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Fellowes Powershred P70CM

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2 Reviews
  • Shreds things pretty well
  • Tends to get clogged up
  • Prone to overheating
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    2 Reviews
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      12.01.2015 10:42
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Shreds things pretty well"


      • "Tends to get clogged up"
      • "Prone to overheating"

      A functional, decent shredder

      We're told that we should shred important documents before throwing them away, in order to minimise the threat of identity fraud. I'm not sure how real the danger is – the only time I've been a victim of this kind of crime was when my debit card was cloned, and they didn't manage that from rummaging through my bins.

      But anyway, I bought a shredder several years ago. The current price for this on amazon is about £45, but I don't think I paid quite so much for it. I got it from Argos.

      It shreds things in 'confetti style', which means it doesn't just cut them into thin strips, it also chops the strips into lots of smaller chunks. This makes it pretty much impossible for anyone to ever reconstruct what you've shredded.

      It works fine when you put just one or two sheets through at once. But more than that and it goes slower, and sounds like it's starting to struggle a bit. Thicker bundles – five sheets, say – don't work well at all, and will often grind to a halt halfway through. You can usually dislodge them by putting the shredder into reverse and tugging at the stuck pages. It has dealt with old bank cards well enough.

      The main problem with this shredder is that it overheats. When it does, it will just stop working until it's cooled down. This can be around 15 minutes. Usually I shred documents at the end of the year. This means I'm usually trying to dispose of a year's worth of bank statements all at once. To have to stop a couple of times to let the machine cool down is annoying. (Yes yes, I could shred fewer documents more frequently, but that's just not the way I operate.)

      The other problem with it is that not all the paper falls out of the teeth of the shredder into the bin below. This can cause them to become clogged up. It's easy enough to unclog them – taking the shredder part off the bin and banging it a few times gets most of the paper out. The rest can be picked out by hand, but for goodness sake unplug the shredder first. It would be all-too easy to accidentally switch it on and shred your fingers.

      I get fewer and fewer paper bills and statements now – more or less everything has switched over to online. I suspect this shredder will see less and less use over the coming years. But it does what I bought it for well enough. If you're shredding more, and more regularly, I'd try to invest in something that doesn't overheat so easily, but if your shredding needs are modest, this isn't a bad model.


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        10.02.2009 18:08
        Very helpful



        Don't hesitate - go for it. You will never regret your decision.


        There is nothing more important than security and privacy. Every single hour, minute or even less someone is becoming victim of identity related frauds. It happens because we are not aware what can happen with rubbish after we leave them outside house. One bank statement, utility bill or even shop receipt can be enough to brake into account, apply for credit card or take a loan. This is exactly what thief is looking for. We must be much more careful what we do with our important documents. Here came Fellowes and other brands with home office shredders. Machine like this can cut document into hundreds pieces.

        There are two major differences in shredders:
        - Cross-cut shredder - this type is much more secure as machine cuts paper along and across creating unrecognisable pieces. Size of these pieces depends from machine but it is usually 4milimeters by 5 centimetres. As smaller pieces shredder can create as more secure it is.
        - Stripe shredder - we may all remember this sort of machines from older movies. It cuts paper just along, making it easier to put all document together.


        I have decided to buy one as have gathered three full drawers of bills, contracts, bank statements etc. Before I went to shop I did small research.

        Question you should ask yourself before buying shredder:
        - How often are you going to use it?? This question is important as there are office shredders prepared for very heavy use and home shredders. They are specially designed, shaped and sharpened according to where will be used.
        - How big should be bin?? You should think how many times a day, week or month you will use it. I think that it is more effective to have bigger as thanks bigger volume of confetti it is very unlikely to get any information's, or even find two pieces from same page. Probably about 1 to 1 000 000 chances or even more to put document together.
        - How big throat width should be?? It is better not to fold paper before putting it into shredder as it can double size of each shredded piece. 23 centimetres should be absolutely enough as this is width of A4 paper.
        - What is maximum number of pages you can put at once?? Thanks this you could save your time. This factor is not very important when using at home. Nevertheless, each person can have different needs.
        - Does it cut staples and Credit Cards?? It saves time too. There is no need to buy extra staples extractors. Simply shred it and job done. Read your shredders preferences to find if can do it. Most of machines can shred credit cards. It is safest possible you can do after cancellation in bank. Once magnet strip is in pieces there is no way to use it again.

        I bought my shredder from Argos for £25 and never looked back. I have chosen middle class device- Fellowes Powershred P70CM . Not to cheap not too expensive with all most important features. It was great decision to get one as my confidence increased. I started to feel safer. It shreds everything you will stick inside into 3.9x48mm pieces.

        Inside Box

        This section will not be very long. All box content is nicely, neatly and securely packed. Inside you should find instruction how to use this shredder, how to take care about it and warranty. Fellowes took really extra care to make The first impression when opening box. Except of above mentioned you will find 17 litres capacity mesh bin and most important top/shredding part. This device is ready to use after putting together mesh bin with lid and plugging into power socket. It is hustle free what is really important.


        Sensor in Powershred P70CM is very sensitive and accurate. It is possible to shred a single tilt receipt. In other shredders it is impossible.
        After cutting piece of paper, machine runs for another 2-3 seconds to make sure that all pieces landed in bin.


        Mesh bin's capacity is 17 litres (kilos). It is about 150 A4 pages. This is absolutely enough for light and even heavy home use.
        At once you can shred maximum 7 pages. It is great result comparing to other products. I have shredded single pages and 7 in one go and it didn't do any problems. Fellowes Powershred P70CM is really strong machine you can rely on.


        There are informations how to use it safely in How To Use book included and some warning illustrations printed on top part. To avoid machine running when emptying bin Fellowes installed safety button. It is placed under shredding part and once it touches specially designed place in bin machine can shred.


        I have Fellowes Powershred for over 4 months now and it is still as great as was first day. From time to time paper sticks to rotating shredding part but it is nothing serious. I think it depends from how wet paper is. Even if situation like this happens you can switch it to reverse mode. It always helps. Have never happened that shredder got blocked/jammed with paper. It has even some special automatic jam technology:
        - Auto Reverse on Jamming
        - Auto Stop on Jamming
        Fellowes shredder weights about 4, 5 Kg.


        It is great cross cut shredder and it is very affordable. By spending £25 from your wallet you can invest in your ID and other personal information's protection. Let's be honest - when comes to safety price shouldn't really matter. I won't mention about stress nerves and money lost related problems and difficulties. It is definitely worth this money.

        I can recommend this product to everyone.
        I hope my review helped you
        Please don't forget to rate and leave comment possibly.
        Thank you.


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