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Ryman MC21 Cross Cut Shredder

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4 Reviews

Ryman / cross cut paper shredder.

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    4 Reviews
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      20.02.2013 00:32
      Very helpful



      Could be much better

      With cases of fraud being on the increase and criminals having no issue with raking through piles of rubbish to uncover your personal details I tend to be a bit of a compulsive shredder. Anything and everything that comes through the door that displays so much as my names goes through the machine. Maybe slightly excessive I know, but better safe than sorry. This may also explain why I have worn out 3 shredders in the last couple of years.

      When my last shredder gave up the ghost my Mum gave me this one, she had bought it for her office but it wasn't quite heavy duty enough so she passed in on to me thinking it should be fine for home use. It most homes it may have been perfect, but for me it was verging on useless.
      Firstly I found that it didn't really like it if you put any more than one or two sheets through at a time (my last ones could take up to 7 or 8 in one go) I suppose this isn't a problem if you are just getting rid of the odd bank statement, but as I said in this house everything goes.
      Secondly I had problems with it jamming all the time, even when there was only one sheet going through, it just seemed to get bunged up and didn't want to run anymore and when you looked at the blades there was little bits of paper stuck all through it meaning you had to pick them out before it would go again. This I found highly irritating.
      Granted I may have only used this machine once or twice but it was such an ordeal that I gave up and went out and bought one which was a bit more heavy duty, so this one has now been consigned to the back of the cupboard 'in case of emergencies'.

      If you only need this for very light use and don't mind unclogging it constantly then I'm sure it's fine but would I recommend it? Probably not.


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        12.11.2012 21:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Shreds successfully but too much noise and takes too few pages in one go.

        Ryman shredder is excellent for a small amount of paperwork. After a while a safety feature responds and the machine refuses to continue. This is not for an office but for a household. It is perfect for shredding things that you don't want others to see such as bank statements, documents and letters with personal details on. In this day and age shredding personal details is essential.

        Criminals search through private bins seeking your name and address. These simple details can be enough for fraud to be committed, such as ordering from catalogues in your name but with just a bit more information and someone could access your bank account. A criminal can find out all about your interests and habits if you leave material for them. And for those of you who have something more to hide, you really need a good shredder. This is useful for innocents who just want to protect themselves from crime but also those of you who unhappily have to dispose of evidence that could place you into difficulty if found.

        The shredder is quite large. It looks to be about nine and a half inches high and approximately six and a half inches along with a depth of around five inches. The top and base is of a thick and solid feeling black/grey plastic. The body is made up with a wire criss-crossing mesh. I think it's as heavy, when empty, to lift as a kettle full with water. However, I have no reason to move it around. It remains stationary and close to a socket ready for plugging in when required.

        The lid lifts off from the top of the shredder but if you have difficulty raising heavy objects than this is not the machine for you. Once in a while, the shredder must be emptied. To do this the lid must be taken off the mesh. It is very easy to do this. Inside it looks just like a wastepaper basket.

        If the paper is A4 it has to be folded over. Its manufacturing capacity does not reflect reality. I can only shred two A4 pages together at a time. Add just a third and the paper jams.

        In operation it makes a terrible whirring noise. The problem with this is that the whirring sound is very loud, ridiculously loud - I think car engines are usually quieter! I suspect it disturbs the next door neighbour with the sound travelling through the party wall. I always shred in the daytime when they are least likely to be bothered by it.

        The shredder cuts the paper up small enough for the words to be indecipherable. I've had manual shredders, so useless that the paper can be taped back together again, and all the private information read. The manual shredders have always been useless for me. Therefore, as this is my first time of switching to an electric shredder, I am impressed with how well it sheds.

        I do suspect that there will be better shredders on the market in terms of less noise, greater thickness of paper capacity and for shredding much more at one time.

        For a first time relatively inexpensive shredder I'd recommend this only if you need to make a quick purchase as it does shred very well.


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          04.06.2012 19:05
          Very helpful



          It was good for a freebie

          I have a small home office that enables me to do my admin and an essential part of any office is a shredder to help stop people stealing your details from important documents.

          I was given this shredder at a previous job as they got a new one, I can see now why they did.

          This has got to be the noisiest thing in my house, its even louder than the washing machine on spin.

          It comes with a bin underneath but I only have the actual shredder part. It isnt a problem as I just put it over the top of a normal waste bin.

