be a heavier user than myself then I doubt it would be suitable as you'd constantly be emptying the bin.

      The actual shredding mechanism fits comfortably and securely atop the bin, you just have to ensure that the sides of the bin are slotted into the gaps at the side of the shredder itself and then you'll see this is a very stable machine both while being stored and more important when in use.

      The shredder has an auto stop and start function which means that it will start shredding as soon as you poke a piece of paper in and once this paper is finished then the machine will stop. In theory that is as I have found that when the bin is getting full sometimes a thin strip of the shredded paper will pop back through the mechanism, this fools the shredder into thinking that it needs to get back to work and then the auto stop won't work. I find this mildly annoying actually as it means I can't pop some paper into the top and wander away just in case the machine doesn't stop when it should.

      I find the reverse function useful as I am rather impatient at times and have tried to surreptitiously slide in more papers than the shredder can comfortably handle. This always results in an anxious wheezing, grinding sound coming from the shredder and then I have to use the reverse button to pull it all out and start again! Which just goes to prove the old adage of patience being a virtue!

      I can't fault the shredder though, it's ideal for me as I live alone and don't have a terribly large amount of papers to shred. Because of the fact that it will only shred a very few sheets at once I tend to do it once a day which takes less than five minutes, rather than keeping all my papers for the weekend and having to spend an hour slowly feeding them all through the machine. It's very simple to use, having just one slide along button which controls the 'off', 'forward' and 'reverse' functions - these are all clearly marked too so you know exactly where you are just by glancing at the control button.

      If I had one complaint it would be that the power lead is rather short so you will have to think carefully about where you are going to place your shredder. Luckily I have an electrical socket above the cupboard in which I store the shredder so it's an easy job for me, but if you are short on sockets then you will need to perhaps rearrange things to get the shredder into a comfortable position.

      I have researched the price and am surprised to find that you can buy this shredder brand new in Wilkinsons for just £7.59. As I have said, it's a very basic shredder but this is an absolutely bargain price in my opinion for those of you who are shredding basic documents - although having said that, if you are routinely shredding bank and credit statements then you would be far better off looking for a more secure cross cutting or confetti shredder.

      Don't forget, any shredded paper can be recycled or even reused in rabbit and rodent cages - waste not want not as they say!


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    • Product Details

      Compact and lightweight shredder. Straight cut 5.8mm. Shreds 5 sheets per pass. 9 Litre bin holds up to 60 sheets. Auto start and stop.

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