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Tesco Executive Cross Cut

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Tesco Executive Cross Cut Shredder - 16 Litre Waste Bin - Auto Stop Start - With Reverse

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2009 02:37
      Very helpful



      Basicly a good shredder, but not mindblowingly so. 3.5 stars really.

      Tesco Cross Cutting shredder is just a fraction below £30 and available from the website. Some of the larger stores may have it in also but none I have found yet do stock it.

      I ordered mine on-line as it came with free pick-up to a local store -its worth doing this as for it to be delivered to my home would have added £5 to the item and I would have had to hover about at home anxiously waiting the door and finding it would take longer then required to deliver....(sorry, too many bad Tesco deliveries to not feel concerned at this!) It was a big clumpy box to carry home, probably weighing around 3 kilos? And did not fit into a carried bag but a bit of tape and string (curtosy of Tescos Canary Wharf) and hey presto, an handle. (N/B wrap the tape around the string to hold as it does become heavy/string can cut into your hands!).

      Back to the item!
      Unwrapping and turning on is very straightforward, there are no oddly shaped Ikea-typed bits to nail together, just a bin and a shredder lid which comes with its own plug. The lid has a shiny black face, an off/on/reverse switch and two ways to shred things, via the CD shredder which also does bank cards and via the paper slot.

      My main reason for choosing this item, was because it claimed it was able to shred up to 10 pages at once. My shredder broke. 1 year ago. Its only now I have been able to afford a replacement and I had literally 1 years worth of bits of paper with my address on to shred. Not fun and annoying when in the past my shredders have only allowed 3 to 5 pages at once (and only realistic 3 pages at once). Well, the shredder did allow more pages at once, but not 10. Maybe it only meant 10 thin thin till receipt thickness style pages (where these would exist is beyond me though) but as most bank statements go, they are about double the thickness of any normal type of paper. I would say this shredder allows about 6-8 pages safely, it can do 9 or 10 but it has a habit of doing its own version of "computer says no" and stopping half way through- leaving you thinking, "you were able to get through 50% of the work fine, why stop half way through?? It happens not very often, but once is more then enough for me, I do not enjoy feeling irritated.

      I do think this could be partially (though not always) to do with the fact that it can heat up and I think it has a function that automaticly stops it once it overheats. It never becomes too hot to touch, its quite safe, but it does stop in its tracks at times. It will restart, but needs to cool down if this happens. It generally happens when I seem to have between 75% to 100% of the bin full. The bin holds 20 litres. (many many pages, about 2 or 3 months of daily junk mail.) I generally have to wait a good 10 minutes before its ready again. Frustrating but at least its not broken.

      I have to say I was not as pleased with the size of the shredded pieces. Its 4x35mm which to me is worryingly large- banks like to decorate their mail with your account details over and over and over again, 35mm is long enough to contain your account number, 4mm is wide enough for most type. Not that safe. Worrying but I am going on the fact that most people will not want to weed through 12 months of shredded random mailings and scribblings (I also shred my diaries and personal thoughts) so hope I am safe. I do though not feel as safe as if the pieces were actually cross cut and not cut into lots of shorter 35mm stumps. Diagonal would have just been common sense, surely?! I have to drop points on this part sevearly- its the point of a shredder to get rid of your details, not to have them easily transportable in mini-palm sozed peices! (OK, am slightly exaggerating there... but seriously, the peices are too big for me not to feel some concern).

      The shredder is not silent, but it wont get you into trouble with the neighbours, its about the same noise level as a kettle boiling or hand-held hoover. Not that loud, not very quiet, you cannot hear the TV when this is shredding. It shreds fairly fast, 1 page of A4 when not folded takes about 3 seconds, but if you had more paper of thicker paper, it does take longer, and can be up to 10 seconds.

      It doesn't look too bad either, due to its 20L sized bin, its not something you would reall want to sit on your desk, its about the size of a desktop computer system (not including the monitor) but its black streamlined and doesn't look at all offensive.

      Overall not a bad shredder. My previous shredder was £15 and lasted a year. It only shredded 3 or so pages safely a time and just died on me after being abused by me shoving 5 pages at it too many times. It was clumsy and very heavy and did not shred cards. This shredder does seem much better in comparison, but I would suggest its price should be £22 and not £30. I do though think that the price of shredders is not cheap, and in fact a shredder which looks remarkably similar to this one is being sold in Rymans for £40 on special offer! I think its a generic shredder which different companies may have bought and stuck their name on, like Rymans and Tesco have done, so keep a look out, it could appear elsewhere at very different prices!


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    • Product Details

      This Tesco Home & Office 16L Executive Cross Cut Shredder has a 16L waste bin capacity. The shredder can cut upto A4 size paper. It accepts credit cards and CDs and can shred up to 10 sheets sheets of A4 paper at a once.

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