          It has several speed settings to use which depending on the amount you have to shred doesnt make a huge amount of difference.

          To use just switch on when you have your papers ready to go, and feed them through either one at a time or a few at a time. It works best when its one at a time otherwise it can get stuck.

          Watch your fingers, you dont need to push the paper through it will catch on the teeth and get taken through of its own accord.

          When finished then turn off immediately to save your ears and to stop the teeth nashing together.

          It does make documents unusable which is the main purpose but if I hadnt got it for free I would have returned it for something that isnt so ear splitting when in use.

          It can be stored away with the cable wrapped around it for those of you with little space.

          It is black and silver and looks quite stylish for what it is.


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          29.10.2010 15:53
          Very helpful



          Not a great performance from this shredder

          I am a bit obsessive when it comes to shredding personal documents, everything that has any personal details what so ever gets shredded before it is put out for recycling. So when my last shredder broke getting a replacement was quite high on my list of priorities. After looking around to see what was on offer I finally opted for the Ryman MC21 Cross Cut Shredder.

          The shredder is advertised as having the following features;

          - Shreds paper securely with cross cut to 4 x 45mm (DIN3)
          - 10 sheet capacity
          - Child safety lock
          - Dedicated slot for CD/DVD shredding
          - Shreds credit cards
          - Accepts staples
          - 21 Litre mesh bin
          - Auto start and reverse functions
          - Suitable for home office use

          It had everything I needed, in particular I liked the fact that it has a 10 sheet capacity and a large 21 litre bin, at £37.99 it seemed like a good buy. I was quite surprised how heavy the shredder was, it is quite heavy much heavier than the one I was replacing.

          The shredder was well packed using a mixture of plastic bags and moulded cardboard so it was well protected. Inside there was an instruction book inside the box which gives a safety guide, installation and operation guide.

          The shredder itself comes in three parts
          - Large mesh bin (to collect shredded paper)
          - Small black plastic container (slots onto inside of mesh bin to collect shredded CD/DVD & credit cards)
          - Shredding unit
          Assembly is really straight forward, slot the small plastic container in place, fit shredding unit on top of mesh bin and you are ready to go.

          The shredding unit has three switches
          - Auto
          - Off
          - Reverse

          Thu unit has two separate slots, the large slot for paper and a small slot for CD's/DVD's and credit cards. Both of these slots are operated by the same three way switch marked Auto, Off & Reverse. To begin shredding simply slide the switch to Auto and feed paper (or CD etc) into relevant slot. Should you get a blockage slide the switch to reverse, this makes the shredding rollers run in reverse and frees excess paper from the rollers.

          When it came to using the shredder I was a little disappointed and did toy with the idea of taking it back to the shop. The shredder is really really loud, far louder than any other shredder I have come across, I know no shredder is going to be quiet but the noise this one makes is a bit extreme. Another reason for my disappointment was that the box states that it has a 10 sheet shredding capacity, the supporting documentation backs up this claim saying the unit can shred 10 x A4 sheets of 80gsm paper. This is an exaggeration I have found that anything over 5 or 6 sheets is too much for the shredder to handle, the motor slows right down to a virtual stop if you try and shred more than this. So long as you stick to around 5 sheets a time the shredder works fine (loud but shreds ok). The shredder cuts the paper into nice small pieces, approximately 4cm x 3.0cm pieces so you can be sure that any documents shredded using this machine have been well and truly destroyed. My final gripe being that it does not actually shred CD's. credit cards etc. it merely cuts them into 3 cm long strips. This means a credit card is only cut into four pieces which anyone who was really intend on stealing your card details could easily piece back together to obtain card information. I did however in the end decide to keep the product and live with the noise and reduced capacity.

          On the positive side I find the separate storage container for the shredded (or more accurately rather large strips) CD's etc a really good idea. I recycle all my shredded paper so having the separate container means no contamination. The only problem I do have with this container is that it is loose, I remember to empty it after I have shredded any discs but when the paper bin is full I do tend to forget the container is there and end up nearly throwing it out with the shredded paper. I put this down to my forgetfulness and not a fault with the product. After hearing the noise shredding the paper made I expected the noise to be absolutely horrendous when shredding discs etc., I was pleasantly surprised as the noise level was about the same as for paper, certainly no worse.

          All in all I would say this is a mediocre product, it is by no means one of the best available in the price range. I will continue to use the product as I have already bought it but I would definitely not recommend it to others.


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