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Canon Swordfish 700DC Shredder

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Brand: Canon / Type: Shredder

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    2 Reviews
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      21.06.2010 08:11
      Very helpful



      A great shredder that swiftly shreds all your confidential waste

      I bought my first shredder approximately six years ago when we were continuously warned of the importance of shredding everything containing our personal information. I am somewhat shocked that there are still so many people who simply place unwanted letters and bills in their bins! In the wrong hands these are an invitation for an experienced con person who can steal our identity within minutes!

      Since my initial purchase, I must have bought at least another four shredders; all of which failed for some reason or other. My latest shredder, the Swordfish 700DC Diamond Cut shredder has been my faithful friend for the past fourteen months and so far (touch wood!) has not let me down.

      The shredder stands at 38cm high, 30cm wide and 15cm depth, with the 13.6 litre paper collection bin manufactured from an extremely sturdy plastic. The shredding mechanism is quite heavy and is a matt chrome/grey colour and sits neatly on top of the grooved areas located around the edge of the bin.

      Swordfish claim that up to 7 sheets of paper can be shredded at any one time (based on a weight of 70gsm paper). However, I would argue that this definitely is not the case as on numerous occasions, I have attempted to shred very lightweight paper, but have only been able to shred a maximum of three sheets per time. In order to ensure my shredder lasts me as long as reasonably practicable, I have never again attempted to try shredding more than 3 sheets at any one time.

      The actual bladed area of the shredder is 22cm in length, so the product is perfect for destroying any papers up to A4 in size. There is a switch located on the lower central area of the shredding device where we have three options - Rev, Off and Auto. There is also an indicator light located to the right hand side that lights green indicating the shredder is ready for use.

      There are some warning diagrams on the top of the shredder informing us of what we should not attempt to shred, such as paperclips, staples, ties and our hands!

      To use, simply move the switch to the auto position. The shredder is extremely fast when in operation and will shred your papers within seconds. Unfortunately, I would not say the shredder is very quiet when in use, particularly as mine is located on an upstairs wooden floor.

      It tends to vibrate like mad through the floorboards and if anyone is downstairs, they are somewhat deafened by the loud droning! The Rev switch is to remove any papers that may have caught in the teeth, but I've only had to use this on one occasion.

      Whilst I have never experienced any paper jams with the shredder, the blades frequently tend to get lots of tiny pieces of paper caught between the teeth. Consequently, after every few uses I have to remove the pieces with a tweezers, which takes me just a few minutes. The area is easy to access and is covered by a sturdy plastic flap.

      As far as the effectiveness of the shredder, I am more than happy, particularly as this is diamond cut, so I have every confidence that my personal information is being completely destroyed. I have previously owned shredders whereby the blades would not efficiently cut through all the papers and just touch the surface, therefore, leaving my personal information readily available for all to see. The shredder is also suitable for perfectly destroying your credit cards if you can bear to part with them!

      After using the shredder for two minutes, you should switch it off to allow the motor an opportunity to cool down as otherwise the machine will automatically cut out and the ready indicator light will change to red. If this happens, you are required to wait for four minutes before the machine will allow you to use it again.

      As I like to be organised, I tend to shred any papers as and when they need destroying, as I simply cannot bear standing over the shredder for hours on end! The constant droning of the motor would drive me simple!

      The bin is considerably large so the shredder does not require constant emptying. However, you should keep an eye on how full the bin is becoming as if your old shredding reaches the top of the bin, you will find the cutting blades are not so effective. You will find that the papers you are attempting to shred are forced onto your previous shredding which could result in a major jam!

      I use my shredder most days as my husband and I are constantly inundated with junk mail, so I need to shred anything that indicates our names and address. Our junk mail seems to have escalated since my husband reached the big 50 some four months ago, as he is now bombarded with pleas to join funeral planning!!?? As a result, the machine has been used a lot more to get rid of this useless junk! The shredder has never let me down and in my opinion, is worth every penny.

      The rated voltage for the shredder is AC220V-240V 50Hz. Whilst the power cable is not extremely long, its' approximate 2 metre length is sufficient for my needs.

      I would highly recommend this shredder as it has certainly been extremely efficient and I feel I have obtained more than my money's worth from it.

      The Swordfish Diamond Cut DC700 shredder significantly differs in price dependent on where you purchase as it is available at £29.72 from the internet site Equip My Office and £42.10 + VAT from shreddersupermarket.

      Despite the minor problem of small pieces of paper jamming in the teeth, this shredder still deserves to receive 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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        18.06.2008 13:39
        Very helpful



        Good paper shredder for the home

        After watching a television programme that warned about the dangers of identity theft we decided to go out and purchase a paper shredder as one of the ways criminals can steal your identity is by going through your household waste and using the information they find, of particular value are old bank and credit card statements that contain lots of fnancial information. Now that we also have to seperate all our paper for recycling it ca make it even easier so now we shred everything.

        We purchased this Canon Swordfish 700 DC Shredder because it was a name we knew and also it could handle seven sheets at a time and we had a lot of old bills that we had to shred however more importanty was the fact that it cuts into a diamond shape which is a lot safer than cutting into strips.

        It cost us just over £30 including postage from Amazon so thanks very much Dooyoo vouchers for that.

        It was easy to set up as it is basically two parts the storage bin which is supposed to be able to handle the waste from 100 sheets and the motorised cutting blades which sits on top.

        This is an excellent product that has comfortable handled all the work sent its way over the past couple of months, only once has paper jammed when we tried ten sheets and then it was easy to put right as it has a forward and a reverse setting. It is safe to use as the gap for paper is thing hence there is very little danger of ever getting cuts you just have to make sure nothin loose dangles in in and these would have to be very thing for there to be any risk.

        I would say it is ideal for home use and for light office use.


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      • Product Details

        7 Sheet pass / 220 entry throat / 4 x 47mm shred size / Power Supply: 230 V, 50 HZ. / A unique shredder that shreds particles to Diamond Shapes for added security / It also features a large capacity waste basket holds upto 100 sheets of shredded A4 / Short name: Canon 700DC