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Desktop Manual Shredder - Strip Cut - Shredder capacity: 1 sheet A4 paper - Width of paper inlet: 229cm

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    4 Reviews
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      04.10.2011 19:55
      Very helpful



      A cheap effective way to stop your details being used!

      I bought two of these shredders in a local discount store, at just £1 each I couldn't see any reason not to buy them!
      I have been using one of them for about 16 months now and it is still working fine, the blades do seem to have worn a little but not enough to cause any sort of problems.

      It is recommended that you only shred one sheet at a time but I will occasionally put 2 pieces of paper through the shredder together and although it is a little harder to turn the handle it will shred the 2 pieces of paper.

      It comes in 2 pieces, the bottom tub which holds all the shredded paper and the top bit where the shredding mechanism is, the handle also comes off.
      Sometimes if I have put through too much paper without emptying the tub, little bit's of paper will get trapped under the lid which are impossible to remove without unscrewing the whole top unit! They don't affect the shredder but do make it look a little tatty.

      I suppose the main purpose of a shredder is to destroy important documents, which this does with ease. It's nothing fancy and only cut's in strips but it is much better than simply throwing your details into the hands of a stranger!

      These shredders can be bought at ~
      www.ryman.co.uk for the bargain price of £4.99 and come in either blue or pink.


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      18.08.2011 17:35
      Very helpful



      Value for money shredder to give you peace of mind.

      With the recently publicised rise in identity theft it has become more of a priority for businesses and households to destroy their discarded paperwork as a preventative method. Shredding old bills and letters is an effective way to give peace of mind that you need not worry about anyone going through your recycled waste on collection day. Ryman are a leading player in the stationary and office equipment market, and their no-frills shredder is priced at a very reasonable £4.99 instore and online. When it comes to shredders you can literally buy anything ranging from a few pounds like this basic model, right up to a few hundred pounds for a heavy-duty office designed model. As this is a basic model there are very few things to go wrong, with its manual operation and plain design.

      The Ryman MS-8001 comes in a number of colours, pink and a couple of shades of blue, and although it is only designed to shred one sheet of A4 at a time it will cope with the vast majority of documents I wish to destroy. There is a basic clear plastic base and a coloured plastic lid which is overall lightweight. I would definately say this is a compact and easy to store unit, and the small capacity isnt an issue for me. as this is a manual shredder it isnt designed for heavy, constant use. The top edge of the shredder has a 220mm shredding strip, so A4 sheets are easily gobbled up. As this is a manual shredder it has a hard plastic handle. This isnt the most comfortable of handles, but as it isnt intended for constant use it is decent enough for me. There are four pads on the base of the shredder base to ensure it doesnt slip around on polished surfaces, and the overall quality of the shredder is reasonable for £4.99.

      Obviously as this is a manual unit there are some drawbacks and limitations. The one sheet limit depends on the thickness of paper, but by trying too hard to cram more sheets into it will make it harder work on yourself and the shredder. There are advantages of manual shredders, however. From personal experience I became frustrated with regular overheating of the unit through heavy use, and with a manual shredder the only limits are you having no more energy! The teeth of the shredder are designed to shred strips 3mm thick, giving it a DIN security level 1 according to Ryman. Overall I am not particularly impressed with this product, but for £4.99 I didn't expect to be. It might not have flashing lights and be an all singing all dancing shredder, but for the price it give peace of mind against identity theft.


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        03.12.2010 22:17
        Very helpful



        Useful product that won't break the bank.

        Every day, we receive mail through our letterbox, much of which contains highly personal information. Bills, policy documents, bank statements and loan statements are just a few of the many pieces of paperwork that we have to "process" at home. Of course, not many people have the inclination (or space) to file away every piece of paperwork, but it is important to dispose of unwanted paperwork safely, as it can be used by certain unscrupulous individuals to steal our identity, applying for credit, or even a bank account in our name and leaving us to pick up the pieces when it all goes bad.

        I had been considering a paper shredder for some time. Previously we had just burned such rubbish in an incinerator in the garden, but I am not a huge fan of this method. It was actually reading a review on this site (thanks Hishyeness) that spurred me into action to buy my own shredder. I wanted one that was easy to use, effective, and most of all, CHEAP, so I opted for this manual shredder by Ryman, which is available from their stores, or, as I bought it, from Amazon for £4.99 plus £ 2.99 packing and postage, which cost less than a bus ticket to town and back to get the item personally from the shop. By the way, full marks to Ryman, who got the product to me the next day by courier, and even sent me a text to know when it would arrive.

        This model comes in two colours. The blue one pictured, or the cute, shocking pink variety. I went for the latter, as I had never seen a girlie shredder before! The product is very easy to set up. You just remove the parts from the box, put the lid onto the base and inset the handle into the slot in the side. Then you are ready to go! The shredder is designed to take A4 sheets, inserted singly into the top. The slot in the top of the shredder is completely finger friendly, as it is surrounded by protective plastic casing, so even the smallest fingers can't get trapped.

        I was really excited about using the shredder! I fed an old bill into the slot and slowly turned the handle, watching the paper turn to thin ribbons before my eyes. It was strangely satisfying and quite therapeutic. "More, More!" I cried, searching the house for old documents to shred. Unfortunately, after about 6 pieces of A4, the small transparent base was full and needed emptying. As I lifted the lid off, spring paper strips bounced up out of the base and all over the table. A bit messy, then.

