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Brand: Rexel / Max Sheet Capacity: 5

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2013 15:38
      Very helpful
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      A good little shredder for the home.

      We bought this shredder for our home after we got fed up of scribbling over address and personal details with marker pen. It is compact and convenient and saves time plus all shredded paper can be emptied into the recycling.

      The Product
      This shredder is compact enough to fit under a desk and comes in dark gray and what I would describe as 'light office beige', which is the colour we have.
      The main shredder sits over the included bin and plugs into the mains with a standard 3-pin plug. It can be easily removed to empty the bin and placed over other containers of the same width.

      To use just select the setting you want using the blue sliding switch on top, the options are off, auto, forward and reverse. The auto function means that it begins to shred as soon as paper is placed in the opening. On offers continuous shredding if you need to feed a lot of paper through and reverse feeds the paper back out, particularly useful if there is a jam.

      A maximum of 5 sheets can be fed through at one time if using regular paper. If something thicker needs shredding then it would be best to put only one sheet through at a time.

      Size: Width 296mm x Depth 178mm x Height 336mm
      Capacity: 13 Litres (approx 60 sheets)
      Cut Type: Strip
      Strip Width: 6mm
      Max Sheets: 5 at 80gsm
      Reverse: Yes
      Auto Feed: Yes
      Settings: Off, auto, forward and reverse.

      The Rexel HS80 is an older discontinued model although it may still be available online through sites such as ebay. I recall us paying less than £30 for it and the newer models retail for around £35.

      My Experience
      I find this shredder perfect for home use as it is small enough to fit alongside our small living room bin and not be obtrusive. We generally leave it on auto so that any junk mail that arrives with our names and addresses on can just go straight in.

      Whilst the maximum amount of paper recommended to shred at one time is 5 sheets I generally put no more than 3 through. When shredding 5 it makes a noise that sounds like the motor is really struggling and doesn't always cut through every sheet. It handles 3 perfectly well and it's rather speedy too.

      The reverse function is quite handy should a paper jam occur. This very rarely happens and is usually due to a sneaky folded over section but by putting the machine into reverse it backs the paper out so the problem can be solved.

      The one down side to this shredder is that it is quite loud. This doesn't matter very much to me as I shred fairly little paper but if I ever need to shred more I do find myself wishing it was quieter or that I'd put ear plugs in.

      All-in-all I'm very happy with this compact shredder's performance and would happily buy another one if I needed to.

      Maintenance Note
      It is recommended by the manufacturer that conventional oil is not used with this machine. Should it need oiling then Rexel make special oil sheets specifically for it's shredders. We've never had to use these so I can't comment on how effective they would be.

      Yes, I can happily recommend this shredder for home use.


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