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Advent Maxishred 500

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Brand: Advent / Cut Style: Cross Cut / Sheet Capacity: 12 / Shreds Staples / Shreds CDs/ DVDs, credit cards / Massive 28 litre bin

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2009 17:53
      Very helpful



      A great shredder ideal for our needs.

      A couple of years ago we bought a cross cut shredder - an Acco Rexel V35 - which was very good at the time. Unfortunately it is only meant for light duty shredding and we now needed a more heavy duty model.

      As a bit of background information we have got a log burner and I use a briquette maker to make bricks from old newspaper to burn on it. I did a review here on Dooyoo and I received comments from a couple of other members advising me to use shredded paper as it was more effective and made the whole process easier as I wouldn't have to sit and manually rip up paper.

      As I was trying to shred the Yellow Pages a few pages at a time through the old shredder I realised that it really wasn't strong enough for the purpose. It was complaining by making an awful grinding noise!

      The shredder is still in perfectly good working order for light work so I shall probably try and sell it on EBay but suffice it to say it just isn't good enough for our purposes any more.

      We started to look round for a new one and ended up at PC World in Bangor where we saw the Advent Maxishred 500 for which we paid £49.13 on 10th January 2009 but having looked at the website it is now only £39.99 - just our luck!

      It comes in a sturdy cardboard box with a good picture of the shredder on the front. All the following information to make a purchasing decision is on the box:

      High Capacity Shredder
      Shreds to confetti style pieces
      Shreds up to 12 sheets of paper in a single pass
      Accepts CDs, DVDs, credit cards, paper clips and staples
      Massive 28 litre mesh collection bin

      It is Din Level 3 which means that it is suitable for confidential home and office documents and cross cut shreds to a size of 3.9mm by 30mm. The shredder is ideal for the home office or for small businesses.

      The high capacity of the shredder is ideal for our requirements and the fact that it will take up to twelve sheets at a time means that I can feed a lot of paper through in a short space of time.

      The fact that it shreds to 'confetti style pieces' not only means that any confidential information is secure but also that the resulting paper is ideal to makes the paper briquettes.

      To set up the shredder ready for use all you have to do is stand the mesh basket upright and place the machine on the top of it. It just has to be plugged in and you're ready to shred!

      The shredder stands about 44cm high, is about 35cm wide and 21cm deep and is quite light to carry and move about. The mesh bin is black and the machine is silver so it looks smart too.

      On the top of the machine there is a slider switch with three positions - on /auto, off and rev. The off setting is self explanatory, the on / auto setting switches the machine on but it does not begin operation until paper is fed into it and the rev setting reverses the blades to free anything which may get stuck.

      To begin shredding all you have to do is to insert the paper into the large slit on the top of the machine where the sensor then starts the blades and the paper is drawn through.

      Incidentally the child in me found it quite fun to watch the shredded paper falling into the mesh bin - our old shredder is solid so you can't see what's going on. It doesn't take much to amuse me you know! Memo to self - I must get out more!

      Emptying the bin is a bit tricky as it always is with these things. You have to lift off the machine which always has bits of shredded paper stuck in the blades which can go everywhere if you're not careful. I usually upend the machine, balancing it on the edge of the bin at 90 degrees and pull as much of the paper out of it as I can - making sure that the machine is switched off first of course!

      I then empty the bin into a bucket where I can add water to soak the shreddings ready to make my briquettes. I usually end up with bits of paper everywhere and, to be fair, it would probably be easier if I were emptying the bin into a refuse bag. Still no pain no gain as they say!

      If you try to feed too much paper into the shredder it will jam, as they all do. All you then have to do is slide the switch to reverse which will free the paper, then just remove the excess and restart shredding with the correct amount of paper.

      There is smaller slit above the large paper feed which is to be used for the CDs and credit cards to be fed into the machine one at a time.

      The instruction booklet looks a bit over the top for such a simple machine until you realise that only two pages of it are written in English! This information is then repeated in a further 12 different languages!

      All in all I find this shredder really easy to use and it isn't too loud either. Obviously a shredder is always going to be noisy but this one is a lot less noisy than the old one.

      Hopefully this one will last us a few years - it certainly seems sturdy enough.


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