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Canon Swordfish 1000XDC Shredder

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Brand: Canon / Type: Shredder

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2008 13:25
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended if you can afford the extra cost up front.

      A shredder is an essential piece of equipment in our house. In these days of identity theft, we're paranoid about throwing out anything that has identifying information on it, so everything's shredded from addressed envelopes, to till receipts, to the endless junk mail offering us a pre-approved loan or credit card. With all this shredding, we've got through a fair few shredders in our time and until now not one has stood up to our shredding mountain.

      The biggest problem with the shredders we've had to date is mechanical failure. They start off well, but despite being well maintained, the shredding very soon begins to become sluggish or something gets stuck in the shredder teeth and they fail to go round properly. After about the 5th cut price shredder being foiled by something as simple as a slightly thicker than normal envelope, we decided to splash out on a more expensive shredder, in the hope that this one would last a fair bit longer. After a little bit of internet research we decided on the Swordfish 1000XDC. At £79.84 including free delivery from Amazon, this was by far the most expensive shredder we've ever owned. We were expecting big things and so far, we've not been disappointed.

      The Swordfish stands about the same height and width as the cheaper shredders that we've had in the past. However, the larger capacity bin, means it's about 1 and a half times deeper, so it sticks out a little bit more into the room, or with a different office layout would need a slightly wider space to accommodate it. The shredder seems well designed, it looks good and has rounded edges which prevent injuries from walking into it and it has handy wheels on the bottom that make it easier to move around. The wheels had to be attached to the shredder body when it arrived, but I was easily able to do this without help. It has the usual shredder button options of Off, Auto and Reverse (to allow for paper jams). Switching the button to Auto results in a green light to tell you it's ready for use. There are also lights for Overheat and Overload, but they haven't been required as yet.

      In general terms, the Swordfish seems to be more powerful than other shredders we've owned. It claims to be able to shred 10 sheets at a time and manages this well, without the groaning and slow down in function that we've experienced in the past. It's also able to handle staples and small paper clips without problem. Part of the main slot is marked to indicate where credit cards should be placed for shredding and it manages these without difficulty. One further shredding feature is the ability to make CDs and DVDs unreadable. There's a separate slot on top for CDs, but rather than shredding them, the Swordfish renders them unreadable by punching dots onto the surface of the disc. This is a very useful additional feature, when a large amount of our identifiable information can be found on disc as well as on paper.

      One of the best features of the shredder for me, is how it's emptied. Our previous shredders all required removal of the lid and then emptying of the bin beneath. There are a number of problems with this way of doing things. The lid itself is heavy as it contains the shredder mechanism, and invariably has streams of shredded paper hanging loosely from the bottom of it. It's impossible to hold while emptying the bin beneath and ends up propped somewhere in the office shedding shredded paper all over the floor. The bin itself is also difficult to empty, as with nothing to grab hold of it requires two hands to tip the contents into a paper bag for recycling. Added to this the fact that ideally you need another hand to hold the paper bag open, emptying the shredder was always a two person job. And even then, we always ended up with shredded paper all over the floor. The Swordfish shredder is different. Instead of a removable lid, the short side of the shredder has a handle. Pull on this and out comes a drawer containing all the shredded paper that you've created. Because the drawer has a handle, it's easy to tip that with one hand while holding open a paper bag with the other. It really makes a difference to be able to achieve one person shredder emptying with no shredded paper on the floor! There's also a little window under the drawer handle, that lets you see when the shredder's starting to fill up - the only problem with this is that because it's below the drawer handle it can be difficult to see the window if the shredder's stored at floor level.

      The shredder needs minimal maintenance - only really lubricating of the shredder teeth once a month. This can either be done with specialist oil from a bottle or more easily with little sachets which you feed directly into the shredder mechanism, like a piece of paper, in order to oil it. A year's supply of these sachets can be bought for about £5. It also comes with a one year guarantee, so if it does fail as early as our others have we're guaranteed a repair or replacement without hassle or expense.

      Overall this is a fantastic shredder and well worth the extra we paid for it. It's likely to save us money in the long run, as if things continue the way they are we shouldn't need a new shredder for many years to come.

      Powerful shredder
      Easy to empty
      Looks good
      Shreds credit cards
      Destroys CDs and DVDs

      'Full' window can be difficult to see
      More expensive than many home shredders
      Bulkier than many home shredders


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    • Product Details

      Max. sheet capacity: 10 / with integrated waste / cut style: cross cut / automatic / spead: 6.56 ft./min. / The innovative ‘Space-Saver’ design of this Swordfish shredder enables you to store and operate the machine beneath your workstation / The waste bin slides out of the narrow side of the shredder for easy access / The integrated CD/DVD data destroyer embosses hundreds of tiny dimples onto both sides of a CD or DVD, making the data impossible to read / permanently / Short name: Canon 1000XDC

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