        Then it is a case of working out what to do with the strips of shredded paper. Personally, I just put them into the recycling bin, hoping that nobody at the recycling plant would be able to stick them back together. You could compost them along with your garden waste, or use them as bedding for small animals. I must invest in a hamster...The kids wanted to put the shredded paper all over the floor and roll about in it, but that seemed a bit of a messy idea for me.

        Having now had quite an extensive shredding session, I feel qualified to discuss the pros and cons of this particular model:


        The shredder does not require batteries or electricity, so costs nothing to run and maintain.

        Shredding is lots of fun and quite addictive. The kids love playing with it, and even abandoned the playstation to have a go. I suppose it burns calories if you do it for long enough!

        Prevents identity theft.

        The blades are protected so this product is completely safe to use.

        The shredder is small enough to store away in the cupboard until needed.

        The shredder shreds the paper into very thin 3mm strips. It is classified as a DIN security level 1 product.


        The lid is not a great fit and I have to hold it down securely with one had while I wind the handle with the other.

        The blades get clogged very easily, particularly if you don't empty the base often enough. I have had to spend some time pulling out clogged paper strips with tweezers and a knife.

        The base is only small and fills up really quickly. You spend more time emptying it than shredding.

        Sometimes you have to manually pull the strips apart.

        Despite the disadvantages, I love my shredder, and shredding may become an addiction for me! It is good to know that my paperwork is illegible to criminals, and can be recycled safely. I would recommend this product to everyone.


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          10.04.2009 17:51
          Very helpful



          Cheap and cheerful shredder for small jobs only

          With the threat of identify theft ever present in our daily lives, I like to make sure I'm doing everything possible to prevent such a crime happening to me or my family.

          One of the most common methods used by thieves to steel identities, is to take the information found on credit and debit card receipts and use it for their own evil deeds. This also extends to bank statements, invoices and delivery notes. In fact any form of identification that shows personal information such as your name and address can leave you vulnerable to identity theft.

          So, in order to minimise my risk from such nasty people, I've made regular use of paper shredders over the last few years. My last shredder (an electronic one which I may review later) gave up the ghost last weekend after I asked my son to help out with the shredding pile. He fed about 10 sheets in at once and it was all too much for it (and my son).

          For my next shredder purchase, I decided to buy the least expensive model I could find. The purpose of this is I'm mainly shredding receipts from shopping nowadays. Since I do most of my banking online, I've opted out of receiving paper statements from most of my accounts. Not only am I helping save the environment (allegedly), I have loads less shredding to do.

          My first port of call when looking for a paper shredder is usually Rymans as I know they'll have a good selection for me to choose from. And indeed, they had exactly what I was looking for. A small desktop shredder that didn't cost a lot so wouldn't matter too much if it broke down after a short while. Well, not really. I don't want it to break down but it seems however much I spend on shredders, they all break in the end.

          The lowdown on this shredder is as follows:


          * Width of paper inlet: 229cm
          * Cutting style: strip cut
          * Strip size: 3.6mm
          * Shredder capacity: 1 sheet A4 paper
          * Size: 227 x 120 x 148mm


          This is a small manual desktop shredder that's suitable for a small office, school or family use. It comes in two parts: a removable blue lid and a clear Perspex bin. There are clear symbols displayed on the lid warning you of the perils of dropping your tie, fingers or paperclips into the grinding teeth.

          It's a strip-cut shredder which basically just slices the paper straight down into fine strips (3.6mm) to be precise. It states it can take 1 sheet of A4 paper. By this I take it to mean that's the width of paper that you can feed into the shredder. However, I think it also means you can only feed in once sheet at a time. Altogether, the bin capacity is 8 sheets of A4 paper when shredded.

          ~~~My Experiences~~~

          The top of the shredder is quite heavy and fits snugly onto the bottom bin part. When first unpacking the shredder, all I had to do was slot the winding handle onto the lid and I was ready to go.

          It's fairly simple using the shredder if you're just shredding one or two paper receipts at a time. You place the paper so it's sitting on the teeth, then start turning the handle in a clockwise direction. However, the handle turning requires a bit of force and you need to hold the shredder steady with your other hand otherwise the entire shredder moves instead of the handle turning. You hear a clicking noise as the paper is brought down through the teeth and then drops into the bin below. The clear bin is particularly useful for seeing how full the shredder is.

          What is not so easy is shredding anything much larger than a receipt. Because you need to hold the shredder still while turning the handle, you don't have a free hand to hold the paper in place. This makes it quite awkward if you're trying to shred larger pieces of paper.

          From my past experiences of using this type of shredder, I've found you do need to be careful with how much paper you put through at a time. If you try forcing any large amounts of paper or particularly card or cardboard, either the teeth become blocked or the plastic handle breaks. As long as you stick to individual small bits of paper, this shredder works very well.

          Make sure you keep it on a steady surface. More than once I've inadvertently placed it on the bed or a chair and it's tipped over. The lid of course, just falls off and you're left with the entire contents of shredding over the floor.


          Cheap and cheerful. Don't attempt any heavy duty shredding, stick with receipts and single bits of paper and this shredder will help deter any would be identity thieves in your area!

          ~~~Price and Availability~~~

          A scoop at £4.99. Available in Rymans stores or online. www.rymans.co.uk.


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