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Swordfish 1000XC

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Manufacturer: Swordfish / Cut Style: Cross-Cut / Cut Style: Confetti-Cut / Max Sheet Capacity: 10 / Speed: 6.56 ft./min. / Throat Size: 8.66 in. / Shred Size: 4 x 39 in. / Shredding Operation: Automatic / Integrated Waste: With Integrated Waste / Full Bag Indicator: With Full Bag Indicator / Accepts Staples: Accepts Staples / Height: 53.3 cm / Width: 35 cm / Depth: 26.2 cm

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    2 Reviews
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      27.10.2011 15:24
      Very helpful



      A vital tool.

      It's really important in these days to keep your confidential information safe, so for this purposes, lots of people have bought shredders to help them dispose of documents that they don't want others to see or be able to read. This particular product is quite a large one, and although there are more heavy duty machines out there, this is a good one in that it's ideal for either using in an office if you have a number of people, or for home use if you do a lot of printing that you don't want people to access.

      -ooo- The Product -ooo-

      As I said before, this is a fairly large product - it's the kind of shredder that you couldn't really put on a shelf or something similar - this needs some space on the floor, so it won't necessarily be ideal for home use if your home office is quite small. It's about a foot across and two feet high, and is black and silver in design - obviously, a shredder isn't really the kind of thing where you are too concerned about the look and design of the product, but I suppose it's a bonus that this one looks quite neat - it's nothing too exciting in looks, but it's fine and will blend into a modern office quite well.

      In terms of use, it's very simple. You feed the paper into the top and it sucks it in, cutting it into little pieces. This uses blades which cut the paper into diamonds rather than long strips, so I would imagine this makes it more difficult to try to put the information back together. I imagine this would be nearly impossible, so this is a very secure device.

      There is a bin at the bottom which you have to empty out when the shredder gets too full, although as this is a pretty large product, this takes quite a while and doesn't need changing too often. When you have to do it, it's a fairly easy process.

      -ooo- Would I Recommend? -ooo-

      Overall, I think this is a good product - it is very solid and well built, and has no problem doing its job. It cuts the paper efficiently, produces something very secure and is quick to run. It is very noisy, so this is something to consider - if people are on the phone for example, this can make it difficult to hear. You can put in more than one sheet, but like with all shredders I think you need to be careful not to put too much in all it will jam. However, it doesn't seem to have this problem often, and generally seems very reliable.

      On the whole, I think this is a good piece of office equipment that does an important job and can be relied upon.


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      07.02.2011 12:32
      Very helpful



      An excellent shredder at a reasonable price

      Having a shredder for me is a vital piece of equipment since I was affected by identity theft. It was in part my own fault due to my past shredders being rather poor in the type of shredding they produced.
      I wanted a shredder which was a beast in look but produced top quality results and sadly it seemed all shredders I saw were slightly overpriced until I found this Swordfish shredder.

      I had heard the name before but never really found one which was great in price before. The reason I choose this brand over every other shredder was because of the results. It is a cross cut shredder and when you put in the sheets of paper inside you see it shred very quickly but the results afterwards would make it very difficult for anyone to put back together again.

      This cross cut shredder has a confetti style result and I have to say there are many types of results with shredders but this is my favourite as it does make all documents really small when they are shredded up.
      The waste bin I love the most it is done as a draw compartment on the front of the machine and you have a bag inside and it stores around 20 litres of paper or as they claim 150 sheets of paper but I think it can be more than that.

      The draw opens and inside you have the bag so this stores all the paper and you just pour the contents into another bag to store away. I use the results as a product for my guinea pig cages (it works well).

      I have found myself wondering how many sheets it could take and this reason was because my previous shredder would panic with just three sheets of paper but this shredder can take 10 sheets and in my view more. It can also shred credit cards with the same results as the paper. There is a separate part to the shredder which shreds old credit cards and this is superb.

      I would like to say the cards when shredder can be sharp at times so this is key to remember for safety reasons.

      When you have a shredder two problems for me always arise the first is when the motor seems to get to warm and the machine turns itself off completely and your left in limbo until it cools down. The second problem is when you have paper jams and they are more annoying especially if you cannot solve the problem.

      This machine can do both. The reverse button they have is very good because it seriously does pull out the previous amount of paper you have put inside. It sounds crazy that it would bring it all back but it does and you can make the amount smaller.

      The motor does get warm I am not going to deny that fact but it never seems to shut down and turn itself off. It keeps on going and for an example the other night I shredded old documents for over 40 minutes nonstop shredding and it never turned itself off once.

      I should perhaps reveal the size of the shredder because it is 35cm in length, 26.2 cm in width and 53.3cm in height. To be fair the shredder is huge it does seem like a beast like I mentioned above and it does have quick speeds.

      I love the pull out tray and this keeps things nice and tidy and the results are superb. With a shredder that never switches itself off due to excessive usage this shredder is excellent.

      When the tray is filled you get a red light which appears to tell you to stop and empty out the container so this is a great little feature as with many shredders before I have kept trying to shred documents and they never tell you they are full.

      I think the price can be the huge problem because it is a shredder with a RRP price of £250 and that is the estimated average but I got this for just £76.58 which is a huge saving and a massive bargain. I would always recommend this shredder to anyone and just warn them it is rather big and might be an issue if you have a small home.


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